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Part of the experience of being 'a fan' is altering your own environment to reflect that. Posters and wall art are always possibilities, but toys and collectibles are more lasting choices.

Given the fact that no one needs to license Grahame's characters anymore, so there isn't a driving force behind the commercialisation of the works, the collectible and toy market is much less saturated that for other, more 'profitable' books like Harry Potter. While the book was adapted by Disney, that was so long ago that even the mega-corporation doesn't produce memorabilia anymore (only the DVD's are available on the Disney store website). In many ways, given the values of home, family, and friendship in the novel and its setting in a simpler time and place, it seems appropriate that most of the toys and collectibles are (or must be) hand-made.

Mr Toad Mr Mole and Ratty Wind in the Willows Waldorf by SooSun.

Child friendly toys of the novel's characters are actually quite hard to find. These adorable little felted characters are perfect for imaginary play. While the absence of Badger seems a problem at first, as the dominant voice of reason in the book, it would give children a perfect opportunity to 'play parent' and take on his role. – anonytw33t

Exclusive Wind in the Willows Merchandise from the River & Rowing Museum. The shop at the River & Rowing Museum offers a wide selection of gifts and souvenirs related to Henley, the River Thames and Rowing.

For me, to key to any real 'fan' experience is being able to get t-shirts and other wearabiles to display your love for the work to the public. It starts conversations with other fans and helps to generally spread the love for the work. Clothing for this novel, however, is actually very hard to find, at least through Internet sources, so this museum, with its gallery devoted to the novel AND exclusive merchandise, is precisely the type of place I would plan to visit on holiday. – anonytw33t

We have souvenirs to suit all pockets, including a wide selection of books for adults and children Collections designed exclusively for the Museum include Raul Dufy’s Lovely Henley Regatta prints and greeting cards Jan Siberecht’s ‘Henley from the Wargrave Road’ stationary collection.

Exclusive Wind in the Willows Merchandise from the River & Rowing Museum

Back in stock – Silk Scarf depicting John Piper’s “Landscape of the Two Seasons” This scarf was designed and made in the UK exclusively for the River & Rowing Museum to celebrate the exciting Mural which hangs here. Wild Bird Care An amazing selection of bird seed, nuts, suet cake and dried mealworm, especially chosen by us to attract Robins, Blackbirds, Great Tits, Starlings and many other species. Bird Feeders for windows and Garden along with the ever popular Squirrel Proof range of Feeders. Rewind ! What have you got ? Paula Bolton Jewellery Ronin Jewellery. Kindle Cover Wind in the Willows Book Cover by MarstonBindery.

The problem with ereaders is the fact that no one can tell what you're reading. Granted, some may see that as a benefit, but it drastically reduces the opportunities to strike up conversations with other readers. People using this Kindle cover may not be actively reading the novel, but it would help fans to identify each other and encourage contact. – anonytw33t

Mole Marionette Wind in the Willows by ofMiceandMarionettes.

This certainly isn't cheap, but if you're a fan of the novel, and more importantly a marionette enthusiast, this would be lovely way to bring the character to life and allow users to replay the events of the book, or make up their own stories for the characters. – anonytw33t

Badger Marionette Wind in the Willows by ofMiceandMarionettes. Ratty Marionette Wind in the Willows by ofMiceandMarionettes. Made to Order Mr. Toad Marionette Wind in by ofMiceandMarionettes. The Wind In The Willows Bookends. WetaDollars: You can earn 39.90 Weta Dollars!

There's something entirely appropriate about having literary characters prop up other books on your shelves. These are an understated way for a reader to profess their love for the characters and to have visual reminders of their beloved book. – anonytw33t

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The Wind In The Willows Bookends

Edition Size: Dimensions: 9.8" x 18.1" x 5.9" (H x W x D)25 cm x 46 cm x 15 cm Weight: 11.0 lbs (5.0 kg) The Mole, Ratty, Mr Badger and Mr Toad. Kenneth Graham's tale of adventure and friendship between the anthropomorphised animal characters is a classic. Director Ray Griggs and it is his company, RG Entertainment have commissioned Weta to sculpt and distribute these wonderful bookends from The Wind in the Willows. On one side, Ratty and Mole on a jetty by the river, fishing and reading Moby Dick. On the other Mr Badger and Mr Toad in Mr Badger's parlour, Mr Toad still holding the steering wheel from his freshly wrecked motorcar. Sculpted by Weta sculptors Johnny Fraser-Allen and Gary Hunt. Edition Size: 500.