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At Aperio, we offer small business and family financial services that give you more time to focus on your business, your family or whatever else you’d rather be doing – all while upping your chances of financial success.

Income Review = Positive Results. For any business or individual, the importance of a yearly review is paramount to a future of financial success.

Income Review = Positive Results

Before you call the guys in suits, pull out your financials for the previous year (go back two years if you can) and the start of this financial year. Build a brighter future for your family. Education fees, sporting events, medical bills, clothing, technology devices and more are what you might be paying for your child.

Build a brighter future for your family

For many parents, being a parent and making a living can be a struggle. And with the added sometimes surprised costs of school excursions and trips away, can leave you out of pocket, fast. Tackle debt to build wealth. Good debt versus bad debt The analytical debate over good debt (considered as loans for investment properties, shares and business) and bad debt which is accumulated from having more expenses than income is one that differentiates between people’s perspective towards wealth.

Tackle debt to build wealth

Turn the problem into a solution. People with self-managed super funds are happier than those without. Says RaboDirect research THE key to happiness?

People with self-managed super funds are happier than those without

Taking control of your own retirement savings. Well, maybe not the be-all-and-end-all key, but it certainly helps.Research from RaboDirect found those with self-managed super funds (SMSF) were happier and in better health than their non-SMSF counterparts. Fifty-three per cent of survey respondents with SMSFs said yes to “I am completely happy with my life” compared to 48 per cent of those with standard super funds. Why I’m not waiting for retirement to live. In past generations, a career was passed down from father to son.

Why I’m not waiting for retirement to live

Retirement was considered a time to enjoy life, have a long lasting holiday or just relax. But these days, how you live your life varies depending on when and where you are born. Some peoples still choose the traditional method of working in a job with a series of advancements as they progress through the years. Others create their own path and mix life experience with work. Others believe in the mantra of working hard during the week and playing hard over the weekends.

There is one element that I feel every person, no matter age or gender should consider when mapping out their life plans, and that is to not wait for experiences and your love of life until retirement. And let me tell you this is possible… It is very simple. I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have the money.”

Planning … why it is important? Start-up hobby becomes a business. At what point do you take your start-up hobby and turn it into a business?

Start-up hobby becomes a business

Take Shelley, who developed her hobby of making home crafts in to a business. She began at home, making candles, cushions, and throws. Business began to boom, after Shelley set up her website. Planning grows your financial future. I love creating plans that I can implement now, that will grow in time to help build my future.

Planning grows your financial future

It’s exciting and something to look forward to. As a small business owner, creating a vision of your financial future will give you motivation to draw in new business and increase your profits. To demonstrate this, we have two examples. Philip*; owns a small, but profitable engineering business, however he doesn’t have a financial plan. While he earns a fair amount of profit each month, the money seems to slip through his fingers and by the end of the financial year, he has less than he thought to show for his last year of hard work. Start small, think big, get bigger. What I love about investing is that you can build your wealth, starting from the smallest of investments.

Start small, think big, get bigger.

Take for example, Phillip Di Bella, the Australian founder and owner of Di Bella Coffee. He started with an idea and $5,000. Today, he is estimated to be worth $83 million. Do you want to work till you’re 70? A recent interview with Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey determined that the new budget may result in the retirement age moving from 67 years of age to 70.

Do you want to work till you’re 70?

This has brought a shock to those who are coming near to retirement and those planning for their retirement. The previous Government raised the retirement age from 65 to 67, which will come into effect from 2023. The Australian reports an increase in the retirement age to 70, may not come into effect until 2040. So, what does 2040 look like? Are you scared to retire? Retirement used to be seen as a time to think about entering a new era of holidays and travel.

Are you scared to retire?

It was an ideal with the idea you could spend more time with the grandkids, family and friends. But these days more and more people are focusing on the money side of retirement. Do I have enough to survive inflation? I can’t quit work because I still have ten years on my mortgage. What will I leave my children if I use it all? Retirement planning is easy and *fun,* you just need to begin. Retirement doesn’t have to be scary and preparing for retirement shouldn’t be put off either. The thought of saving for retirement can seem unrealistic when everyday living gets in the way. So how can you plan for retirement? Spend some time with a financial planner to help review your current finances and provide you with easy steps to make your retirement plans look brighter.

Because let’s face it, your retirement should be spent stress-free. Now, how do you find money to retire? Business planning for the end result. Richard Branson’s latest, shares a major lesson in business entrepreneurship. Do you want to know what it is? ‘To have a business plan from the beginning.’ It sounds simple and that’s because it is. Contact Us - Aperio. Aperio - Financial Services & Advice Melbourne Australia. Family & Personal Accounting Service Melbourne – Aperio. Superannuation Advice We know what matters most. It's a family thing. You know, it's not just businesses that can benefit from professional number crunchers – your family can too (yes, even Teddy) with Aperio's family and personal accounting.

Just like small business accounting – but for home – our family business accountants are experts in applying the appropriate deductions, like working from home tax deductions, and offsets, like the superannuation spouse contribution tax offset. We provide specialist superannuation advice to our clients. We know that getting everything ready for your tax return takes time, time that could be better spent with Junior. At Aperio, we take pride in being a leading financial planner in Melbourne. Led by our Numbers Guy Mahen Narenthiran, CPA, we take the hassle out of your accounting and taxation needs. Income Protection - Financial Services that Work for Small Businesses and Families One big, happy family. We're in the business of happiness. Accounting Services & Advice for Small Business in Melbourne - Aperio. Accountancy & Tax Services - Tax Accountants Melbourne. Self Managed Super Fund SMSF - Aperio. Financial Planning Melbourne - Financial Retirement Planning Advisors.

Financial Planning & Retirement Planning in Melbourne Be King (or Queen) of your Castle. Whatever your goal, we'll help. Financial Planner – Small Business Accounting, Financial Advice Melbourne.