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Slash/Yaoi (MxM) NC-17 ADULT. Mpreg. BCW Home Page. Help me, fannish hivebrain. It's easy enough to find fic in any given fandom, but let's say I want to find the best fanfic that shows a certain trope or kink.

Help me, fannish hivebrain

How would I go about finding it? For bonus points, once I find it, how can I cut down the list of resulting fics to just those in fandoms I'm familiar with? (Not a single fandom, but I want to be able to skip the *completely* unknown ones.) Here are the things I thought of so far: AO3: using the freeform tag cloud, I can find a list of fics that hit that trope/kink and sort by hits, like this list of AMTDI fics, but I can't constrain by fandoms I know. Fanlore: Worth checking to see if the trope/kink is listed there. Delicious: Easy to find fic with a certain tag through though if your tag is not so fandom-specific, you might want to constrain to eg. Dreamwidth: May as well try the journal search here. Kink_finders, the_rec_room, or fanficfinder, where you ask for what you're looking for (as specifically as possible) and people respond with suggestions/recs.

Ashlyn's World. Table of Contents. Athea's Slash I believe in love and tenderness in all its forms.

Table of Contents

I also love kindness, especially to those who irritate you the most. And if world peace could be achieved by writing about it then I would sit down and start. The Greek myths are in the public domain. Anyone can write about them and these are my versions. **Remember that some of these stories have same-sex couplings** Anne Higgins. The characters do not belong to Anne Higgins, she simply borrows them from their respective owners and then gives them back after she's done.

Anne Higgins

If you'd like to link to Anne's page please only link to the warning page. Please note that all fiction on this website is for personal use only. None of it may be archived without the express permission of the author. Fiction | Batman | Enterprise | JAG | Lord of The Rings | Man from U.N.C.L.E. | Miscellaneous Fandoms | Smallville | Star Wars: The Phantom Menace | The Professionals | Other Pages | All About Anne | Links | Recommendations | Updates | Join Anne's mailing list Click to subscribe to annehiggins <a href=" target="_top"><img src=" alt="" border="0" /></a> If you find any broken links, please email the webmistress. Barbarienne's Fanfic Page.

Barbarienne's Fanfic Page Eventually I'll have fanfic here for all my favourite shows - Sentinel, Due South, Professionals, Quantum Leap etc.

Barbarienne's Fanfic Page

Well except for Babylon 5, I don't write Bab5 fic, I don't read Bab5 fic and I'm not putting any here! Right this is the bit where I warn you what to expect. The fic on these pages is mainly slash, that is it involves loving relationships between two people who just happen to be the same gender, in this case male. If this offends, irritates or upsets you in any way, don't read it.

Some of the fanfic is temporarily down, notably the non-slash Profiler as I finally got around to finishing it and it's being checked. Throughout the fanfic pages you'll see these links : This will take you to the main page of Barbarienne's web domain. This will bring you back here (if you were on the main page in a fandom) or to the main page in a fandom (if you were on a story) And this is how you contact me.

There will also be links as soon as I get around to it. My Beliefs. Index. Help me, fannish hivebrain. Welcome to Belle Bayard's Bayou. The Library. Evermore's Archives Pull up a chair, read a while.....

The Library

Updated January 24, 2000. "Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become real... " "It doesn't happen all at once. -- From The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco. I think that covers my feelings pretty well. The General Fiction The Crossovers The Adult Fiction.