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Late 1920s.

Patrons de couture vintages. La Couturière Parisienne: 1800s. Truth is Stranger than Fashion. Ah, the irresistible mystique of the Cranach Gown.

Truth is Stranger than Fashion

Just what is it about this early 16th century Saxon fashion, which gained its modern epithet by virtue of being portrayed in countless paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472–1553), that has so captured the imagination of the costuming world? Is it the rich, vibrant colors? Is it the garish, pimp-esque accessorizing? Is it the piquant expressions on the faces of invariably young, rosy-cheeked strawberry blonds sporting these garments that, along with their whimsical styling, can’t help but make the viewer believe just for a moment, despite all modern biases, that it was good to be alive (and rich) in 1530′s Saxony? Whatever it is, its safe to say that I was totally unaware of ANY of it until this September. Turning Heads in 1916 and 1917 – Smithsonian Libraries Blog. Wondering what the styles and trends were almost a century ago?

Turning Heads in 1916 and 1917 – Smithsonian Libraries Blog

This Bellas Hess & Co. trade catalog gives us an idea of what fashion was like ninety-seven years ago. Fall and Winter Catalogue No. 74 is from the seasons of 1916-1917. It includes a variety of clothing and accessories such as dresses, blouses and skirts, suits, hats, and more. Illustrated on the first few pages are ladies’ suits. One of these is a velvet suit, shown below on the left. Maison Bossert, spécialiste des costumes d'Alsace, La Maison Bossert au fil du temps. La Maison Bossert fait partie du paysage strasbourgeois depuis 1825.

Maison Bossert, spécialiste des costumes d'Alsace, La Maison Bossert au fil du temps

De la mercerie qui proposait des tissus et des ouvrages pour dames à la boutique spécialisée dans le costume alsacien longtemps située quai Turckheim à Strasbourg, l’activité a connu une évolution en phase avec l’histoire de l’identité alsacienne qui se forge autour des années 1900 et qui suscite la création des premiers groupes folkloriques. Tandis que dans les campagnes alsaciennes, les derniers costumes régionaux cèdent la place à l’uniformité de la mode occidentale, la Maison Bossert prend le relais et s’efforce de perpétuer les savoir-faire des tailleurs et des brodeuses de village, tout en continuant à vendre les fournitures nécessaires à la confection de ces vêtements d’un autre temps.

L'ancien magasin, quai Turckheim à Strasbourg Menacée de disparition, la Maison Bossert est rachetée en 2010 par le groupe Paul Kroely Automobiles, soucieux de sauvegarder cet aspect du patrimoine alsacien. A Sacque, Part Seven. The Sleeves. Draping a robe a la francaise, or sacque.

A Sacque, Part Seven. The Sleeves.

An eight part series! Click the tag or go to the tutorial page for links to all parts. To make the sleeves, I used a method I first saw Isis Wardrobe use on Live Journal probably a few years ago. I unfortunately don't have a link. To do it, you put the right sides together on the silk, and right sides together on the linen and sew through all the layers. When you turn the sleeve right side out, it's lined! The sleeves with the side seams sewn. Hand sewing and the 18th century. What a nice response I got on my post on hand sewing!

Hand sewing and the 18th century

Thank you! If hand sewing is often thought as hard work or taking too long, I also think that there is an air of superiority and elitism over it that can probably feel a bit daunting to someone who has never tried it. I would really love to see that tought go away! I do think that hand sewing gives you a better feel for the garment you sew, especially if you sew historical clothes, but it doesn’t, automatically, makes it better than one made with the help of a machine. Sewing skill is one thing, then there is the matter of choosing the right pattern, fabric and colours and knowledge about the fashion you want to re-create.

Fente indéchirable. Zäckeisen forgé main par MarenshusDesign. Athénaïs en Vénus : jupon à plis canons. La Betulia Liberata – Costume Diary, A Cranach Gown. Some time ago, no doubt you know, (and if you don’t, I’ll tell you so) I decided to re-shoot my La Betulia Liberata photo.

La Betulia Liberata – Costume Diary, A Cranach Gown

La Betulia Liberata is Mozart’s operatic setting of the Apocryphal book of Judith. Judith is one of the most popular subjects in the history of art, and has been the center of countless paintings, operas and writings. Free Patterns Menu: Period Clothing Patterns and Cutting Diagrams - The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion. Period Clothing Patterns and Cutting Diagrams IMPORTANT: Notes On Using Our Patterns These patterns are reproduced from original period patterns and from cutting diagrams found in English, French and American publications of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Free Patterns Menu: Period Clothing Patterns and Cutting Diagrams - The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion

Those copied from full-sized patterns were scanned in at 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 of the original size as indicated on each piece. Silks. Petit inventaire des patrons - Le blog de En rangeant les derniers patrons, j'ai décidé de faire un inventaire car je ne savais plus trop où j'en étais...

