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X-Men Hero: Cyclops. X-Men Movieverse Fan Fiction. X-Men Slash Central - Archive. Welcome to the fanfic!

X-Men Slash Central - Archive

Please note that all of the stories archived here have m/m or f/f relationships featured in them, and some have some het (f/m) content as well. Some of these stories are explicit in nature and are not suitable for minors. So, if you are under 18 or this is illegal in your country, please TURN BACK NOW. Everyone else - welcome to the archive! All stories are arranged alphabetically, whether it be by Title or by the Author's name.

In the cases where the author would prefer that their email address is not made public, please send the feedback to me and I will forward it to the author. X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central. Partners - Cable and Domino Fan Fiction. Partners - Cable and Domino fic 3 AM (Cosmic) (G) Domino gets a phone call at a truly ungodly hour...

Partners - Cable and Domino Fan Fiction

Property Damage - X-Force Fan Fiction. Property damage: x-force xmen | cyke/logan | dayspring | misc | xforce | all | shadowlands | alicia | duey | dandelion | dex | imho | pantheon | hfps | praise | gallery | felicitas Welcome to Property Damage, an archive of stories about the original 'second generation of the X'.

Property Damage - X-Force Fan Fiction

X-Force has always been the 'hard-luck kid' of the X-titles, shuffled through more creative teams than you can count and finally (as of 2001) 'cancelled' and replaced by another, completely unrelated team in the name of creative experimentation. This archive represents something of a "history" of X-Force in fanfiction as it was before the title's transformation in 2001. Kitty/Lance Fanfiction archive. Rebel With a Cause » a Lance and Kitty fansite. Welcome to the revolution Welcome to Rebel With a Cause, one of the newest Lance/Kitty fansites to be found on the world wide web.

Rebel With a Cause » a Lance and Kitty fansite

Dedicated to the adorable modern Romeo and Juliet couple of the WB Kids show X-Men: Evolution, this is indeed a relationshippers page, but it's my perogative to offer more than that over the long run. There're decent quality screen-shots capped by yours truly available along with some hard-to-find images of the cast, fanfiction, news and more. So without further ado... site updates 08|27|03 Well, 4 months and a year older, I've finally found the time to get back on track and start work on this site again. Links have been updated - a few new additions and a few URL changes (most notably for Cryptic Darkness). The image galleries have three new images added and finally, the fan art has a new gorgeous bit by Erin added.

Now work on the fans commences. The Rictor and Shatterstar Page. Brought together by a common dream, Rictor and Shatterstar quickly entered into the most ambiguous relationship in the Marvel X-Books.

The Rictor and Shatterstar Page

Hinted at being more than mere friends, Marvel says they're not together. So where does the truth lie? [here] updated 07 March 2001 Some stories and art on this page contain situations of an adult nature. [leave] This page was created on 2 May 2000. Strange Luck - Domino Fan Fiction. Strange Luck: Domino fic A Little Dream (Diamonde) (PG) Domino reflects on where her life has taken her, and where to go from here...

Strange Luck - Domino Fan Fiction

A Mother's Pain (Indy) (PG) Domino is reunited with her daughter, five years after she had mysteriously disappeared. And Oranges (A.j.) Welcome to the WRFA. Mooksville Archive. The Ultimate Community For X-men Fans! Cyclops stories. X-Men Slash Central! The Shifting Sands X-Men Fanfiction Archive Index Page. I have my document publishing solution!

The Shifting Sands X-Men Fanfiction Archive Index Page

It hasn't been implemented for Shifting Sands yet; currently it's being used in development for Mark Two of my Magneto site, Asteroid A. That's going to be a big, big project... and Shifting Sands is going to be bigger. So I need volunteers! The new platform has the ability to allow other people to log in as editors. I would like to sign up people who are willing to move files from the Shifting Sands site to a new development site. I will also need some permanent editors to add to the site; once I have the whole thing moved over to a content publishing application, I'll start being more aggressive about recruiting new stories. Finally, I'd like you to send me some pictures. In the meantime, I will be doing small updates when I can, try to get through the backlog, and I'll announce when the development site is ready for volunteers to help me transfer stories to. Current backlog status: I have no idea. See you again soon! Alara Rogers.

Fandoms: X-Men (movie) Generation neXt. To the visitors of Generation neXt: Well, it's been more than seven years now since I opened up this site.

Generation neXt

When I first started, I was only in the sixth grade, and now I'm a freshman in college. I still remember how absolutely crappy that original version was. Honestly, the only thing that's still the same is the name and the topic: Generation X. I loved Generation X a lot. It's about to be 2004, and here I am, finally closing down my site. The site will remain online; I have no plans to shut it down. Pryde&Wisdom/Excalibur (and more) Fan-Fiction. Wolverine & Rogue. The X-Men Movieverse: Stories.