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Antique Silver Buyers

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Silver Markings : Demystifying the Hallmarks. Silver Patterns that are a Gold Mine for Collectors and Sellers. Identifying Sterling Silver Patterns 101. Antique Silver Tea Set Markings. The silver markings are what determines the value of your silver piece. Smart Ways to Sell Family Silver for Cash. Antiquesilver. Antiquesilver. Secrets About Silver That Appraisers Don’t Want You to Know. Antique Silver Buyers — Whom To Sell Antique Silver Flatware? Put Your Antique Silver Flatware To Good Use. Let Your Vintage Silver Antiques Get Their Right Worth! – Antique Silver Buyers. Silver Collections Are Easier to Sell than Other Antiques.

Are you interested in collecting antique silver pieces?

Silver Collections Are Easier to Sell than Other Antiques

Antiquing is an exciting hobby, and it is one that can pay off financially in the long run. If you have an antique silver collection – or if you are thinking about starting one – keep these facts in mind. Find the best buyers for your antique silver tea sets – Antique Silver Buyers. Sterling vs. Britannia Silver. How Do I Know if My Christofle Silver is Silver vs. Silver Plate? Do you have a prized Christofle silverware set that you save for special occasions?

How Do I Know if My Christofle Silver is Silver vs. Silver Plate?

If so, it is quite possibly one of your most valuable possessions, but is it sterling silver? Christofle was responsible for an innovative new technology that created silver plated items, providing customers with luxury at a more affordable price. While both sterling and silver plated Christolfe pieces are beautiful, you’ll want to know the difference between the two, especially if you intend to sell your pieces in the future. Important Tips For Cleaning Your Silver and Antiques. Do you have a silver antique that has seen better days and needs to be cleaned?

Important Tips For Cleaning Your Silver and Antiques

Are you looking for a way to polish your antique silverware to give it a shine that you’ll be proud to show off? There are many safe ways that you can clean your silver and antiques, all at an affordable price. If you are interested in the best way to clean silver plate, follow some of these helpful tips. A Brief Look Into The Elegant World Of Silver Trays. Last time we talked about the history and significance of Antique Silver Tea Sets.

A Brief Look Into The Elegant World Of Silver Trays

But surely no fine tea service is complete without a stunning silver serving tray. The Importance of Silver Markings. *Please consider this disclaimer at bottom of page Silver has been mined from the earth for thousands of years.

The Importance of Silver Markings

Old World silver and silver markings have been traced back to modern day Turkey, as early as 4000 BC. But it wasn’t until around 2500 BC that we have solid accounts of the first sophisticated mining and refinement process of the precious metal known as “cupellation.” Since that time, civilizations have risen and fallen, each leaving their own characteristic imprint on silver before it became a valued currency in America.

Due to the wide variability in purity, integrity and origin silver markings were developed to distinguish and verify each piece. The Importance of Markings. Great deals on antique wares are only a click away! Antique wares have great value in terms of nostalgia, history and also aesthetics.

Great deals on antique wares are only a click away!

That is why antique wares sell for prices many times over their actual price. It is deemed as a status quotient nowadays to be in possession of antique wares. People scour through the net and physical stores in search of gems like antique sterling silver bowls and the likes. Sterling silver, apart from being highly pure is also mostly used in antique wares. The reason for that is simple. How Do I Know if My Christofle Silver is Silver vs. Silver Plate? Sterling Silver Flatware- Treasure For Life! – Antique Silver Flatware. Determining the True Value of Antique Silver Pieces - Antique Silver Buyers. If you have some antique silver pieces that you are interested in selling, you might be wondering – how much is silver worth?

Determining the True Value of Antique Silver Pieces - Antique Silver Buyers

In order to get the best deal for your antiques, it is important that you know the value of your items, and fortunately, there are many places to look for this information. If you need to know the real silverware value of your collection, try out some of these helpful suggestions. Check Out Online Antique Websites The Internet is a great place to find out more about the antiques in your collection, including what they might be worth. You can check out online sale sites like Live Auctioneers and eBay to see what similar items are selling for. Walk Through an Estate Sale. Christofle Sterling Silver Marks. Christofle is a French manufacturer of fine silver flatware and other home accessories.

