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Infographics are graphic visual representations of data and information. They come in extremely handy when you need to explain complex information, numbers or data rather quickly and effectively. Infographics are used worldwide from magazines to metro stations. A great infographic can render complicated information easily understandable and engrossing. However, infographics can be pretty hard to design since you have to gather together a lot of information and make it look good.

IVC | Issue no. 13 | After Post-Colonialism?
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CINETEXT The Matrix Reloaded CINETEXT The Matrix Reloaded This text has been submitted as an original contribution to cinetext on August 5, 2003. It is also available as PDF-document for high quality printing. In a recent interview[1] Jean Baudrillard states that the Wachowski Brothers had misapplied his theory of simulacra and simulation in The Matrix, as they embody the idea of the virtual as a concrete reality and carry it over to “visible phantasms”. What Baudrillard opposes to in the application of the distinction between real and virtual in the Matrix series is that “the brand-new problem of the simulation is mistaken with the very classic problem of the illusion, already mentioned by Plato”.
[ Other excerpts ] [ Reviews ] From the Introduction to The Location of Culture A boundary is not that at which something stops but, as the Greeks recognized, the boundary is that from which something begins its presencing. Homi Bhabha: The Location of Culture (i) Homi Bhabha: The Location of Culture (i)
David Gauntlett « Westminster Media Comment
David Gauntlett, Professor of Media and Communications, University of Westminster
Jones Paul Jones (University of New South Wales, Australia) Abstract: This article's prime aim is to provide an exegesis of Raymond Williams's neglected "mature" theorization of means of communication. Much of this aspect of his cultural materialism is articulated as a critique of Marshall McLuhan. Williams attempts to recover and develop what he saw as the lost early promise of McLuhan's work. The article thus takes the form of an account of the complex relationship between the two authors' projects from their common origins in English literary criticism through to Williams's rejection of McLuhan's proto-postmodern avant-gardism. The normative sociological typologization of means of communication offered by Williams is argued to be directly relevant to contemporary research. Jones Marshall McLuhan Excerpts from Understanding Media, The Extensions of Man, Part I. Orginally published in 1964; many subsequent printings. Introduction After three thousand years of explosion, by means of fragmentary and mechanical technologies, the Western world is imploding. During the mechanical ages we had extended our bodies in space.
Dossiers pédagogiques
Visual Studies A la suite de la sémiologie des années 1970, se sont développées aux Etats-Unis dans les années 1980 les "Visual Studies", tandis que l'histoire se penchait enfin en France sur les sources iconographiques. Voulant donner une analyse globale des constructions visuelles, les Visual Studies mêlent l'art du Quattrocento, l'affiche ou les tags. Elles sont ainsi significatives d'un grand mouvement de décontextualisation. A l'heure d'Internet et de l'accumulation indifférenciée sur écran, voici donc un symptôme. Sous peine de perte totale des repères et de confusion généralisée, une telle démarche nécessite d'abord d'avoir acquis des bases solides en histoire mondiale du visuel. William J. Visual Studies
9 février 2009 « Internet et les sciences humaines et sociales » (table ronde organisée par l’INHA et l’équipe HISTARA de l’EPHE)
Terra Foundation for American Art Europe Library Catalogue Terra Foundation for American Art Europe Library Catalogue The Terra Foundation for American Art Europe research library is dedicated exclusively to the visual arts of the United States from the eighteenth century to 1980, with particular emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It contains nearly 9,500 books and catalogues, including rare materials and digital resources. JSTOR and ProQuest (American Periodicals Series and International Bibliography of Art) are available for on site consultation. Reading room hours
Enseignement, recherche Enseignement, recherche L'un des principaux artisans de la création des visual studies, W.J.T. Mitchell (université de Chicago) est arrivé à Paris pour présenter son premier livre traduit en français, Iconologie, paru aux éditions Les Prairies ordinaires. Comme de juste, il a commencé sa tournée par un petit déjeuner à l'INHA, à l'invitation des étudiant(e)s du Lhivic.
Centro de Estudios Visuales de Chile
Compartiremos una serie de lecturas para aproximarnos a los llamados “estudios visuales”, área alternativa a la historia del arte y a los estudios culturales, que demanda para sí un objeto de estudio y una metodología de abordaje propios. Intentaremos, en primer lugar, analizar los factores sociales, culturales, artísticos y académicos-institucionales que posibilitaron su emergencia. Luego, trataremos los enfoques y debates teóricos suscitados en torno a los estudios visuales. Objetivos: 1. LECTURAS SOBRE ESTUDIOS VISUALES - Syd Krochmalny | Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas LECTURAS SOBRE ESTUDIOS VISUALES - Syd Krochmalny | Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas
estudios visuales
Encuentro de ESTUDIOS VISUALES. ARCO'06 Encuentro de ESTUDIOS VISUALES. ARCO'06 Mieke Bal Profesora de Teoría de la Literatura, University of Amsterdam, PAÍSES BAJOS. Crítica cultural y teórica, es catedrática de la Academia Holandesa de Ciencias (KNAW) y de literatura en la Escuela de Análisis Cultural, Teoría e Interpretación (ASCA) de la Universidad de Ámsterdam, de la que es directora fundacional. Sus áreas de estudio son la teoría literaria, semiótica, artes visuales, estudios culturales, teoría postcolonial, teoría feminista, francés, la Biblia hebrea, el siglo XVII y la cultura contemporánea.
Home - Journal of Visual Culture Journal of Visual Culture is a site for astute, informative, and dynamic thought on the histories and theories of vision, the visual, and visuality. It publishes challenging and provocative work from a range of methodological positions, on various historical moments, and across a range of diverse geographical locations, promoting research, scholarship, and engagement with visual cultures. It is essential reading for academics, researchers, and students engaged with the visual within the fields and disciplines of:
Profoundly strange and record-setting urban wonder
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Journal of Visual Culture
Issue No. 16 2008 — Democracy Under Fire: the uses and abuses of democracy in the public sphere Judith Butler, Gender, Radical Democracy: What’s Lacking? By Julie MacKenzie While Judith Butler may be recognised foremost as a theorist of gender, what is less often remarked upon is that Butler’s work on gender is firmly located within a “radical democratic” politics, and indeed that it is in the name of a notion of radical democracy that Butler’s work proceeds. TRANSFORMATIONS Journal of Media & Culture
Debray, What is Mediology? Régis Debray, What is Mediology? Translation of Régis Debray, "Qu'est-ce que la médiologie?" Le Monde Diplomatique, August 1999, p32.
Intro to Visual Culture Introducing Visual Culture: Ways of Looking at All Things Visual Emergence of a new paradigm for studying all forms of visual culture as parts of a cross-media system Some Key Points to Consider "Visual Culture" studies recognizes the predominance of visual forms of media, communication, and information in the postmodern world. Has there been a social and cultural shift to the visual, over against the verbal and textual, in the past 50 years, and has it been accelerating in the past 10 or 20 years? Or are our written, textual, and visual systems continuing an ongoing reconfiguration in a new (recognizable) phase?
2. Identités visuelles - Réflexion du visuel – étude de l'exposition contemporaine - Signes, Discours et Sociétés
L’Atelier du Lhivic
Parution de "L'Art de la photographie"
“Pratiques des images dans la société de l’information”, 4e Ecole doctorale d’été at Lhivic
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