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Media reports of govt finance scheme for BOP - Swabhimaanya. Meet the versatile team of Swabhimaan-A govt. organisation. Swabhimaanya - Urban BOP Insurance. BOP in India essentially contains two segments - Rural BOP and Urban BOP.

Swabhimaanya - Urban BOP Insurance

While Rural BOP comprises households that are living in abject poverty, the Urban BOP include families that have the potential to lift themselves in to middle class.The latter, also referred to as "Aspiring Poor" has higher disposable income and twice the aggregate consumption of the deprived poor. While the aspiring poor households lack access to many basic necessities such as healthcare, education and quality sanitation, they are well above the poverty line earning Rs. 15000 per month or less on an average. The Urban poor segment typically include sections such as Rickshaw pullers, auto and taxi drivers, domestic helps and a host of daily wage earners.

It is often found that these families have a single earning member followed by multiple dependent members. They are not covered under the traditional social security schemes. Enquire about banking services,loans to unbanked villages from swabhimaan. Swabhimaanya - Microlending Marketplace. Alternative Assets Marketplace, is an online P2P (person to person) lending and borrowing marketplace.

Swabhimaanya - Microlending Marketplace

This online platform allows individuals and institutions to sponsor micro-credit requirements of marginalized yet economically active borrowers from across the country. All of our borrowers are verified before getting listed on through a highly secure TrustID verification process. aims at empowering the rural women entrepreneurs by getting them closer to a significantly large pool of prospective lenders while safeguarding the interests of investors. Lenders can invest in micro loans by lending to verified woman entrepreneurs for up to 12 months and earn 17-20% interest per annum. Through, lenders can thoroughly verify the borrowers ‘history and select them. The verification structure creates the borrower profile further available for lenders to select and lend money.

Swabhimaanya - Microlending Marketplace. TrustID Verification Services Swabhimaanya is one of the first organizations to raise awareness around financial inclusion of the urban BOP segment such as household helps, gardeners, drivers, electricians etc. in urban and semi urban locations.

Swabhimaanya - Microlending Marketplace

While Swabhimaanya has created structured and tailor-made products to address their insurance requirements at large, it has also realized during the process that there is lack of structured background verification mechanism that often hinders a complete service transaction. There is no denying the fact that there are serious risks involved in hiring these service providers without a thorough background check.

In order to address this challenge, Swabhimaanya - an Authentication User Agency (AUA) introduces their next product - TrustID, a unique service proposition in association with UIDAI. Swabhimaanya - Rural BOP Insurance. The masses in India, alternatively called the "Base of the economic pyramid" (BOP) comprise nearly 1.05 billion people in India (5 out of 6 Indians).

Swabhimaanya - Rural BOP Insurance

It includes households that are unquestionably living in poverty in addition to families that have the potential to lift themselves into middle class. The lowest level of the BOP in India embraces those living in abject poverty. Commonly referred as "Deprived Poor", these households lack access to the basic amenities, govt. welfare intervention benefits and little or no disposable income. Swabhimaanya aims to impact these BOP segments by providing financial protection services. Rural BOP insurance is such an initiative from the Swabhimaanya group that represents self-respect, pride and empowerment for people closest to the base of the pyramid.

Swabhimaanya has structured, customized and affordable insurance plans for BOP in association with its trusted insurance partners - Bajaj Allianz and Future Generali. Providing banking services to villages. Swabhimaanya, a synonym for self respect and empowerment, is a birthright of every individual.

Providing banking services to villages

Yet, there are millions who strive hard just to survive each day. For them, Swabhimaanya is a guiding light to claim their 'abhimaan' – self respect. Swabhimaanya is founded by financial services professionals of global repute as a distribution platform to ensure a greater reach of essential solutions to people at the base of the Economic pyramid ('BOP'), in a sustainable and affordable manner. As an organization our focus is on credit and insurance services for this segment. Swabhimaanya is a 4 years old, BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) focused distribution platform with over a million customers. Swabhimaanya and its team are known for bringing unparalleled innovation in the microfinance circuit and have been the inventors of numerous bundled offers specifically designed for the under-served.

Swabhimaanya - Microlending Marketplace. Swabhimaanya - AUA with UIDAI Launches TrustID App. TrustID is India’s first, unique & comprehensive online verification platform.

Swabhimaanya - AUA with UIDAI Launches TrustID App

TrustID provides comprehensive verification services on a single platform including ID based Verification, Criminal Background Verification based on eCourt Records, Social Media Profiling based on Email ID search, Negative News Scans on a name based search and many more useful verification services, which can be easily customized according to size & need of organizations. TrustID is simplifies all verification requirements of your company in a time saving & cost effective manner. TrustID services are useful in several industries such as HR Recruitments / Staffing, Blue collar hiring, Insurance, Banking and several others which need to verify employees, customers, vendors and others. TrustID ID Verification helps you authenticate any Aadhaar ID instantly using demographic or biometric (thumb impression) details.