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Prussian and Cobalt. Tamahome, wo ai ni.

Prussian and Cobalt

Not much of an update, just fixing broken links. A Guide to Prussian and Cobalt For the newbies, this site focuses on Shonen Ai and Yaoi If you didn't know this, I am not sure how you got in, but I will explain anyway. Yaoi stands for Yama-nashi, Ochi-nashi Imi-nashi, meaning, without climax, without conclusion and without content. This is often associated (especially in anime) with two males making out. Shonen Ai is a lesser form of this, and mainly, the Shonen Ai form is what is focused on this site. Search by Tags » DHML. ↑ Return to Fanfiction Search by Tags Important!

Search by Tags » DHML

Use these to search for category and warning tags on the archive. All of the items matching the chosen category will be retrieved in date order starting with the most recent. At the moment they can not be searched in combinations. 1st Person POV1x2x1Abuse Action/AdventureAddictionAdult ThemesAngstAUBDSMBondageCanonChallengeCharacter DeathCrossdressingCrossoverDarkDom/SubDramaEpisode RelatedEstablished RelationshipFirst TimeHolidaysHomicideHorrorHumorHurt/ComfortIncestKinkMPregOCOOCOther PairingsPre-SlashPWPRomanceSchoolSongFicSuicideSupernaturalViolence Recent Posts Recent Comments Upcoming Events. Shinigami & wing - a gundam wing 1X2/2X1 site. Moments of Rapture Links. If you'd like to link to Moments of Rapture, please use one of these banners, made by Misao-chan: The following are links to sites that are exclusively 1x2x1, or that contain a lot of 1x2x1 content.

Moments of Rapture Links

Japanese Language Sites: Gundam Wing art on Pixiv→ Link to the general Gundam Wing tag on Cyberproject → Possibly the most well-known Japanese 1x2x1 art site, featuring the art of Yuuma Kamibata. English Language Sites: A Little Piece of Gundam Wing → Dacia's Duo-centric site, featuring lots of 1x2x1 → The best online resource for everything related to Gundam Wing. The following are links to mailing lists that are exclusively 1x2x1-centric: 1x2ML → The biggest pairing-specific ML for the entire GW fandom.1x2ML-Fic → The fiction-only mirror of the 1x2ML.1x2x1ML → The 1x2x1 Mailing List. The following are links to Live Journal communities that are exclusively 1x2x1-centric: The following are links to doujinshi related sites: 1x2x1 Gundam Wing Fanfiction Recommendations. And it's sequel Something More, along with the completely unrelated fic the Graduation Processional, are all by Bianca and Ariana.

1x2x1 Gundam Wing Fanfiction Recommendations

All three take place in schools during or after the war, and all of them are superbly written and fun to read. Check them out @ gwaddiction or A Class Act by Alana Winters is a very well written AU. It starts at a class reunion, where Duo sees his ex boyfriend Heero for the first time in years. They left off on a sour note, and try to make amends.

A Few of my Favorite Things and Plight of the Unicorn by Cloudy Daze are both fics set in completely engaging fantasy worlds. Foray into Darkness and its sequel My Boyfriend the Vampire by Demonflower are, respectively, very sexy and humorously quirky. Starting Over by Belladonna is a wonderful fic where Heero becomes a prostitute after the war. Flying Away: 1x2x1 Community. Firedancer's Gundam Wing Fanfiction. Reishin's corner of insanity. Scathed Light. I've decided that this should be a peice on why I love this pairing.

Scathed Light

I originally starting watching GWing before it came to American television. I liked Heero and Duo right from the moment. Part of my appeal for them is despite their lithe appearances, both of them are trained, and strong. My appeal to heero is his resistance to pain, and how eaisly he'll toss his life for his cause. The fact that Heero shows so little emotion, also means that when he does show it, it's pretty important.

My appeal to Duo is that even though he and Heero are in the exact same situation, he chooses to handle it with jokes, and smiles. Their personalities make them the perfect match, and my all time favorite Yaoi couple. Duo and Heero for Eternity. Bitter-sweet, Heero's POV, an inside look at why Heero treats Duo the way he does. language, one-shot. [ One Day ] Sequal to Method Behind the Madness.

Heero takes action to redeem himself before its too late. language, violence, one-shot, ... and something else I may have fogotten (on purpose) but may be very important }:) Mwu ha. [ Marital Bliss] Saph's Site. Welcome to Becca Abbott's page. Wonder why I haven't updated this site in a over year?

Welcome to Becca Abbott's page

I've been writing a novel for Yaoi House LLC. It's finished (finally!) And is available for preorder! Information on ordering and a sample chapter are available at If you skipped the warning page, please be advised that everything on these pages should be considered NC-17. Please do not link to this page, or any pages other than the warning page. The non-anime fic is located on the main index page. WildflowerIt's two years after Endless Waltz and Duo Maxwell is in big trouble. Wildflower 2: White RoseWhile Duo struggles to put his life back together, Heero has problems of his own. Wildflower 3: PromisesHeero and Duo are on the lam, pursued by police and corporate thugs. Wildflower 4: ReflectionsMDI may have made a deal with Zechs Merquise that freed Heero from their clutches. Wildflower Interlude: The Seduction of Chang Wufei Since the death of his young wife, Chang Wufei assumed that his road through life would be walked alone.