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Bas Jan Ader. Translate. Blade runner - fr. Artnet - The Art World Online. Cuisine Italienne Légumes. La Soci?t? de Curiosit?s. GOLDEN HOURS. DRAGONAUT.

Vidéos Pearltrees

Help. Artnet - The Art World Online. THEORY: "William Eggleston - Draft of a Presentation (2003)" William Eggleston: Draft of a Presentation By Thomas Weski It’s hard for me to describe the fascination that William Eggleston’s photographs exert on me.

THEORY: "William Eggleston - Draft of a Presentation (2003)"

DESSINS DE PRESSE -Chappatte. Galerie Patrick Seguin. Working from the postulate that there was no structural difference between a piece of furniture and a building, Jean Prouvé developed a “constructional philosophy” whose artifice-free aesthetic of functionality and fabrication applied the same principles to furnishings and architecture.

Galerie Patrick Seguin

First produced in small series in the 1930s, his structures were assembled and integrated with the aid of shrewdly designed systems for modification, dismantling and moving of both furniture and buildings.