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Anny Smith

Anny Smith is a professional Tech Business Analyst, working for which is a leading Software Development Company. She loves Python, HTML, JavaScript, Android, Flutter, PHP and talking about code. She is most interested in the intersection of code and art. Her hobbies is to meet new people, sharing and gaining coding skills.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India and Offshore Development. Here, I, being a software & technology consultant, am going to explain the major benefits of outsourcing to India and offshoring rather than a dedicated captive center.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India and Offshore Development

Budding business can save their time and efforts by offshoring their projects to companies and agencies. So, let’s look at the advantages resulting from outsourcing and offshore development. 7 Benefits of Outsourcing and Offshore Development to India 1. 9 Top Laravel Web Application Development Companies - Best Reviews. Do you want a Laravel developer or a development company in India to create a web application with the Laravel PHP framework?

9 Top Laravel Web Application Development Companies - Best Reviews

Cool, here we have listed the 9 top Laravel Development companies based on the reviews, ratings and hourly rates. Today, it is very important for businesses to maintain a web presence to win the market competition. Therefore, holding a solid grasp in web development is a major concern for businesses. To obtain reliable and efficient web solutions, PHP frameworks have been considered most promising. Laravel is a very popular open-source PHP framework that makes web development highly flexible.

Developers around the world have appreciated this PHP framework for its MVC structure and robustness. 1. It is one of the most admired and cherished IT outsourcing companies in India. With a task force of more than 600 designers, developers, and testers, the company has successfully completed more than 4,200 projects. Clutch Rating: 5.0/5.0 2. Clutch Rating: 4.8/5.0 3. 4. 5. Top Mobile Apps Company In India & US SMEs & Enterprises. Are you hunting for an Android App Development Company in India?

Top Mobile Apps Company In India & US SMEs & Enterprises

Are you seeking a company that offers you the best solution at the best price? A thousand-and-thousands of companies in India offer mobile app development services, but choosing one is tough. To help you come out from this situation, I will list top mobile app development companies offering a solution on almost all the latest platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, etc.

Top 10 Android App Development Companies in Dubai-SoftwareFirms. Almost and always it is the Android Mobiles and Apps that are mostly preferred within mobile users for enlivening and excel with the current technological advancements in Dubai.

Top 10 Android App Development Companies in Dubai-SoftwareFirms

It is no exaggeration that many Android App development companies have started working towards building apps integrated with a variety of mobile gaming developments. Further, a lot of companies are finding it difficult and struggling to hire a professional development team of Android App Developers in Dubai for their projects. Find the world’s best Software development company. Top 10 Tools for Startups. If you’re thinking of launching a startup or starting a new business, then it can be really challenging.

Top 10 Tools for Startups

It requires a lot of effort, proper planning, and commitment. Most startups, around 90% of them, fail within their initial period. 5 Tips Every Business Leaders Should Consider to Going Forward. The outbreak of the deadly virus (COVID-19) in 2020 has forced people to quarantine and work from their homes.

5 Tips Every Business Leaders Should Consider to Going Forward

The continuous rise in the number of infections is not only harming human life but businesses are also getting affected badly. The current situation is overpowering the business leaders to change the working models to protect industries’ values. But to discover the right method which aligns with your business culture and employee needs, you need to move forward. 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools - List of BI Software in 2021 Reviews. Do really Business Intelligence Tools are worth it at the workplace?

10 Best Business Intelligence Tools - List of BI Software in 2021 Reviews

Will these tools going to help in nurturing business growth? Let’s find it out.. Every business wants to stay ahead and desires to make their own space in a competitive world. 10 Proven Ways to Cut Cost in Business - Cost Reduction Strategies 2021. The straight thought that comes in mind while listening to ‘cost-cutting’, is directly related to how to reduce costs in the workplace.

10 Proven Ways to Cut Cost in Business - Cost Reduction Strategies 2021

Today, some of the biggest challenges company’s owners are facing are money management, balancing quality, uncertainty, growth, and much more. Whether we are an entrepreneur or owner of an established company, each of us needs strong cash flow. Top 20 Web Development Companies in India and USA for Startups. 9 Tips to Rank Higher on Google Using Effective SEO Techniques in 2021. What should you do for a better ranking on google?

9 Tips to Rank Higher on Google Using Effective SEO Techniques in 2021

How to rank higher on Google? If you are stuck with these types of questions. Do worry, Here’s the solution! …. I am gonna take you through a step-by-step SEO strategy to rank on the first page of Google. There are almost 3.5 billion searches or even more on Google each day. Source. An Era of Digital Transformation in 2021. “Traditional Marketing is a Thing of Past; Content Marketing is Here to Stay.”

