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Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Health Insurance company in india

Things You Need To Know About CANCER! Cancer – the silent killer Cancer is the most complex of non-communicable diseases in India that accounts nearly 7% of the country’s mortality. If a news report is to be believed, more than 1300 people succumb to cancer every day in India*. As per National Cancer Registry Programme of the India Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data, the estimated mortality rate due to cancer increased up to six per cent approximately between 2012 and 2014. Causes of cancer When it comes to establishing a single cause of cancer in a human body, it is just not possible as most cancers can have multiple possible causes. Research has also shown that certain risk factors may increase a person’s chances of developing cancer.

Majority of cancers, around 90-95% is caused due to environmental factors – a term used by cancer researchers. Environmental factors talked about above that resulted in cancer death include tobacco (25–30%), improper diet and obesity (30–35%), infections (15–20%). Cost and cancer Conclusion. Health Insurance And Life Insurance And Why We Need Both? Life insurance is a cover that offers protection against the loss of income in case the insured person passes away or becomes disabled either permanently or temporarily.

Whichever the case be, it is the beneficiary of that life insurance policy who gets all the proceeds in case the policy holder dies. This money in turn provides the much needed financial support to the family of the deceased. On the other hand, health insurance offers coverage for paying off medical and surgical expenses along with hospitalization charges incurred by the members of the policy. You have the option to opt for medical reimbursement or you can directly opt for a cashless treatment at the network hospital. Difference between the Health Insurance & Life Insurance There are numerous points of difference between life insurance and health insurance. 1. 2. 3.

Why do we need Life Insurance? There is a need for life insurance as it offers one with the following benefits: 1. 2. 3. Why do we need Health Insurance? 1. 2. Health Insurance Plans,Best Medical Insurance Plans,Health Insurance Policy,India. Apollo Munich Health Insurance offers the best health insurance plans in India today, for men and women of any age. Apollo Munich offers individual health insurance plans, family floater health insurance plans and group health insurance policies for corporates. Ranging from Easy Health to Optima Restore to Energy, these health insurance policies will not only guard you against the present and future spiraling healthcare costs, but will also guide you on the path to wellness for the long term.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance has received numerous positive reviews and ratings for its health insurance plans and policies, which have been ranked as the best plans in the health insurance industry by several of India’s most popular publications such as “The Economic Times” and “The Hindustan Times”. The company offers its products through a network of 50+ offices, well trained sales partners and directly through its call center, website and in-house sales force. Disclaimer. Health Insurance And Life Insurance And Why We Need Both? Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policies, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance India. Travel for senior citizens can be made safe with Easy Travel Senior Citizen plan. This plan is devised for people in the age group of 71-80 years. It is available in two variants: Silver and Bronze, with sum insured options of USD 1,00,000 and USD 50,000. Insured elders can further avail benefits like coverage for dental treatment, lost passport assistance, medical advice on telephone 24x7 while traveling, personal accident coverage and many more.

You can choose plans to cover geographies that include Worldwide [W], Worldwide excluding US & Canada [X], Asiapac excluding Japan [A] Facebook Tweet LinkedIn Google + ShareThis Eligibility The policy covers persons in the age group of 71-80 years. Plan Benefits You can select 2 different plan options ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 offering the following coverage’s Medical Treatment, Assistance & Evacuation - Coverage against any emergency medical treatment requiring inpatient or outpatient care, including medical evacuation to the hospital.

Health Insurance Plans,Best Medical Insurance Plans,Health Insurance Policy,India.