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Ansal University

Established in 2012 under Haryana Private Universities Act 2006 with the motive to provide quality education across all the education domains. Engineering, Management, Law, Fashion designing to name few

Admission Guide & Helpline Engineering Colleges In India. Engineering colleges which started mushrooming in 1990s and beyond came up with effort and investments from private individuals and business groups as per the rules and guidelines of the UGC that could take students interested in various engineering courses and one of them with great importance namely Computer Science to fill up the demand created by new market for the software engineering in global markets.

Admission Guide & Helpline Engineering Colleges In India

Ansal University- Redefining Engineering. Ansal University, this name reminds us all of a big construction tycoon Ansal’s who has changed the face, of this part of land with his own vision & ideas.

Ansal University- Redefining Engineering

The Name stands firm and aside of all its conglomerates; same is true for this one, the University. Situated amidst the heart of the IT city Gurgaon, and under the foot hills of Aravali Range, this university is a colesque venture of art & science. This place offers a rich amalgamation of learning through education and life in its 15 square meters of prodigious campus.

Its colossal fame has its roots grubbed into the very existence of preeminent Sushant School of Architecture who has been no.1 private architectural institute in India since long and still it beholds that. Its School of Engineering & Technology has been amongst the top charters of GGSIPU –Delhi in providing the technical education par excellence. Come join Ansals and be something above ordinary. MBA in Applied Finance- Build a Successful Career in Financial Management. Globalization & Liberalization has brought dire changes, opportunities & hence challenges in the corporate environment.

MBA in Applied Finance- Build a Successful Career in Financial Management

Specialization has become the need of the hour. Globalized world economy, integrated markets and unbroken product innovation has created a need for finance professionals having insightful knowledge of financial concepts & their application. There is a clear gap between rapidly increasing demand and supply of ‘Adequately Equipped’ finance professionals from outside of the CA/CMA and top MBA (Finance) candidates. The BFSI sector in India is divergent and contributes notably to the growth and development of the country. It currently contributes around 6% to the country’s GDP. Thus, this huge untapped market offers enormous opportunities for the BFSI players to capitalize on. Which Undergraduate Classes Should I Take Before Law Education in India?

Someone Somehow somewhere paints the canvas of our life and decides the stretch of afterlife.

Which Undergraduate Classes Should I Take Before Law Education in India?

But the truth that floats pretty much in our conscience as reality is that we all live once, we all die once and in these few years of our limited visit we endure to do everything in hand and power to make most of our time. On that note, the question of a decent choice in career is a significant dodge. Well not that I have known or come across anything else so far, everybody identifies a vision or a purpose to live by the time they step into the phase of adolescence. But how far does fanciful thinking really help. Motivation undeniably helps us to set our minds to something and make a bees line towards it. Coming to think of that our brains are fairly binary. The moment we are exposed to more complex choices we choke upon our own spit. Once through with the initial thoughts wrestle as regards what goals to perceive, which career to pursue, the path comes to be as the biggest hurdle. Introducing Law to Freshman Students: The First Impression is the Last Impression.

Law as a course to be taught at the undergraduate level has historically been labeled as a ‘dry’, ‘boring’ area devoid of practical importance.

Introducing Law to Freshman Students: The First Impression is the Last Impression

This intellectual burden which was no less than a calumny heaped on the subject has shaped the outlook of legal education in India for ages now. Formulation of syllabus and course structure was done keeping in mind the interest of the faculty members and institutional recruitments rather than the passions and career aspiration of students. This naturally led to the impersonalization of the pedagogical methodology employed in teaching budding lawyers leading to an aversion towards the study of law and a systematic decline in the standards of legal instruction across the board. How to Choose Best Engineering College Delhi NCR, India. College life plays a very important role in shaping your career and future life.

How to Choose Best Engineering College Delhi NCR, India

A large number of students in India opt Engineering as their carrier option every year. However, following factor should be taken into consideration before joining an engineering college. Faculty & Teaching Methodology: Best Engineering College has faculties having rich experience. Apart from experienced and well qualified faculty, teaching methodology makes the faculty easily approachable to the students. Teaching methodology is a way of imparting education to achieve desired learning in students. Infrastructure: College is a second home for students and every student look forward to have wonderful college life. Location: Apart from faculty & infrastructure, location of an institute matters a lot. Importance of MBA Program to Build a Career. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft) andAmancio Ortega (Zara) are a few college drop outs who made it big, but not all of us are like them.

Importance of MBA Program to Build a Career

For us, education is all we have and hence dropping out isn’t an option. For us, our basic undergraduate degree isn’t sufficient enough to give a boost to our career and it is imperative to do an MBA to get that extra mileage. . An MBA degree isn’t an obstacle but an assured reason for career progression. An MBA degree is not only a career augmenter but also a tool to bring in a career shift. MBA, Masters of Business Administration, is not just a trend anymore. Top business schools in India offer MBA programmes in different specializations like Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM), Finance and Accounting, Operations Management and many others.