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Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs. Apps for Kids (and Adults) with Hearing Loss. Accessible Technology Tips {AT tips} - clean & simple accessible technology tips for all. Qualifications - Bookshare - Accessible Books for Individuals with Print Disabilities. An individual with a physically-based disability that makes it difficult or impossible to read a printed book likely will qualify for Bookshare® services.

Qualifications - Bookshare - Accessible Books for Individuals with Print Disabilities

Organizations (schools, libraries, and rehabilitation and social services agencies) can also obtain Bookshare services to support their efforts to meet the reading needs of people with these disabilities. The individual signing up for our services, or the organization serving that individual, will be asked to provide Bookshare with a Proof of Disability (certified by someone who is a Competent Authority as described below) during the registration process. Computer assistive technology abilityhub for disability and disabilities.

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Toolkit for creating accessible learning materials. Welcome to the toolkit for creating accessible learning materials.

Toolkit for creating accessible learning materials

Created by JISC TechDis, the leading UK educational advisory service in accessibility and inclusion, it is designed to enable teachers and trainers to create effective, engaging and accessible learning materials for their learners. Grouped into eight categories, this toolkit of guidance resources merges pedagogical and technical advice where previously these have been scattered over several different channels. The toolkit comprises the following eight categories. Click on a category below, or in the left-hand menu, to access the guidance resources for that category: Kevin Carey, Director of HumanITy, advised on the creation of the resources.

Accessibility Guide for Educators. Mobile/Text Only Worldwide Accessibility United StatesChange |All Microsoft Sites Guides I'm looking for: Windows Office.

Accessibility Guide for Educators