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Boozy Watermelon-Lime-Mint Popsicles Recipe. Kahlua Coconut Cream Affogato Popsicles. Hi, guys!

Kahlua Coconut Cream Affogato Popsicles

I am so excited this morning. Turns out, it is possible to be excited about something on a Monday morning. These Boozy Popsicle Recipes Are Even Better Than Cocktails. Piña Colada Ice Pops. Boozy Frozen Peach Pops - Shutterbean. Coconut Cream Popsicles With Vanilla Bean And Malibu Rum / The Modern Proper. Jalapeño Mango Margarita Popsicles. Dark and stormy popsicles. Grocery stores often label the popsicle aisle “Frozen Novelties.”

dark and stormy popsicles

In a world of extreme buffalo chicken pockets and microwave breakfast sandwiches with waffles for bread, being singled out as a field of food notable for novelty is a big deal. Luckily for those of us who like to push limits, there’s a vast expanse of popsicles entirely unexplored by the giants of ice pop manufacturing, probably due to their own uptightness and that of our legal system. We’re talking about boozy popsicles. Even more luckily, the appeal of boozy pops extends far beyond the pursuit of novelty. An ice pop is cold and refreshing, a summer cocktail is likewise.

These pops play up the flavors of the Dark and Stormy by adding a little fresh ginger in the form of a homemade ginger simple syrup and adding some fresh lime juice, while still keeping it as a garnish of sorts. Mango Bourbon Smash Popsicles. Remember how last week was popcorn week?

Mango Bourbon Smash Popsicles

Well this week is popsicle week! The lovely and talented Billy over at Wit and Vinegar organizes this shindig every year and this year I decided I wanted in on it. Billy and I share a love for Real Housewives GIFs, Ina the Queen (Ina Garten) and over use of emojis, so he’s good people in my book. If you want to check out all the popsicle festivities in one place, go over to Billy’s Popsicle Week page and get all heart eye emoji over those recipes! Now, moving on to these boozy pops. Coconut Papaya Smoothie. 7 drool-worthy avocado recipes. Avocado Popsicle Recipe. Everyone knows I am crazy for popsicles — there's no better way to beat the heat on a Summer day.

Avocado Popsicle Recipe

Although avocado is generally used in savory dishes like guacamole, it is a fruit and therefore is perfect for dessert! These avocado coconut creamsicles are surprisingly delicious and decadent. The avocado, coconut milk, and cream freeze to an exceptionally smooth texture. Because the nutty flavor is incredibly rich and exceptionally filling, a little goes a long way, and next time, I will use a smaller popsicle mold. If you are tempted to experiment with avocados in this frozen treat, keep reading for the recipe. Ingredients 1 large avocado 1/4 cup coconut milk 1/4 cup cream 1/4 cup sugar pinch of salt Directions Using a hand mixer, blend all of the ingredients until creamy.

Makes 4-6 popsicles, depending on your mold. Information Category Frozen, Desserts. Healthy FroYo Pops. I've been on an oat and chia seed kick lately.

Healthy FroYo Pops

If you're familiar with my Refrigerator Oatmeal and Oatmeal Smoothies, you already know that. Today, I'm completing the trifecta with frozen yogurt pops that have the same oat/chia combo I used in my smoothies. If that sounds gross in a popsicle, let me assure you that this super nutritious grain/seed duo is finely blended and virtually disappears into the froyo pops. You may notice a slight texture when you eat these treats, but its not unpleasant. They taste creamy & delicious. Fig, Coconut & Blackberry Ice Cream. Are we the only ones fantasizing about crazy ice cream combinations with only natural ingredients?

Fig, Coconut & Blackberry Ice Cream

We know that there is a whole world of healthier ice cream recipes out there just waiting to be revealed, and with our brand new ice cream maker (thank you uncle Sven, we love it!) We are going to start exploring it. This was actually our first try with the machine and we stumbled upon an interesting combo right away. Have you tasted fig ice cream before? You probably have. Mango & Pistachio Frozen Yogurt. I just can’t imagine summers without mangoes, a quintessential summer fruit.

Mango & Pistachio Frozen Yogurt

So how could this place be left without a single mention of this wonderful sweet, juicy, fleshy and vibrantly saffron colored fruit, which is considered the king of all fruits. And the King has to be paid reverence. During the season, you’ll find mangoes all over the markets. And that is the time, when they are at best of their age, like all seasonal fruits. Blueberry & Orange Icy Pops. As I enjoyed my Roasted Strawberry, Coconut and Lime Icy Pops so much – I couldn’t wait to try another flavour combination to go with the coconut.

Blueberry & Orange Icy Pops

It just came to me one day that I wanted to try a blueberry and orange combination. I usually only buy blueberries when they are on sale, which definitely is not during autumn, but luckily you can get decently priced frozen ones all year round. How crazy is the colour of these Icy Pops!? Contrasted with the bright orange, they are just the perfect colour pop for photos. The frozen blueberries were great to photograph as when they started to thaw they starting get this brilliant shine on them, picking up the light as it came through the window to let me know just how juicy they are. In this recipe I decided to keep the fruit whole and omit the blending process. Mango lime pops. Mango pops.

mango lime pops

These two words just feel happy together… and even happier between a couple of cute little fat asterisks. To be honest, I’ve been in a slight bit of a funk lately, but as I sit here to write this post, I’m realizing that there are so many things to be happy about. I don’t want to turn this into a big “be grateful for your life” post (although, be grateful for your life, it’s a good thing). But maybe take a second to think about the tiny things that make your world go ’round. Homemade Berry Rocket Pops recipe from Food52. Author Notes: Growing up, Rocket Pops were my favorite summer treat!

Homemade Berry Rocket Pops recipe from Food52

So juicy + refreshing but also filled with a long list of unnecessary ingredients. Blackberry, Rosemary, and Yogurt Popsicles Recipe.