Christofle Sterling Silver Marks

The company was founded in 1830 when Charles Christofle, then a popular jeweler, expanded his line to include silver picture frames, porcelain dinnerware, crystal vases, and hollowware. A variety of designers and artists helped to create Christofle’s pieces, included famed Parisian silversmith Antoine Perrin, Jean Cocteau, and Gio Ponti, among others. Like most prominent silver designers, Christofle wanted a way for his customers to identify his pieces and their authenticity. To do this, he placed a hallmark on each of his products through the use of a complex stamping process.

These hallmarks are created to identify authentic silver at purchase, and they are intended to be easily seen by the user. Find the best buyers for your antique silver tea sets – Antique Silver Buyers. Christofle Silver Plate Marks. Silver plating was a revolutionary innovation that was both developed and perfected by Christofle company founder C.

Christofle Silver Plate Marks

Christofle. With silver plating, it suddenly became possible to democratize the trade of silversmithing in order to make beautiful silver pieces more affordable for customers. With silver plating, customers who had previously coveted items in the Christofle line, but were turned off by the price had a way to get the pieces they loved.

Silver plating was the heart of the Christofle legacy, and it could be used for every product category except for jewelry. However, even with silver plated items, it was still important that pieces be easily identifiable as part of the Christofle line. Standard Full Mark The first Christofle standard full mark was used from 1841-1862. The inscription “Christofle”A number referring to the piece number in the production lineA number representing the silver content, with each digit in a separate box. The Evergreen Demand For Sterling Silver Flatware. Know How and Where to Sell Antique Silver Trays. Best Place For Buying And Selling Of Your Sterling Silver Flatware – Antique Silver Flatware.

What Exactly is Sterling Silver? Sterling silver is a type of metal compound that is most often used when describing jewelry.

What Exactly is Sterling Silver?

Sometimes simply referred to as “sterling” or “925”, the term sterling silver indicates the content of the compound. So, what exactly is sterling silver? The Composition of Sterling Silver Like gold, silver is delicate and soft when found in its purest form, and unfortunately, this doesn’t make it a durable material. To make it more useful, pure silver is often combined with metal alloys like copper as a way of increasing the strength and durability.

5 Facts Everyone Should Know about Antique Silver Collections. Great deals on antique wares are only a click away! History of Repousse Sterling Silver. *Please consider this disclaimer at the bottom of the page Have you ever wondered how some antique silver pieces can contain such detailed and extravagant designs? It is through a metal working process known as Repousse /rəˌpo͞oˈsā/. It is a French word that means “pushed back” and it relates to the labor intensive way the metal must be carefully manipulated by a skilled silversmith. It is a combination of skilled technique that dates back for thousands of years, but some of the top master metalsmiths have left a Repousse legacy. Baltimore Repousse. Antique Sterling Silver Trays and Their history. Antique Silver Hallmarks - Identification of your silver. Do you know how to identify the country or era your antique silver piece is from?

Hallmarks are the official stamps placed on a crafted piece of silver to properly identify many of its properties. They are easier to find than they are to interpret unless you have the help of a professional collector. Antique silver hallmarks attempt to tell the story of who made the piece, when it was made and various other tidbits of information that hold vital interest to collectors and determine the value. Where Can I Sell My Antique Silver In Lido Key? Is Your Antique Silver Solid or Plated? You have a prized silver antique collection, but do you know if it is solid silver of simply silver plated? Does it really make a difference? It does if you are concerned with the value. Silver plating was developed as an inexpensive way for people who couldn’t afford sterling (or solid silver) to enjoy the beauty of the metal without the hefty price tag.

In fact, some manufacturers got so good at creating silver plated items that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the two. Unfortunately, when it comes to the value of your antiques, whether you have solid or plated silver makes a big difference, so it is important to be able to differentiate between the two. Is Your Antique Silver Solid or Plated? How to Clean Sterling Silver Naturally? Do you have a tarnished sterling silver piece that you are hoping to clean, but don’t want to use any harsh chemicals? If so, you are in luck, as there are several safe and natural ways to clean sterling silver, many of which involve items that you already have in your home.

Cleaning Sterling Silver with Corn Starch A quick search of your pantry might find you a great solution to clean your sterling silver. A mixture of cornstarch and water in the form of a paste can make your silver look like new again. Apply the paste with a damp cloth, then let it dry and rub it off with a mildly abrasive towel. Vinegar If your sterling silver jewelry or silverware has lost its shine and luster, try soaking it in a solution of ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. What Exactly is Sterling Silver? Trusted Antique Silver Buyers FL. Free verbal appraisal in Palmetto. Antique silver trays for Sale.

