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La journée internationale de l'autisme s'illustre en photos. Beauty and the grotesque. The creative partnership of artist Jesse Draxler and photographer Jen Whitaker would have been a match made in heaven – that is, if heaven was a darker place.

Beauty and the grotesque

Draxler, a Minneapolis-based artist who has worked in the medium of collage (including 3D) for over five years, has been busy building an impressive portfolio of weirdly sexual and visually challenging images of deconstructed beauty. Whereas LA-based Whitaker is a photographer and visual designer drawn to monochrome, the illusion of perfection disrupted by flaws and icy dust tones. Looking at their rap sheets, it was only a matter of time until the two found a common ground of shared visual aesthetics, a mutual love for black and an interest in the body; its shapes and place within the picture. Their collaborative series Primer, published exclusively here, combines photography and collage for a captivating visual narrative full of movement, sexuality and darkness. Ten questions for writer and curator Elias Redstone. Since the invention of photography, architecture has proved a worthy subject for photographers, and, in turn, photography has played an important role in how architecture is communicated.

Ten questions for writer and curator Elias Redstone

Our new book Shooting Space is not a book of architectural photography but a book of photography that studies the artistic response to architecture through the eyes of 50 of the best photographers working today. Its author, the renowned curator and writer Elias Redstone sat down with us on the eve of his Constructing Worlds show at the Barbican, London to tell us more about it. Shooting Space is a collection of artistic responses to architectural photography. Did you come across a common element in those responses? Photo Miami 2008 Review. 10 grandes libros sobre fotografía que no pueden faltar en tu biblioteca. ¿Quién no se ha deleitado nunca en una librería o biblioteca ante un buen libro de fotografía?

10 grandes libros sobre fotografía que no pueden faltar en tu biblioteca

La oferta, la temática y los precios son tan variados que a veces resulta difícil decidirse. Aconsejados por fotógrafos como Rafa Badía y Paco Elvira, proponemos una lista de diez obras clásicas que bien valen un hueco en nuestra estantería. No están todos los que son, pero sí son todos los que están. "Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs". Ansel Adams Conocido por inventar el llamado sistema de zonas, por sus fotografías de paisaje y por la calidad de impresión de sus copias, Ansel Adams nos recrea con detalladas explicaciones técnicas y compositivas 40 de sus mejores fotografías, entre las que no podía faltar la famosa "Moonrise".

"Robert Capa. Casi 1.000 imágenes del célebre fotógrafo de guerra Robert Capa y una reseña biográfica del que fuera cofundador de la agencia Magnum. Master of Photography at - The International Photography Index. Annie Leibovitz: lessons in life and love. She pauses, and draws out the next word: "Oh, I get it.

Annie Leibovitz: lessons in life and love

When I did this volume, I felt I had sort of got there in some way. This is what I always thought I wanted to do. " She started to put it together after Sontag's death in 2004, when she began to sort out photographs for a memorial booklet. Its scope more or less spans their 15 years together from a glamorous pose in a car in Mexico to the final shocking image of Sontag laid out in death, ravaged by blood cancer. Sontag's son, David Rieff, was appalled by Leibovitz's decision to display these searing photographs of his mother. "It is a love story," Leibovitz agrees. Her voice fades away and she looks down as she speaks. Her mother died a year ago, and Leibovitz has arrived in London after a gathering at the unveiling of the headstone on her parents' grave. As with her father, she took photographs.Did her siblings not mind? Ironically for someone so defined by her profession, Leibovitz set out to be an art teacher.

Annie Leibovitz: Nothing left to hide - Times Online. A Photographer's Life: An Exhibition of photographs by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, including pictures of her life with her family and Susan Sontag and Vanity Fair magazine photos she is famous for. Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005 San Francisco Fine Arts Museum Legion of Honor March 1 – May 25, 2008 Mikhail Baryshinikov & Rob Beserer, Cumberland Island, Georgia 1990. Annie Leibovitz. Artnet - The Art World Online. The Library of Congress' Photostream. Lee Miller Archive - 20th Century photography and Surrealism. Your intuitive search assistant.

Internet for Image Searching > START     Photographe du jour : Erwin Olaf. Après Desiree Dolron, un autre photographe néerlandais : Erwin Olaf, et encore un photographe dont la maitrise de la lumière n’a d’égal que l’imagination débordante aidé par les techniques de post-traitement les plus élaborées.

Photographe du jour : Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf – Série « Royal blood » On retrouve dans son travail des clichés de la mode parfois mis au service de l’érotisme, de l’humour ou du « bizarre » à la Freaks tout cela dans des séries mixant des photos « classiques » comme dans sa série « Paradise portraits » : Erwin Olaf – Série « Paradise portraits » Il a travaillé, bien sur, dans la mode mais également dans d’autres domaines, high-tech, industrie… Il a par exemple fait une campagne et le calendrier « Lavazza », moins connu que le calendrier Pirelli mais d’au moins aussi bonne qualité.