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Massage Therapy

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Happy Ending Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. What is a happy ending massage? Or need I ask? Quite simply, it is an erotic type of massage that ends in orgasmic pleasure performed for you by the masseuse or masseur. This means it is also possible and available for women. Everyone at some point has most likely had a massage, whether it’s a foot massage, a hand massage, or a full body massage. Whichever you’ve had, it’s safe to say that massages are soothing and relaxing experiences but you haven’t experienced the best of a massage until you’ve had a happy ending massage in London.

Everyone needs a long, slow massage after a particularly hectic day to relax their muscles and relieve the tension in their muscles, but you’re often left hanging, the last, and probably the most important muscle left untouched. A happy ending massage sounds just like the name, it’s a sensual, naughty yet exciting and completely pleasurable experience. There are clients who prefer a complete massage package, hence the happy ending. Couples Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric in London. The couples massage is like no other. Tantra is an ancient practice that originated in India yet it has not caught up with the times.

It is more like a secret in some cultures. But if you are a couple prepared and ready to indulge in this kind of erotic massage session with a third party, the intense emotions and physical responses you can draw from this activity will reap benefits for your relationship as a couple, whether you are married, lovers, or just intimate friends. The third party is a massage expert who will perform sensual massage on you and your partner and will guide both of you in massaging each other using the same tantra technique. At different times, you will be receiver and assistant giver, receiving and giving pleasure. A ritual of sensations and delights, which is suitable for the both of you. This massage for couples relaxes the muscles of each body, will induce general well-being and keep the body and mind in perfect balance. Benefits of a couples massage in London.

Visiting Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. There’s no place like hotel rooms – it’s your sanctuary, your haven, where you lay your head to sleep. One of the most relaxing places for a person is their hotel room, so what’s a better activity to couple with the calming aura of your space than another calming activity: tantric massages. With a visiting massage, you can have a highly skilled masseuse right within your personal space. You can enjoy the pleasure of a tantric massage without having to move an inch. Even if you can’t make it to a tantric massage parlour, you can still enjoy a visiting erotic massage anytime you want! That’s right, before work, on your lunch break or after you leave the office, it doesn’t matter, our massage staff are happy to serve you anytime during our normal business hours.

Anytime you need a gorgeous massage specialist for dedicated sensual therapy, you can call and set up an appointment for a visiting tantric massage! What is Visiting Massage? Choosing Visiting Your Massage Therapy in London Where? Tie and Tease Massage London - Kinky Massage London. Perhaps you are a high powered executive used to bossing people around and always getting your way. Maybe deep inside you desperately crave the ability to submit the power urges and demands of a loving but strict mistress. You know that when you are with her, she is in complete control all that you can do is try to hold on during the wild and sensual dance you two enjoy. A symphony of the mind, body, and spirit – the Tie and Tease Massage will challenge you in every possible way as you pant and squirm under the discipline of the massage therapist. She alone holds the key to your freedom. She alone is the master of your deepest erotic massage pleasures.

The Tie and Tease Massage will allow you to explore unique areas of your personality as you give yourself over to complete pleasure and bliss. What you can expect from your massage therapist A variation of tantric massage is the, tie and tease experience. Tie and Tease Massage Experience with Aphrodite London Tantric. Outcall Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. Not all clients at Aphrodite London Tantric want to use our incall massage service and that is the reason that our new outcall massage service in London has become so popular with many clients. We do have various incall massage locations that our clients can use in Central London.

But for some, this is not always the most convenient and pleasurable way of meeting and receiving tantric massage therapy from one of our highly skilled tantric masseuses. Outcall Tantric massage – Incall Tantric massage – Differences The essential difference between an outcall massage and other massages is that the therapist goes to the client’s location instead of the client going to the therapist.

Our highly trained sensual masseuses will make a spa out of your hotel room. We can transform any space into a relaxing, soothing environment that allows for ultimate pleasure-without any interruptions or unwanted distractions. Choose the best Type of Massage for you Outcall Massage Services. Prostate Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. We offer a wide variety of different tantric techniques at Aphrodite London Tantric agency and prostate massage or the “male g-spot” massage is the best erotic therapy to receive.

