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Top 30 Ajax Interview Questions : Coding Tag

Every user wants easy navigation, interactive environment, Dynamic, Compact technology. Knowledge of AJAX is mandatory for every developer to develop interactive applications. Coding Tag provides you Ajax interview Questions with every basic concept of AJAX selected from different JQUERY AJAX and JavaScript tutorials and assists you to crack a developer interview. 1) Name the technologies AJAX comprises of? Javascript, XML, CSS, JSON, PHP, DOM and <html>HTML and CSS are used as Client Side.JavaScript is used to send a request.XML act as request formats and PHP is used for the server-side.

Ajax Stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. You can request multiple requests Simultaneously. Read more 3) List some live examples of AJAX? Following are AJAX examples: Google Search: When we try to search in the live search engine, the suggested words are due to Ajax Technology. YouTube Search Engine. Google Map. real-time examples abort() No. Easy PHP Tutorial for Beginners and Experts. In this Course, we will go through PHP core concepts and all compulsory topics for the starter through which they can learn PHP online, understand the logic behind each topic through examples and become master on it.

Lets start with introduction of PHP PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) is a widely-used open source, general-purpose scripting language that is particularly suitable for web development. It's free to download and ease to use. This server side language was developed by "Rasmus Lerdorf" which acts as an open source technology. To describe a php page we have to put file extension .php and if we make use of latest software's like dreamweaver or notepad plus, they will auto create .php extension. A PHP script starts with <? Top 50 HTML Interview Questions. After study, the toughest stage is how to crack an interview. Going for a job interview make us feel like we are back in school examination.

In interview, our job is to show our hidden talent and convince a recruiter that we have a required talent. For this, we have limited time to provide true representation of our skills, experience, and knowledge to recruiters. To impress a recruiter, we have discussed top html interview questions that are listed below: 1. It consists with some syntax and code words same as like other computer languages. 2. Why SSL Certificate is Important for E-commerce Websites. SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard technology used for maintaining secure internet connection and protection against hacking. In this blog, you will really get all relevant information regarding why SSL is important and how it protects from hackers. Before we start SSL, let's start a discussion with trending confusion HTTPs is there on some website and why it is absent on some website.

We are familiar with a protocol named as HTTP, which acts a way to communicate between server and browsers. When we are traveling data through HTTP protocol in a plain text, it become insecure, hackers can easily modify data as we are using insensitive data such as credit cards information on websites. This information need to be secured /encrypted. HTTP's HTTP's is a secure protocol used between browser and webserver i.e. entire interactions are encrypted. How to enable HTTPs? To enable HTTPS, the first task is to choose and purchase the best SSL certificate as per your website requirement. Top 30 SQL Interview Questions : Coding Tag. SQL is probably used for database interaction and management.

Top 30 SQL Interview Questions : Coding Tag

Nowadays, SQL skills are essential for getting jobs, especially in the web development field. In this blog, I am going to introduce a set of SQL interview questions to cope up with the growing competition in IT markets. Let's Continue !! Top 30 CSS Interview Questions. Coding Tag provides you most essential CSS interview questions and answers. These questions will definitely inspire and increase student's confidence level.

Just go through these selective CSS interview questions before facing any job interview and to make a good impression. These questions are in simple languages that within one read, you can remember all the basic concepts. 1. Online Tutorial. See some famous examples of Open Source Software are listed below: Accounting: In this field, you can find out various open source software such as SQL-Ledger (accounting system). Antivirus: In this field, users can find the open source ClamAV software and use it simply. Databases: In this field, users can access some software such as LDAP, MySQL (database), PostgreSQL (relational database with the ability to do stored procedures). Technical Interview Questions.

1) What are the different methods used for attaining concurrency in iOS? The three different methods to attain concurrency in iOS are: a) Threads. Top Python Interview Questions. Are you also looking for a career in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, or Python coding; then you must be preparing for or have already lined up some interviews. As an initiative to help you through the preparation, we have prepared a list of Python Interview Questions including all the major concepts such as Python features, applications, operators, and many more. 1) What is Python Programming? Python is a high-level scripting language that is object-oriented, interpreted and highly readable. Python instills automatic memory management and can be run equally on multiple OS and platforms. The language is mainly used for website development, software development, and system scripting. 2) State some of the applications of Python.

Top 30 Ajax Interview Questions : Coding Tag. Top 30 SEO Interview Questions : Coding Tag. If you have a technical mind and marketing skill, SEO is a very good career option for you. There are large opening for SEO but they want the best student to grow their company. To prepare for SEO interview, Coding Tag provides you with the SEO interview questions and answers to display your marketing skills to the interviewer. 1.

Top 30 Perl Interview Questions : Coding Tag. Coding Tag offers you the PERL interview questions with a detailed explanation of every section covering PERL language basics that are required before facing a PERL developer interview. 1) PERL stands for? Practical Extraction and Report Language 2) Who Developed the PERL language? Larry Wall 3) What is PERL? Perl is the most prominent interpreted open source programming language containing a wide range of libraries, programmers, and resources used for various tasks related to web development, system administration, network programming, GUI development, report language, practical extraction, and other bulk text processing tasks.

Top 30 Perl Interview Questions. Ethical Hacking Interview Questions. 1) What is Hacking? Hacking is to access someone system for commercial or personal benefits without his/her Permission. In other words, hacking is a Digitized theft.