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Anyalpha is best software development company USA that offers custom software solutions to achieve growth and scale for your business.

Why On Demand Food Delivery Apps like DoorDash are so popular? DoorDash is a food delivery platform which connectscustomers to restaurants and eateries, allowing them to order food online atany desired location.

Why On Demand Food Delivery Apps like DoorDash are so popular?

Launched in Palo Alto, California inJanuary 2013 as, it currently serves in Australia, Canadaand the United States. PaloAltoDelivery.comrenamed itself to DoorDash in June 2013 after receiving $120,000 in seedcapital from YCombinator, which is a US based seed money startup accelerator. DoorDash was created by four classmates at the famous Stanford University in California, namely: Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang and Evan Moore. Andy Fang currently holds the post of Director, along with Stanley Tang; whereas Tony Xu is designated as the CEO of DoorDash.Evan Moore has left DoorDash, and is now a partner at Khosla Ventures, which is an American venture capital firm. DoorDash’s Investors DoorDashhas managed to raise a total of over $2.5 billion from several investors andinvesting firms, which are listed below: Top Mobile App Development Company.

E commerce Website Development Company. Web Design & Development Services. How To Create On-Demand Apps Like Handy. The on-demand services based app industry enjoys an abundance of apps like Handy, which acts as a connecting bridge between the people seeking home-based services, and the eager service providers who offer their professional expertise to make money.

How To Create On-Demand Apps Like Handy

Do you ever get curious wondering what the on-demand model is? And why is it so popular? Is it possible for you to make an on-demand app like Handy yourself? This article is complete enough to satisfy any of your curiosities regarding the on-demand apps, and the little details which will help you in creating one such app of your own! Let’s get going with the basics first: The on-demand business model is no longer a competition for the traditional business paradigms; it, in fact, has swiftly taken over the market. Emerged with the start-up companies such as Uber and Airbnb, the entire on-demand economy has outstretched itself to more than 42% of the total US adult population — which amounts to north of 88 million people as of today! 1. 2. Top 10 Apps Like TikTok Everyone Should Check Out.

TikTok, known in China as Douyin is owned by Chinese company ByteDance and became available worldwide after merging with another Chinese social media service,, on August 2, 2018.

Top 10 Apps Like TikTok Everyone Should Check Out

In less than 18 months, the number of US adult TikTok users grew 5.5 times. Along with TikTok, the concept of short video creation and sharing also become popular, and several custom software development companies came up with similar applications with more innovative additions. The idea was to capture the market where TikTok has been banned and bring the audience to a brand-new experience but not all of them were successful.

Top 5 Benefits Of Gamification For Enterprises. Gamification is a rapidly evolving, game-based strategy for boosting employees.

Top 5 Benefits Of Gamification For Enterprises

In the training process, organizations are adding these strategies to improve learning engagement and focus more on pleasing their employees by generating constructive competition between co-workers that helps to minimize attrition. Here in this article, you will get about what is gamification? Do you really need mobile app development services for implementing this strategy? Difference between Artificial intelligence and Machine learning - Anyalpha. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the two most important, hyped and interchangeably used words in the market right now.

Difference between Artificial intelligence and Machine learning - Anyalpha

They have become a part of our daily lives, but does that mean everyone understands it well? No, there still exists a lot of confusion between what exactly is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. So, today we are going to look into their respective meanings and the vast differences. Artificial Intelligence. Cost and Features of a Car Rental Software Development. Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2021. A mobile platform provides one of the greatest platforms where you can get creative with your ideas.

Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2021

Then again, mobile apps are dominating the current market. Statistics inform that 85% of people in the world use mobile apps, which means that you can reach almost everyone through mobile apps. However, competition increases with an increasing prospect. How to Create an App and Make Money from it ? In this modern era, every bare necessity is being filled by smartphones and laptops which makes mobile apps or software quite essential in our daily lives.

How to Create an App and Make Money from it ?