Sterling Silver Flatware- Treasure For Life! Antique Silver Tea Sets: A Guide To Buy Genuine Silver Tea Set – Antique Silver Buyers. Best Place For Buying And Selling Of Your Sterling Silver Flatware. Find the True Value of Your Antiques. Check the TV and radio for antique road shows and try to collect as much information you can gather from the guest appraisers. These guest appraisers are the source of great information. Antique books, with lots of pictures, are also very helpful in gathering knowledge. Local antique sources are also good places to enhance your knowledge. You can use the information gathered from dealers of such local stores as a base. If you are opting for professional appraiser try to get an appraisal from more than one appraiser to ensure consistency. Sell your Antique Silver Flatware at the Best Price. Know How and Where to Sell Antique Silver Trays – Antique Silver Buyers. Identifying Markings on Silver Pieces.

Owning a piece of silver is like owning a piece of history. Each unique piece is stamped, or hallmarked, with defining markings from the maker and the era it was verified in. If your silver piece has no markings, you probably do not have a legitimate piece. It is important to learn how to identify markings on silver in order to properly date and valuate each piece. The Timeless Elegance of Antique silver markings.

The Great Artistry And Value Of Silver Bowls

A Brief Look Into The Elegant World Of Silver Trays. The Exquisite World of Antique Silver Tea Sets - Antique Silver Buyers. I work in an interesting field: Antique dealing in the modern world. It wasn’t always that way – when I got started, over 25 years ago, I still had to go from place to place, auction house to auction house. But that’s how I fell in love with the world of antiques. Antique Sterling Silver Flatware. Sterling Silver Flatware often carries with it a great deal of personal history and sentimental value, it can be something that has been a part of a family for generations, making special occations and moments of togetherness.

This is a detail we do not take lightly, and neither should you. Repousse Sterling Silver and their Makers - Antique Silver Buyers. Antique Silver Trays Buyers. Antique Silver Tea Set Markings. Tea sets made from silver are quite the addition to an enthusiast’s collection. Antique Sterling Silver Flatware Marks. Sterling silver flatware is one of the most commonly collected items due to the vast availability arising from the Renaissance time period and sets being handed down from generation to generation. For hundreds of years earlier during the Middle Ages,the way people ate was not as important as finding the food to eat. Bradenton, Florida, United States. Three Famous Antique Silver Makers/Smith. Craftsmen specialize in a trade. Origin of Antique Silver Hallmarks. The Best Place to Buy and Sell Silver Tea Set. Antique Sterling Silver Flatware. Silver is timeless and hence valued so high.

Acknowledging the true value of silver. Great deals on antique wares are only a click away! All About Antique Silver Tea Sets. Determination of Value Antique silver tea sets never seem to go out of style, but beautiful as they are they require a great deal of upkeep. If you are looking to sell or just value your piece this short guide will assist you in learning about your silver tea set. Valuing a tea set depends on looking at the marks to determine maker and age, and the items included in the set. History and description of tea services Silver tea sets, or services, are part of the past when afternoon high tea was offered as a small meal. The humble silver tea set can fetch great value. The one aspect of precious metals that investors always factor in, is the fluctuating price. Get Your Precious Antique Silver Evaluated By A Reputable Antique Silver Dealer. Do You Have Antique Silver Trays For Sale In Bird Key? Best deal for your uniquely crafted antique silver items in fruitville.

Know The Real Worth of Your Silver Bowls. Sell Your Silverware To Antique Silver Buyers In The Meadows. Sterling Silver or Silver Plated: 3 Simple Tests! Best Deal For Your Precious Antique Silver Flatware. Your First Step To Understanding the Buying and Selling World of Antique Silver Flatware. Antique Silver Buyers Palmetto. A Brief Look Into The Elegant World Of Silver Trays.

The Exquisite World of Antique Silver Tea Sets. The Great Artistry And Value Of Silver Bowls. Sell Your Precious Antique Silver Bowl. Where Can You Get The Best Price For Your Antique Silver Tea Set? EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints. Sell Antique Silver Trays To Reputable Antique Silverware Dealer. All you need to know about Silver hall marks and how to identify them.