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Josiah Mackenzie sur Twitter : "#SMwebinar @TheHotelSchool: A #hotels' @ReviewPro Global Review Index is directly connected to revenue performance. Big shuffle in the world of hotel distribution in 2012. There are some major developments ahead in the hotel sector which will demand attention of hoteliers in order to stay in control of their marketing mix and distribution costs.

Big shuffle in the world of hotel distribution in 2012

Here some of the hot topics of next year: Google Hotel FinderMetasearch and rate parityOTA commission levelsDirect sales It is a frantic time in the hospitality sector and in some respects it’s hard to figure out where to start for many hoteliers, but let’s focus on potentially the most disruptive and new of the quartet listed above. Google Hotel Finder A major development that will almost certainly impact the balance of the distribution world is the continued roll-out of Google Hotel Finder. Google has developed its own metasearch tool as a counter move to Bing’s acquisition of Farecast, now called Bing Travel (remember that?). In any case, Google recently started testing Google Hotel Finder ads above the regular Google Ads in search results. Of course, this is inevitably causing mayhem and concern in the industry.

How Hotels Can Use The Social Web to Build Loyalty. Dec 22, 11 | 12:08 am inShare0 By Josiah Mackenzie for eHotelier The question of how to drive revenue growth has existed since the first hotels began experimenting with social technologies, and the need to measure impact has only increased with time.

How Hotels Can Use The Social Web to Build Loyalty

As we prepare for 2012, hotel executives are looking for new ways to do this - and stay ahead of their competitors. At many organizations, the bulk of social media sales and marketing efforts we see are focused on acquiring new customers. As we'll see, the social web presents us with an ideal platform to conduct activities that address all the core elements of building loyalty: creating positive first impressions, delivering extraordinary service, and cultivating relationships over time. Why is loyalty important? Recent research from the CMO council made the impact of loyalty on profitability very clear. Since so much money is at stake here, it begs the question.... How can hotels use the social web to build loyalty?

About Josiah Mackenzie. Les hôtels s'inventent de nouveaux codes - HOTELLERIE RESTAURATI. Vie de palace. Why Negative Reviews are a 'Gift' - ClickZ. Sam Decker | May 18, 2010 | 2 Comments inShare1 Negative feedback can help build trust in your brand.

Why Negative Reviews are a 'Gift' - ClickZ

Here's how. Customer-generated product reviews are a critical component of a successful social commerce program - 74 percent of consumers are influenced by the opinions of others in their decision to buy products online, according to recent research from Manage Smarter. Yet many retailers are still wary of "negative" reviews, fearing "bad" feedback on their products and services will hurt sales.

Fearing negative reviews is a mistake, however. What's more, with a mix of both positive and negative reviews, customers are better informed about the features of your products or services - and informed customers make more purchases. Embracing negative reviews means creating a proactive program to listen and respond to dissatisfied customers. QVC, for example, uses negative reviews to take action on customer service and delivery issues, often by reaching out directly to dissatisfied customers.