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Imagine for me, if you will, a beautiful, crisp spring day. The sun is out. The skies are clear with maybe just a little puffy cloud here and there... A nice, refreshing breeze that blows up all the leaves that have fallen off the trees into the air, dancing around you as if trying to prove that there is life after death. That they are still beautiful even though they are broken, brown, and seemingly drained of their bright green pride. You are feeling new. St. Patty Whoopie Pies St. Patty Whoopie Pies
Irish Curd Cheesecake | {farmette} Irish Curd Cheesecake | {farmette} The first time I spooned a morsel of this delicious cheesecake into my mouth it was one of those idyllic afternoons in the Irish countryside where the sun was shining and you could see hilly green meadows and trees for what seemed like miles. I like to call these my Merchant & Ivory Irish days. Those are the ones that make all the other dreadfully gray, rainy days disappear as if they never existed in the first place. A pair of wonderful new aquaintances had invited us to their home for an afternoon of tennis and tea.
Food - Recipes : Shortcrust pastry
How to Make Castor Sugar - Castor Sugar Substitute Castor sugar may not be easy to track down, but it is easy to make. In fact, it's really nothing more than granulated sugar that has been ground to a super-fine consistency. Here's how to make your own castor sugar in seconds: Ingredients: How to Make Castor Sugar - Castor Sugar Substitute