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Teintures végétales

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How to Dye Roving with the Low-Water Method. 5 of 5 Dyeing yarn in low water is similar to immersion dyeing because the fiber is immersed in a dye bath, but is also similar to hand-painting because you pour the colors directly onto the fibers while they simmer.

How to Dye Roving with the Low-Water Method

Working with low water gives you some control over the application of color and the spread of the dye. Since there is less water, there is less opportunity for the dyes to migrate. They strike wherever they make contact with the fiber, producing beautiful results in a less controlled fashion. This process creates a trio of rovings in related colors. Pay careful attention with fine wool to avoid felting. Begin by gathering these materials: 12 ounces (227g) Cormo wool and silk-blend roving Citric acid crystals 250ml dye stock of each color WashFast: Reddish Brown, Plum, and Chinese Red 20-quart pot, wide and shallow Squeeze bottles Long-handled spoon or tongs Thermometer Divide the roving into three 4-ounce hanks and create tied bundles. Teintures – Essais et recettes. Page qui s´étoffera au fil du temps… :-) J’ai commencé la teinture végétale en 2009 et j’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre!

Teintures – Essais et recettes

Voici des liens intéressants en français pour la teinture: Le repaire des couleurs Teinture à froid par fermentation: Martha Herba Blog de Grégoire Le Guesderon Lorsque vous récoltez des plantes dans la Nature pour des teintures, veillez à respecter les habitats et les végétaux! Ces recettes sont indicatives, n’hésitez pas à aller voir sur d’autres sites et faire vos propres essais! J’utilise ces recettes dans le cadre de mes teintures « historiques ». Indigotier et pastel : teinture à la cuve.

Du bleu, du bleu, du bleu, le pastel et l’indigotier sont les incontournables des teintures végétales, pour le bleu solide qu’ils procurent.

Indigotier et pastel : teinture à la cuve

Ce sont deux plantes contenant de l’indigotine, un pigment bleu. Le Pastel, Isatis tinctoria, pousse dans toute l’Europe, tandis que l’on ignore l’origine de l’indigotier, indigofera tinctoria, plante des régions chaudes, parce que sa culture est trop ancienne (plus de 4000 ans !). Je me suis d’abord entraînée à teindre avec l’indigo, avant d’oser essayer le précieux pastel. Différence de tonalités entre indigo (en haut) et pastel (en bas).

Certains l'aiment chaux - teintures végétales.  Le Repaire des Couleurs - Actualité Laine. Japanese Textile Workshops 日本のテキスタイル ワークショップ. Online color mixing tool - free color blender! Un Traité des couleurs, 271 ans avant Pantone. Knitting Iris: Natural Dyeing. I know, I know.

Knitting Iris: Natural Dyeing

I promised so long ago that I'd get all the yarns I dyed last spring and summer up and for sale, sometime around last November, wasn't it? Obviously, I never did. A handful of thoughts, questions, and excuses that have been preventing me from doing so before now: Will I be able to photograph and represent the colors properly? Do I need a light box? After ignoring all of these and more questions and concerns all winter, it's high time to just dive in and address them, no? Each skein of yarn is individually dyed which takes considerable time, attention, and care. As for the scale, yes, I use the kind of kitchen scale with a dial on the front but with the ones that I skeined up from bigger cones (those that weren't purchased as pre-weighed skeins) I've overshot the weight by enough to make sure they're over the 100 grams stated. Dye materials are gathered or harvested with the utmost care and consideration.

The Shilasdair Shop - Yarns. Our luxury yarns include :- Cashmere/Angora/Lambswool blendShetland and Merino Aran weightLocal HebrideanSmall quantities of hand-spun local yarnsHandspun Baby CamelBaby AlpacaSilk/Merino Laceweight All of our dyed yarns are dyed for us by Shilasdair Yarns in specially designed dyeing cabinets using locally collected or imported natural dyes.

The Shilasdair Shop - Yarns

Colours are for guidance only and we do not have all the shades in stock all of the time. Yarns titled 'wool and wool mixes' have colour codes which are generically applicable to all Aran, luxury mix DK and 4ply garments in the Garments and KnitKits pages. The only exception to this are the natural shades of the undyed Shetland yarns (mid brown/dark brown and three shades of grey) these are available ONLY in Aran weight yarns.Cream yarn is available in Aran/DK and 4Ply weights.The nature of natural dyes, depending on where and when they are collected, whether the dyestuff is used fresh or dried means that colours cannot be exactly replicated.

Hand-dyed luxury natural sock yarn & lace weight yarn British BFL, Alpaca, Silk, also Sock Club, Lace Club, crochet patterns, crochet Club. LUXURY DK - Shilasdair. Cette laine est une pure merveille !!

LUXURY DK - Shilasdair

En provenance de l'Ile de Skye en Ecosse, elle est teinte aux plantes.Les teintes naturelles des moutons Gotland, Shetland et Merino, associées à des teintures végétales traditionnelles des Highlands et des Iles alentours, auxquelles s'ajoutent des colorants tels que l'indigo, la garance, la cochenille et le bois de campêche préparés par Eva : Le résultat est une laine douce et aux coloris subtiles. Enjoy !! Home / MYROBOLAN. BFL – Renaissance Dyeing.