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The NCIS Fanfiction Awards. I am meekosan and I will be heading up the Tony/Ziva pairings, Best Gen, and Best Rare (Het) Pairings.

The NCIS Fanfiction Awards

I apologize for the tardiness but technical difficulties kept me from getting them up with the others of the lovely moderation group. This is where you post your nominations for BEST RARE PAIRING. If you want to nominate stories for other pairings, go to this post to find the correct entry. Please read the rules before nominating a story. The categories you can nominate fics in are: • Best romance• Best angst• Best hurt/comfort• Best humor• Best AU/what if/fantasy• Best post-ep/missing scene/episode tag• Best first time• Best established relationship• Best PWP• Best drabble stories can be 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 words; must be exactly that number of words• Best other Please use the following template Header (copy and paste): <b>Category:</b><b>Title:</b><b>Author:</b><b>Author's email:</b><b>Rating:</b><b>Link to story:</b> All comments are screened.

Please read the rules before voting. Kew121 - NCIS Fic Recs List. A compilation of my very favorite NCIS fanfic.

kew121 - NCIS Fic Recs List

This page was last updated on April 11, 2012. If you like any of the fic you find here, please let the author know by reviewing! Even if it was written several years ago, I'm sure it would brighten the author's day to know that someone is still reading and appreciating his or her story. For more reading material, check out the "weekly recs" tag in my journal or the weeklyrecs archive for more NCIS fanfiction I've been enjoying. Jump to a section:GenMcGee/AbbyZiva/GibbsTony/ZivaGibbs/JennyTony/GibbsGibbs/AbbyTony/McGeeZiva/JennyThreesomesNotes Gen return to navigation "Ten Nonlinear Moves" by Sequitur ( sequitur_fic)[PG, ensemble, set post-3x24 "Hiatus (Part 2)", ~3,100 words, livejournal link] Summary: Tony doesn't become team leader overnight.

KEW note: Just a really, really good and funny look at how the team coped when Tony took over for Gibbs. "One Less" by joykatleen[T, Gibbs, ensemble, casefile, ~200,000 words] "On the Outside" by Sashile ( Ncis_fic_rec - Profile. Ncis fan fiction - recommendations by allaire mikháil. NCIS Fan Fiction Reccomendations. Schmaltzy - NCIS Fanfiction Recs. Ncisficfind: Looking for Gibbs/DiNozzo Fic Recs. Whispered Words [ Slash recommendations database ] NCIS Recs: Slash - Gibbs/DiNozzo  NCIS Fanfic Recs : Slash : Gibbs/DiNozzo ## favorites | ### top ten » 12 Hours by Bj Jones [Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to DiNozzo/OFC’s.]

NCIS Recs: Slash - Gibbs/DiNozzo 

[R.] [First or Second Season TWT. slash. humor. romance. coffee addiction.] [complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,900 words.] [Gibbs takes his yearly physical is hell for everyone.] » All That Was Missing by kuyashinaki ## [Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [complete.] [1 part.] [~ 4,400 words.] [“Tony remembers something Jethro once said.”] » "Andy" by Xanthe ## [developing Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to past Gibbs/Shannon and OMC’s/ DiNozzo.] [complete.] [6 parts.] [~ 47,200 words.] [“When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to go on an emotional journey and face up to the events of a time long past.”]

[Here’s an image of Andy, provided by Xanthe. » Boats by Xanthe ## [Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,300 words.] [“Gibbs explains his choice to Tony. » Brain on Gibbs by Spikedluv. FanficRecs/NCIS. FanficRecs/NCIS.