Prostate illnesses are becoming an increasing problem among men, and Prostate massage is one way to heal disorders in this area. Technically, there are two ways to do it. One is to perform it externally, and the other is to do it internally. The prostate has an important participation in the cycle involving sexual response and is key to male ejaculation. Hence, proper and total care for this gland cannot be stressed enough. Health benefits of prostate massage A regular prostate massage session can reduce the risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain, symptoms’ of erectile dysfunction and frequent nighttime urination. When stimulated it is said that the intense orgasm experienced is similar to that of a female orgasm which intensity cannot be attained by standard penile ejaculation.

Position Matters. Premium Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. The Premium Massage Experience is all about designing the perfect experience for your specific budget, interests and desires. This experience is meant to satisfy and help you to unwind. All your cares and worries slip away as talented hands work your every knot or tender little spot. Your body will feel blessed as you give in to the sensual delight of professional body work. Life is stressful, but your massage doesn’t have to be! That’s why turning to a premium massage service provider is the best way for you to access this very personal and deeply fulfilling experience. Whether you need a little extra attention on a certain part of your body or you have a very specific fantasy massage in mind, all you need do is reach out to our talented staff and we will help you to design the perfect premium massage experience of your deepest dreams and truest fantasies.

You don’t have to wait! No matter your interests, as long as safe and legal, our staff is happy to accommodate your every desire. Naturist Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. One of our specialty massage services at Aphrodite London Tantric is a naturist massage in London. This involves both masseuse and client being naked for the duration of the massage session and this helps the massage therapist and the client to feel on the same level from the outset of the massage experience.

At Aphrodite, all of our masseuses are highly trained in the art of sensual massage and our client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance. We understand that some of our clients who have never had a naturist massage before may feel slightly apprehensive or perhaps nervous about the whole massage experience. However, our highly skilled masseuses are well trained in dealing with all manner of different clients and so you needn’t worry if this is the case!

Our ladies will make you feel very relaxed from the first meeting and this will help you to get the most out of your massage session with us. Incall and Outcall Nude Massage Experience the Pleasure and Bliss. Lesbian Massage London - Sensual Yoni Massage London. A lesbian massage is considered by many to be the ultimate sexual fantasy and is something that many clients of Aphrodite London Tantric request on a regular basis. This might be one of two things. Firstly it can be women looking for their first lesbian massage experience or it could also be a male client looking for a four hands massage to include mutual massage with the two ladies. Our skin contains millions of nerve endings, which are just waiting to be stimulated in the most sensual and erotic manner. Erotic massage is a tantric experience, through which you can bring your lover from total relaxation to sublime pleasure, using only the power of sensual touch.

The lesbian massage awakens, refines and harmonizes sexual energy. Although each being is endowed with sexual potential, it is not enough. This potential must be awakened and invigorated, because otherwise we often have the feeling of emptiness, routine, boredom, meaninglessness in our lives. The Power of Sensual Touch. Lingam Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. Lingam massage is a part of the ancient concept of Tantra.

In Sanskrit, a very old language in India, it means “wand of light”. In English, it simply means “penis”. Therefore lingam massage is not only a massage of the penis, it is a full body experience and is to men as yoni massage is to women. Clients looking for a sensual and seductive lingam massage in London have come to the right place at Aphrodite London Tantric. This is one of our most popular services and all of our extremely attractive masseuses working at Aphrodite can give clients some immense sexual energy and pleasure with this service. A part of tantric massage, lingam massage is a sensual and ritualistic therapy that uses aromatherapy and soothing sounds to achieve total relaxation. Believe it or not, ejaculation is not the goal of this type of massage because this technique can actually give a man an orgasm or orgasms without the necessity of ejaculation.

The Benefits of Lingam Massage. Foot Fetish Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric in London. Everyone at some point has most likely had a massage. Whether it’s a sensual, tantric, or a full body massage. Whichever you’ve had, it’s safe to say that massages are soothing and relaxing experiences but you haven’t experienced the best of massage until you’ve had a foot fetish massage. Toe-curling, lip-smacking, high heeled, stockings, oh my! For those who get off on feet and all the sexy accessories that they can wear, few things are more sought after than professional foot fetish massage service. The pinnacle of this niche, this service allows a client to be transported to states of unimaginable and unprecedented pleasure as they can experience.

