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Anton Ortigas

I am Anton Ortigas, an entrepreneur with a bachelor degree in International Studies and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. Work keeps me extremely busy, but my love for travel and cooking are my forms of entertainment that help me escape from routine. This food and travel blog journals my experiences around the world and lists different recipes I conjure up in the kitchen. Hope you enjoy, get inspired, and maybe get a tip or two for your next meal or adventure.

Hong Kong Trip: Top Destinations for Photographers. Besides savoring a new culture and trying local dishes, we travel to see the beauty of the world in the flesh.

Hong Kong Trip: Top Destinations for Photographers

We hunt for the most stunning landmarks, historical sites, and architecture that will make for a visual treat. During my most recent Hong Kong trip, for instance, I was on the lookout for the most “snap-worthy” corners and locations. Though I am sure many of you would rather taste Hong Kong’s famous Dim Sum or try its other delectable cuisines, I opted for a different path. I extended my business trip for a day to explore Hong Kong’s most picture-perfect places that are worth sharing. Northern Ireland Travel: A Beautiful Parcel of Paradise. My old travel pictures never fail to make me feel lucky and nostalgic.

Northern Ireland Travel: A Beautiful Parcel of Paradise

Scanning through some of my Northern Ireland travel photos, I still marvel at the chance of being able to traverse numerous countries and experience the world in the flesh. Now, I wish I had started blogging earlier. Some trips would have made a good entry if only I had documented them. Too bad, I lost most of my travel photos when I switched cameras. Top view of the Titanic Belfast’s atrium. Kew Gardens: A Walk Down the Illuminated Yuletide Lane. Discovering the Kew Gardens The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, or most popularly known as the Kew Gardens, is home to the world’s biggest and most diverse collection of living and preserved plants and fungi.

Kew Gardens: A Walk Down the Illuminated Yuletide Lane

It houses over 14,000 trees and grows more than 30,000 species of plants from tropical, temperate, arid, and alpine climates. Sounds interesting, right?