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FHWA - Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Handbook - 4 Identification of Alternatives. Identification of Alternatives Previous chapters presented methodologies for selecting and analyzing potentially hazardous highway-rail grade crossings.

FHWA - Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Handbook - 4 Identification of Alternatives

In this chapter, existing laws, rules, regulations, and policies are presented and alternative safety and operational improvements are discussed. These alternatives are presented by type: crossing elimination; installation of passive traffic control devices; installation of active traffic control devices; site improvements; crossing surface improvements; and removal of grade separations. From information contained in this chapter, the highway engineer should select several alternative improvement proposals for any particular crossing being studied. The “do-nothing” alternative should also be considered a proposal. A. Current Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regulations specifically prohibit at-grade intersections on highways with full access control (23 CFR Section 625 (4)).

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On2-On3-On30 Modelers Resource Page

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Servos & Parts>Sub-Micro Servo 0-5g

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