Petit inventaire des patrons - Le blog de

Costumi noleggio. Bonnets. 1144 - Joli coupon de linon ou batiste brodé cornely - L'univers textile des Ateliers La Grande Goule. A Quick 1879 Bonnet from a 1950s Hat. I've had a lot of questions about the bonnet I wore with my 1879 Tea Dress.

A Quick 1879 Bonnet from a 1950s Hat

I didn't have time to construct a late 1870s/early 1880s bonnet, and I'm not all that skilled at buckram construction anyway, so I looked into my hat stash to see if anything would work. I found a hat I bought last year at a Steampunk event, but had never worn. It was originally a 1950s fur felt cap of some sort, to which Steampunky gears and whatnots had been glued. The color was perfect, and the shape worked when worn way back on the head, so I decided to decorate to resemble these inspiration bonnets: I used three feather sprays from the floral section of Michaels, and some ribbons and flowers from WalMart.

The whole project took an hour or so, and cost next to nothing. Modèle victorien Vous misez corsage patron par MantuaMakerPatterns. Bon plan shopping : Carlotta, la perruquière. OscarsBal. Last night was the so called Oscarsbal, a ball to celebrate the Swedish king Oscar II, or rather his reign and the timeperiod. This took place in ’s beautiful operahouse, as you will see in all the pictures this is just the most awesome place ever, it’s like stepping in to a movie set or a painting from the period! And some people actually came all the way from to, which is really nice, and the Finnish photographers from Atelieri O. Haapala was there to take beautiful pictures again, here is me and Peter from last year: History of Shoes - Michelle Leung Creative. Tuto - utiliser DeGracieuse pour obtenir un patron d'époque.

Dinner dress. The bustle silhouette, although primarily associated with the second half of the 19th century, originated in earlier fashions as a simple bump at the back of the dress, such as with late 17th-early 18th century mantuas and late 18th- early 19th century Empire dresses. The full-blown bustle silhouette had its first Victorian appearance in the late 1860s, which started as fullness in skirts moving to the back of the dress.

This fullness was drawn up in ties for walking that created a fashionable puff. This trendsetting puff expanded and was then built up with supports from a variety of different things such as horsehair, metal hoops and down. Styles of this period were often taken from historical inspiration and covered in various types of trim and lace. Accessories were petite and allowed for the focus on the large elaborate gowns. The Paisley Pixie: The Gown. It's a bit difficult to post about the dress. I already focused on the fringe for HSF #4, and my first post back in January had most of the design inspiration. Costume ancien. White 6 Hoop Tulle Petticoat Crinoline Underskirt Slip Bridal Dress Gown.

J h min. 1887 Cascade Overskirt - TV367. Truly Victorian has just released it's newest pattern; an overskirt to go with the new Imperial Skirt and Bustle. The 1887 Cascade Overskirt - TV367 This overskirt is drafted based on an actual garment as seen in the October 26, 1887 edition of La Mode Illustre. The front apron is a long swag, pulled up high onto the hips in large pleats that fan beautifully. Costumière hystérique. Hat Trick: Turn a Placemat into an 18th Century Hat in Three Steps. November 20, 2013 Alternate Title:Le Chapeau Rusé – Using Bad French to Disguise Excellent Hat Trickery To complement my Robe pas Cher and to ensure that I was suitably dressed for an outdoor excursion, I needed a hat to wear for Georgian Picnic.

In addition, I had sorely neglected the past, oh, ten or so Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges and I wanted a good stepping stone project to get back on track. Enter Le Chapeau Rusé! Kleidung um 1800: Shoes. Le Costume à Travers les Siècles. Burgundy Hat. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Michael-o-connor-duchess.jpg (Image JPEG, 575x391 pixels)

Michael-o-connor-duchess.jpg (Image JPEG, 575x441 pixels) Michael-o-connor-duchess.jpg (Image JPEG, 575x407 pixels) Cape - Cape avec capuche sans découpe pour Venise. Chapeaux spéciaux et originaux, pour déguisement et costume traditionnel - en vente chez chapellerie traclet ! tricorne - page 1. Victorian Tea in Riverton. So - the few of us that were going to Fort Mifflin's Civil War Saturday changed our minds somewhere around Tuesday, after much checking of the weather forecast and deciding nobody really wanted to fall over from heat exhaustion. Didn't want to waste all that work on our sheer dresses, so we decided to have tea (INSIDE) instead, and extended the invite to some more of our friends, making it a Victorian tea in a Victorian tea house in Riverton.

Which had delicious food, by the way. Mme Demorest's Illustrated Portfolio of the Fashions for 1880 by American Duchess.


Associations. Coiffures Historiques - le site du manuel de coiffures historiques. 20ème siècle - Années 1910 - Robe… - Maillot de bain 1900 - 1900 : robe blanche… - 1905 - 1907 :… - 1905 - 1907 :… - Début 1900 - robe… - 1912 - robe de jour… - 1900's : corsage et… - Années 1910 - robe… - Corsage ancien,… - Mes essais de costumes. Bonnes adresses. Empire.