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Detroit Training Center | Customized Construction, Landscaping, and Facility Maintenance Training. $8 million Heilmann Rec Center opens on East Side. The rise and fall of Detroit: A timeline. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters On Thursday, Detroit made history — and not in a good way. The heart of the U.S. auto industry and home to the Detroit Tigers, Eminem and the White Stripes, Motown, and (maybe) Jimmy Hoffa's body became the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy. In many ways, this financial crisis is 60 years in the making. July 24, 1701Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac establishes a French settlement, Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit (the strait), along with 100 French soldiers and an equal number of Algonquins. 1760Britain wins the city from the French. 1796U.S. forces capture Detroit from the British. Feb. 1, 1802Detroit becomes a chartered city, covering about 20 acres. 1827Detroit adopts its forward-looking city motto: Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus (We hope for better days; it shall rise from the ashes). 1850Bernhard Stroh opens Stroh Brewery Company.

The Stroh Brewery Company, circa 1864. 1899Ransom E. Shift change at the Ford factory in Detroit, circa 1910. Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math. Flanked by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep. John Boehner, President George Bush signs the No Child Left Behind Act in January 2002. (AP Photo) ( - In the Detroit public school district, 96 percent of eighth graders are not proficient in mathematics and 93 percent are not proficient in reading. That is according to the results of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress tests published by the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics. Only 4 percent of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient or better in math and only 7 percent in reading.

According to data published by the Detroit Public Schools, the school district’s operating expenses in the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2014 amounted to approximately $14,743 per student. Nationwide, only 33 percent of public-school eighth graders scored proficient or better in reading in 2015 and only 32 percent scored proficient or better in mathematics. Detroit, Michigan Population 2017, 2016. The Ruins Of Detroit Industry: Five Former Factories. Detroit Area Employment — September 2016 : Midwest Information Office : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. News Release Information 16-2019-CHIThursday, November 03, 2016 Job Growth Up 2.0 Percent Over the Year Total nonfarm employment in the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn Metropolitan Statistical Area stood at 1,985,600 in September 2016, up 39,600 or 2.0 percent over the year, the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. During the same period, the national job count increased 1.7 percent. Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations Charlene Peiffer noted that the Detroit metropolitan area has had over-the-year employment increases each month since June 2010. (See chart 1 and table 1; the Technical Note at the end of this release contains metropolitan area definitions.

The Detroit metropolitan area is made up of two metropolitan divisions—separately identifiable employment centers within the larger metropolitan area. Industry employment Professional and business services had the largest annual employment gain among Detroit’s supersectors, adding 18,400 jobs since September 2015. What Is Janesville, Wisconsin, Without General Motors? - The Atlantic. Vice President Mike Pence ended his sixth week in the White House last month by following House Speaker Paul Ryan to the small city in southern Wisconsin that is the speaker’s hometown.

When Pence arrived mid-morning in Janesville, Wisconsin, he met with a few local farmers and business owners. Before he left mid-afternoon, he got lunch at an Irish pub with photos of Ryan’s ancestors on the wall. And in between, he delivered a speech at the headquarters of Blain’s Farm & Fleet, a regional discount retailer that has been in the same family since the 1950s.

Speaking before 350 of the company’s employees, Pence extolled them as “the backbone of our economy, of our country” and said that “Janesville has almost taken on an epic quality in America because what works in Janesville will work for the American people.” In that speech, however, Pence omitted some significant facts. Janesville began turning out Chevrolets in 1923. They turned out to be wrong. GM has few legal options after Venezuela seizes plant. General Motors halted operations in Venezuela on Thursday after the car maker's plant in the country was seized by public authorities, the company said. Elissa Robinson/ DFP Venezuelan authorities suddenly seized a General Motors plant in Venezuela on Wednesday, forcing the company to halt its operations and leaving it with few legal options in a country marked by political and economic instability. The world's third-largest automaker assailed the takeover as an "illegal judicial seizure of its assets.

" "GM (Venezuela) strongly rejects the arbitrary measures taken by the authorities and will vigorously take all legal actions, within and outside of Venezuela, to defend its rights," the automaker said in a statement. But its legal recourse against the Venezuelan government is likely limited, said Peter Quinter, Miami-based chair of the law firm Gray Robinson's Customs and International Trade Law Group. Indeed, GM’s stock price rose 31 cents, or 0.9%, to close at $34.10 on Thursday. Employer Success Story: Detroit Manufacturing Systems | Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. In late Spring of 2012, Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS) Human Resources Director Rosemary Brewer was introduced to Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation President and CEO Pamela Moore. The introduction was made by Attorney and Detroit Workforce Development Board Member Al Nelson.