An Era of Digital Transformation in 2021

It’s not a mystery anymore that the influence of traditional marketing strategies is gradually diminishing. As a result, businesses are making considerable investments in running content marketing campaigns. But, have you ever thought that why it has become so mandatory? 5 Greatest Business Leaders Who Changed World's Perspective. ‘’When it comes to business scenarios, the presence of business leaders’ encourage us to make our future much better. ‘’ Would you like to know – ‘How’? Great leaders know how to boost the morale of their employees.A leader’s presence gives positive vibes even in a hard time.They guide their subordinates- how to be happy and confident enough to face the challenges.Leaders are the ladder to meet your goals.They teach us how to save money and use them in a more productive way. Top 12 Google Web Design & Development Tools for Development in 2021.

Are you looking for Google web design tools? If yes, keep your eyes on and scroll down to grab the right information. Today we’re going to give you a whirlwind tour of tips and tricks for making your website fast. So let’s start…. 1. Top 30 Profitable Business Ideas to Kick Start Your Own Business in 2021. ‘You see, you don’t decide your future. Most importantly, it’s your habits and ideas that decide your future.’ This means the ultimate business success is with great Business ideas. The fundamental question that stuck to everyone’s mind while beginning a startup- what makes some people more successful than others? Are they following the passion, or are they following the trends? A Complete List of Tools You Need for Your Business in 2021. Do you know what the secret of success is? It is discovering the mysteries of growth! And here the secret is to stay digitally active!

Yes, business owners with enthusiasm to decipher the technological transformation get an advantage over their peers. They do not break down walls or move mountains for positioning their company on a rollercoaster ride. The tech-savvy business marketers take benefit of a plethora of business tools available in the market for effortlessness, higher productivity, and business expansion. Top 12 In-Demand DevOps Skills in 2021: Must-have. 7 Best Web Development Frameworks To Leverage In 2021 - DEV. Which business doesn't need a website today? Currently, both small and large businesses have an earnest desire to expand over the internet, as a huge customer base is accessible over the web. Top 5 Online eCommerce Platforms For 2021. Top 5 eCommerce Platforms to Power Your Online Business. eCommerce platforms allow startups, SMEs and large enterprises to build their own online store without any coding skills at an affordable budget.

How much cost it takes to create a website/app like WhiteHat Jr? Glean Insight into Startup Idea of WhiteHat Jr & Cost of Development. As E-learning is becoming popular among both students and parents, We have seen another intense outbreak of learning coding among students. Key Highlights Of The Google Chrome 2020 Update. Also, users no longer have to install PDF convertors, and in a few weeks, it will be an in-built chrome feature. Top 7 Income Tax Software Making ITR Filing Automated in 2020-21.

Tax returns and TDS filing are a headache every year, and as the end of the financial year approaches the clouds of confusion looms over the head. The paperwork and changing government regulation make us uneasy about filing yearly IT returns. If you face similar issues then, I have got good news for you. Now you can use free Income Tax Software to help you in the process. Altogether, you can also file IT returns online in less time and averting the hassle of visiting the Income Tax office and doing paperwork. The Rising Online Apps In Education Industry. The Growing Avenues Of Ecommerce Industry Through Online Platform - Anny Smith.

The eCommerce industry is progressing at a staggering rate. It is one of the sectors where buyers come with festive spirits and spend lavishly, unlike the optional brick-and-mortar platform. 7 Top Software Development Trends For 2021. 8 Remarkable Screen Sharing Tools To Make Remote Work A Bliss. Why Transformation of eLearning Industry a Big Booster For eLearners? It is exhilarating to see a massive increase in avid learners and, most importantly, consume awareness in modern times. Amidst these pandemic times, nothing could be better than the e-learning platform. One of the good things about the e-learning platform is that it was very much in the mainstream even before the outbreak. But, yes, it remained a privilege than a necessity in the eLearning industry. The unprecedented situation has unveiled the potential to facilitate quality education. 5 Healthcare Trends To Transform Your Business in 2021 - Shifted News.

Top 5 Healthcare App Ideas To Boost Your Business Success - Erin Magazine. 7 Best Web Development Tools & Resources For Web Developers & Designers. Future For Full-Stack Web Developers. Best 9 Mobile App Development Tips For Android And iOS. Top Java Web Frameworks For Startups In 2019. Top 10 Front-End Development Tools. How Can You Make Cost-effective Healthcare Mobile App. Comparison Of eCommerece platforms. Travel And Tourism Industry App Benefits. Which Are The Top PHP Structure - Updated as per 2019.

Top 7 Best Web App Idea for your Startup Online Business. Awesome New AI and Deep Learning Technology. Which one is better Swift OR Objective C. Vue.js OR Angular.js OR React.js ?? Which is the best javascript Framework for 2019. React Native vs Flutter- which one to choose for better UX? 10 Best App Ideas For Startups. 10 Best App Ideas For Growing Companies.