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Dial Up numbers

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Back to Basics: Using dial up internet. Ok, it may sound crazy but I think I found a possible solution to connect to the internet even through the cut off. The solution is by going back to the basics, So instead of connecting to the local Egyptian ISPs (Internet Service Providers) we will try to by pass it and connect to REMOTE free ones via the phone network. We will utilize the same way that was used in the past, when the internet was provided through dial-up connections and 0777 numbers.

I will try to make this post as simple as possible and in simple non-scientific terms and step by step which I tried myself. Normally in dial-up your computer connect to the local ISP and then establish a connection then you can send and recieve data through the phone line to and from the provider. This is the fuzzzy sound we hear when we pick up the phone on someone who is connected to the internet. Landline dialup #2 #3. Landline dialup #1.

Low Cost Dial Up Internet Service - Access Number Search. An access number is the phone number that your computer dials to connect to the Internet.

Low Cost Dial Up Internet Service - Access Number Search

We have local access numbers in the U.S., Canada, and across the globe. Use one of the forms below to search for an access number now. To download a text file of all of our access numbers for off-line use click download. Determining if an Access Number is Local Access numbers work exactly the same way as any other number you dial on the telephone. If you use a long distance access number then your phone company or the hotel operator will bill you for the call the same way they would for any other long distance phone call. Modempools.