DMS was formed in 2012 as a joint venture between French auto supplier Faurecia and Rush Group, a longtime Ford supplier owned by Native American business woman Andra Rush. An initial meeting between DMS and DESC in June 2012 presented a stark challenge: Faced with a significant order for instrument panels for Ford vehicles, DMS needed to hire 500 skilled manufacturing employees for various union positions, and scaling this fast required the leveraging of partnerships that DMS did not have. DESC assessed potential candidates using a range of tests from reading comprehension and math skills to manual dexterity testing. Detroit Manufacturing Systems -- World-Class Automotive Supplier. Blssummary detroit. Detroit in bankruptcy: How did it happen? - Crain's Detroit Business. The city of Detroit, which for years paid its bills with borrowed money, is the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy protection.

Here's a look at how the city spiraled into financial ruin and why it's in so much trouble: For decades, Detroit paid its bills by borrowing money while struggling to provide the most basic of services for its residents. The city, which was about to default on a good chunk of its $14 billion-plus debt, now will get a second chance in a federal bankruptcy court-led restructuring. Detroit's budget deficit this year alone is estimated at $380 million, and Kevyn Orr, its state-appointed emergency manager, chose bankruptcy over diverting money from police, fire and other services to make debt payments.

The move conserves cash so the city can operate, but it will hurt Detroit's image for years. It also leaves creditors with pennies on the dollar and places in jeopardy the pension benefits of thousands of city retirees. It's a big factor. Maybe. Bankrupt, Decaying And Nearly Dead: 24 Facts About The City Of Detroit That Will Shock You. If you want to know what the future of America is going to be like, just look at the city of Detroit. Once upon a time it was a symbol of everything that America was doing right, but today it has been transformed into a rotting, decaying, post-apocalyptic hellhole.

Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, and in 1960 Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation. It was the greatest manufacturing city the world had ever seen, and the rest of the globe looked at Detroit with a sense of awe and wonder. But now the city of Detroit has become a bad joke to the rest of the world. Unemployment is rampant, 60 percent of the children are living in poverty and the city government is on the verge of bankruptcy. Back during the boom years, Detroit was known for making great cars. It’s hard to describe the city’s physical landscape without producing what Detroiters call “ruin porn.” So what caused the downfall of one of the greatest cities on earth? To Be Considered: The Remains of Detroit's Packard Motor Car Company.

When it opened in 1903, Packard's Detroit plant was the most advanced auto factory in the world. Designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn, the plant was located on a staggering 35 acres of land and boasted over 3.5 million square feet of space. It also was the first industrial site in Detroit to use reinforced concrete in its construction. The Packard Motor Car Company built an excellent reputation not only for innovation (introducing the modern steering wheel and 12 cylinder engine) but for luxury, attracting some of the wealthiest auto buyers across the world. During WWII, the Packard plant produced engines for P-51 Mustang fighter planes, but afterward their legacy as a status symbol was slowly diluted by their introduction of cars aimed more at the middle class. The Packard Motor Car Company is hard to fathom, even when one is inside of it.

What Packard lacks in terms of remaining untouched, it more than makes up for in scope. Fiat to buy full control of Chrysler - Jan. 1, 2014. The agreement comes more than 4-1/2 years after the Obama administration brought Fiat in to keep Chrysler in business as part of a packaged bankruptcy proceeding. In a statement, Fiat said it has agreed to pay $3.65 billion for the 41.46% of Chrysler it doesn't already own from the UAW's medical benefits trust for retirees. Fiat shares gained nearly 13% in Milan early Thursday to trade at €6.70, their highest level since July 2011. In addition to the deal, Chrysler will contribute $700 million to the benefits trust over a 4-year period.

For its part, the UAW has agreed to support the automaker's plans to roll out vehicles and will drop a Delaware court proceeding over options exercised by Fiat in the acquisition of Chrysler. Related: 2013: The year in cars The full takeover of Chrysler by Fiat means it will not have to go ahead with plans for an initial public offering of Chrysler stock, which had been set to take place in the first three months of 2014.