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Apple’s new iPhone SE and my jeans pocket! | Apex Media Technology. Leave a reply Global smart phone market is evolving and it is evolving very fast. In early 2000s a phone that fit in jeans pocket was smarter than those that didn’t. But today the customer mindset has changed and smart phone users around the world have accepted the fact that a phablet does not have to fit into jeans pocket. But it is endless possibilities of technological innovation that actually ought to be accommodated within a phone and the more the better! One of my very close friends who lives in Austria , recently joined a software solutions company and given her position as marketing head, she was offered lot of perks, and one of them was iPhone 6 Plus.

She has never been a smart phone lover, but this was to change soon. I believe Apple understands this need very well and it maybe one of the many other reasons that they have launched iPhone SE. It has a good design that looks familiar because aesthetically it resembles iPhone 5s. The Jungle Book Magic | Apex Media Technology. Leave a reply Rudyard Kipling is definitely at his imaginative best in the form of this collection of stories – JUNGLE BOOK – The stories were first published in magazines in 1893–94.

The collection of stories portrays a strong impression of the days the author spent in India as a child. At the same time there is strong evidence that it was written by the author for his daughter Josephine, who died at very young age of 6. The book comprises of two editions and revolves primarily around its main character Mowgli an abandoned “man cub” who is raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. The Jungle Book, because of its moral tone, came to be used as a motivational book by the Cub Scouts, a junior element of the Scouting movement.

The main characters in alphabetical order: Given the fascinating and spellbinding plot of the stories the book has often been adapted for younger readers, both in the form of books and movies. Paul Walker Alive! | Apex Media Technology. Leave a reply Imagine about a time when there will be more, dead Facebook users than those alive and actively surfing the Internet. And this is quite possible if Facebook manages to sustain its growth and stays relevant as a social platform for another few decades. It certainly is a virtual graveyard that is getting bigger with every passing day as the number of deceased Facebook users is increasing with every passing moment. Because the demise of a Facebook user has no impact on his/her last updated status on Facebook. And death being an inevitable and an unpredictable phenomenon no one can change the settings of his/her Facebook account based on his/her intuition that he/she will be bound for heavenward journey tomorrow.

Thus prompting him/her to change the status to “ Deceased no more active on Facebook!” I am certain there are many such accounts on Facebook and they have immortalized the existence of their respective account owners in this virtual realm. Samsung patents AR contact lens with built in camera | Apex Media. Samsung has patented many inventions in the past gaining sole right to bar others from manufacturing, using, importing, exploiting or selling its invention. Recently it added one more to its ever-increasing list of patents. This time it acquired exclusive rights to AR contact lens with built in camera. The contact lens is believed to host a display, camera; sensors to control the several feature using blinks, and an antenna, probably to sustain a link to a linked smartphone/device.

The lens will then beam digital images onto your eye, for that breathtaking augmented reality experience, and even record your backdrops, and lot more. If SamMobile reports are to be believed the patent is designed to enhance the functionality and image quality of the current versions of smartglasses. Google too has been employing its best brains to study the concept, but their version is supposed to detect the levels of Glucose in the blood stream. Possibly soon only a few Americans will be able to invest in startups? | Apex Media. Everyone cannot have great ideas, and similarly everyone with a great idea may not have the required money to start working on it. And this is where the modern ecosystem of startups and potential investors plays an indispensible role in helping both realize their objectives with ease.

But this equation may not hold valid once “regulation crowdfunding” takes effect in May 2016. Based on the new regulation only few Americans may qualify to be the so-called accredited investor. These will be the privileged few with following financial attributes: 1- Annual income $200,000 2- Or have $1 million in assets, excluding their home This may not be welcome news for the startups and this new regulation will certainly discourage potential investors from considering the idea of investing in a startup. Maybe it is time for the SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission – to revisit this regulation and make it more investor and startup friendly. Possibly soon only a few Americans will be able to invest in startups? | Apex Media.