How to Start a Taxi Business - Step by Step. Launching a taxi business isn’t rocket science, but the entrepreneur must be diligent in his efforts to shine.

How to Start a Taxi Business - Step by Step

No matter where you want to start this business, chances are that other taxi services or services like Uber already exists. So, you need to be unique to generate profit. The taxi business requires a considerable investment, but it doesn’t guarantee a definite ROI. That’s why every taxi business must strive from the beginning. How to Hire an iPhone App Development Company in 2021? Apple is a brand that has made its mark through its products and the ease it provides in using them.

How to Hire an iPhone App Development Company in 2021?

The iPhone or iPad is probably one of the best electronics of the 20th century. The fast and smooth operation of mobile phones and tablets make it a top choice for consumers. It is pretty evident that the users of the iPhone stay loyal towards the brand because of the quality and efficiency of the services provided. Developing the iPhone app is quite a complex and grueling work for the developers. iPhone app development companies need to stay updated and fully prepared for adding exciting and innovative features. Top 5 Changes in Mobile App Development Companies in Post-COVID Time. The lockdown due to COVID-19 has changed our lives completely.

Top 5 Changes in Mobile App Development Companies in Post-COVID Time

Not just our physical health, but COVID-19 has affected our mental health, lifestyle, as well as psychology. Some human behaviour will remain even after the lockdown is lifted; for example, the trend of online shopping and the in-app transaction has risen and will keep rising as people have grown to trust them. To adapt to the ‘New Normal,’ each software development company is being forced to update its policies and approaches. By the end of this article, you’ll know about the top 5 changes each mobile app development company in the USA will face. How to Hire a Mobile App Development Company: A Step by Step Guide. Mobile apps are taking over the digital world, and it has become an essential ingredient in setting up a business online. But how to hire a mobile app development company? We are here with some brilliant insight into what you need to look and look out for as you hire mobile app developers. Read to learn all about it. Step 1: Confirm Budget.

Top 10 Tips for Effective Web Design and Development. Web designing only takes a short while to master if you trade carefully and maintain discipline. As if the process itself wasn’t difficult enough, the technology and tools involved keep evolving constantly, always challenging you to keep up. We have gone through thousands of websites and assembled the top 10 tips for effective web design and development. This should help you work better with your website and thrive for success. Plan Ahead. How Much Does it Cost to Develop an eCommerce Website - Anyalpha. First things first, the cost of an eCommerce website may largely vary depending on your goals, ambitions, and hosting plans. The cost may range from as low as $5 to more than $5 million. With so many options available to you during budgeting, it may prove to be baffling sometimes but don’t worry.

We will break the concept into several sections to answer how much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website. Join the group of farsighted leaders and take your business to the next level! How to Calculate the Cost Let’s talk about the major considerations you will need to make while estimating the cost to develop an eCommerce website. There are different eCommerce platforms you can choose from, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more. Hosting Cost Every website needs a web host where the site’s files are stored. Flutter vs React Native: What to Choose for Mobile App Development.

You want to develop a mobile app for your business, but which technology stack should you opt for? This is a concern every app developer face as they begin planning. Flutter, created by Google and React Native, created by Facebook are two of the most popular cross-platform mobile app development tools. They have been creating a buzz in the industry for quite some time now. How a Custom Software Solution Can Bring More Growth to Your Business. Your business deserves more attention than simply throwing a general software solution at it. They target overlapping needs as their aim is to help millions of businesses with one solution. How to Choose a Mobile App Development Strategy for your Startup.

Owning a startup is potentially the most satisfying thing in someone’s career, but running it smoothly and toward success is the most challenging thing you might have to do. In the age of technology, as the use of smartphones is exponentially on the surge, building efficient mobile apps may have a strong impact on your startup’s success story. It can help grow productivity and brand value in turn. If you are planning on developing a mobile app, the first thing that you need is a strategy. Software Development Company California. Top Tips for Effective Web Design and Development - Anyalpha. How Much Does it Cost to Develop an eCommerce Website - Anyalpha.