A foot fetish massage sounds just like the name. The sky is truly the limit. Come to a place where you won’t be judged and your every kinky desire is within reason as long as it feels safe and secure to our foot fetish massage therapists. Foot Fetish Fantasy in London Arranging a Fetish Massage in London. Erotic Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. Soapy Massage London - Wet and Wild Massage London.

For many clients, the soapy massage experience is the ultimate pleasure. The name for this massage is originally coined from Thailand in South East Asia and is a naturist massage performed with the aid of soap suds to create a slippery and amazingly erotic massage experience. Although we don’t have any Thai masseuses working with us at Aphrodite London Tantric, we believe that our sensual massage techniques will really put you on cloud nine from a pleasure point of view! Those refreshing feelings of hands and water dancing across your full body, awakening your deepest sense of self and releasing deep and ancient pleasure from within your entire mind, body, and spirit.

The Wet and Wild massage is the premier aquatic massage fantasy experience. Imagine being surrounded by flowing jets of water, mist, and steam as a true goddess tends to your very sensitive body - rubbing, stroking and ensuring you are taken care of in every possible way. It’s really simple. Bubble bath ritual. Yoni Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. The word yoni (Yo-Nee) originates in Ancient Sanskrit and means vagina.

The literal translation, however, stands for “the sacred place or a temple” or sacred space. In Tantric science, the vagina is seen as a sacred part of a female body, a place of worship that is to be treated with respect and care. The aim of Tantric Yoni massage is to connect the receiver with their inner sensual nature, to build a trusting relationship between the giver and receiver, with the latter experiencing a state of fulfilment and satisfaction. This is seen as a natural part of the overall well being of a woman. One of the latest massage experiences that we are now offering at Aphrodite London Tantric is Yoni Massage . Yoni massage techniques are perhaps one of the most sensual and pleasurable massages to both receive and give.

Yoni massage is dedicated to allowing men to learn about the vagina. Book Your Yoni Massage Experience TODAY. Tantric Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. For those yet to experience a truly intimate and erotic experience the authentic Tantric Massage is what you need! Tantric massage is a sensuous, healing massage that’s origins date back to ancient India. Using the healing power of touch, this erotic massage engages all of the body’s senses in bringing two people together.

This goes lengths to strengthen a relationship by adding spice and a more erotic flavour. During a tantric massage session, you begin to learn about each other’s bodies and how you can best please each other. Sexual energy is a life force and tantric massage is the way you can access this powerful energy. Tantric massage is a powerful method of healing the body and can help individuals overcome sexual problems or even intimacy issues.

People all across the UK are currently using Tantra to help with stress and relaxation, to get a better connection in a relationship, and also to help with some sexual dysfunctions etc. Main Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy Breathing. Sensual Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric. This type of erotic massage can be extended back to Eastern cultures such as China and India almost 2000 years ago. The spiritual awakening and physicality of massage play an important role in healthy sexual relations and an escape from every-day stress. A full body sensual massage is the use of hands and body to stimulate touch of a recipient. Awakening the vital energy opens unlimited possibilities for the realization and implementation of the most daring fantasies and ideas.

Depending on the facility through which energy passes, sensual massage can turn into a dance, fight, or demonstration of skill. When there are two energies – male and female, merging and dissolving into each other, born unusual experiences that can be described as a bodily-spiritual mystic ecstasy. Delivering a pleasant sensation to another, existing on the “same wavelength”, giving joy and pleasure to your partner, you can experience this excitement and enthusiasm only with a sensual massage London experience. Nuru Massage London - Authentic Japanese Nuru Massage. Mutual Massage London - Aphrodite London Tantric.

Body to Body Massage London - B2B Massage in London. 4 Hands Massage London - Four Hands Massage by Aphrodite. Massage Styles - Massage Therapy Central London.