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Annika Hausmann

Annika is a legal translation project manager at Barnes, Thompson & Brown. She is also an avid social media user and blog writer. In her free time, she travels, runs and spends quality time with her three dogs. She speaks three languages and enjoys working in a multilingual and multicultural team. When collaborating with translators and follow project managers, she draws on her experience in human resource management.

What is a sworn translation? Sworn translation services are provided by sworn translators.

What is a sworn translation?

These are professional translators who have been entrusted to provide accurate translations of official documents. Many government departments and other organizations around the world require translated documents to be translated by either a sworn translator, a certified translator, or a professional translator who has the translations completed notarized by a notary or lawyer. The actual requirements depend on the particular government. The Hague Convention of 1961 created the concept of the Apostille, which is a form of stamp or seal which is used to confirm that a translated document has been translated is valid. There are 51 countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, but sworn translators are not standard in each of these countries or even other countries that are not signatories to the Convention.

Legal Proofreading and Editing Services - Legal Translators. Our translators are proven professionals with a substantial number of years of specialised experience.

Legal Proofreading and Editing Services - Legal Translators

However, sometimes a second opinion is required. Language is fluid and dynamic and there are grey zones, individual preferences, and different ways of spelling. We have experienced in several cases that in court the translation of a single word or sentence can influence the outcome. Furthermore, some documents have to be cutting-edge, and a second language specialist can give the translation a final polish. This is where professional proofreading and editing comes into play.

Document Review and Abstract Translation Services - Legal Translators. Sometimes, a full translation of a document is not really needed, and you only need to know what a document is about before deciding whether it’s relevant for your case and warrants a translation.

Document Review and Abstract Translation Services - Legal Translators

With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive document review and abstracting service. We provide you with concise summaries in your chosen language so that you can quickly ascertain the relevance of a document. This is a very useful service whenever large volumes of documents with unknown content are involved. While our translators have significant experience in document review, every case is treated individually. We will closely follow your instructions to ensure that the abstract translation contains the information you are interested in. The Challenges of Patent Translation. Introduction Patent translation is a specialized niche field of professional translation services.

The Challenges of Patent Translation

Patent translators have acquired both technical and legal expertise in patents and will have also become familiar with the necessary terminology in at least two languages (source and target languages) to enable them to competently deal with the task of patent translation. This means that translators whose job it is to translate patents are faced with a number of unique challenges related to patent translation services. What is a patent? Patents are legal protections for newly developed items of all sorts ranging from medications to electronic components. A patent for a newly developed physical item is the equivalent to copyright protection for something unique that has been created in text form. Certified Legal Translation Services. Translations are our core business.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Thanks to our established network of 650+ translators, we can process large quantities of projects every day. Straightforward jobs are started within 60 minutes 96% of the time. We provide 100% human translations, except in cases where machine translations are specifically required. Our Services - Barnes, Thompson & Brown. Situation: Dealing with inheritance matters is something that many law firms in Australia face on a daily basis.

Our Services - Barnes, Thompson & Brown

Tracking down and then communicating with family members, or others mentioned in wills, is part of the process. In Australia’s modern, multicultural society, many people now have close connections that cross international borders. As a result, dealing with issues of inheritance now often involves contacting people outside Australia. Problem: One of our clients in Melbourne faces this situation regularly. It is important in these cases not to assume that the person being written to speaks English, even though that might be the case. The Rising Need for Korean Translation. Korea has built up a reputation throughout the world for innovation, which means it is a leader for new ideas, particularly in the digital world.

The Rising Need for Korean Translation

Along with this has been the development of the e-commerce sector which is expected to top $107 billion by 2024, as more and more ventures specialize in just selling products through online shops to both the home and overseas markets. There is no better time for online translation companies to start offering effective translations to South Korean e-commerce businesses that will attract buyers overseas. Business Opportunities Grow as Korea Develops. The Growth in Importance of both Spanish Translation and Localization. 477 million people in the world are native speakers of Spanish while Spanish is the 3rd most commonly spoken language after Mandarin and English in the world.

The Growth in Importance of both Spanish Translation and Localization

In recent times there has been a marked increase in the demand for Spanish translation services which has grown by around almost 40%, typically because of how important Spanish translations are for United States businesses. The numbers of Spanish speakers is likely to continue to rise At least 41 million people in the USA speak Spanish as their 1st language. By 2050, the US is likely to have the world’s greatest number of Spanish speakers. With the continuing rise in numbers, it typically makes good business sense for businesses to want to access Spanish translations and localization for their products & services. How to become Certified Interpreters in Australia? Theoretically, there should be a constant and even a growing demand for interpreters in Australia.

How to become Certified Interpreters in Australia?

There is a steady inward flow of international migrants and within the country itself, there are many residents whose native language is not English. That means that there should be a need for interpreters in all walks of life. How to become an interpreter in Australia? You won’t get a properly paid job as an interpreter or a translator in Australia unless you are suitably certified and accredited. Translation Services for Technology in the Market.

Technology is growing at a fast pace which enables interaction to take place between individuals and their cultures.

Translation Services for Technology in the Market

Due to this, there is much market pressure to put technology products out into the market as fast as possible. The publishing rate into the native languages of a business’s targeted customers often impacts greatly on the success of a product. In order to achieve global success for a technology product or brand, it is important to reach the right potential overseas markets. There are more and experienced translators available today who can translate technology products for the market’s leaders in technology products and who understand the correct terminology to use which matches the translation with the targeted culture.

The Basics of a Legal Translation. Why is legal translation so important? Legal translation is one of the more specialized and important fields of translation. Legal translators have often spent time within the legal world at another earlier stage of their careers and their acquisition of legal terminology and understanding of legal practices stands them in good stead. So, why are legal translations so important? The legal profession cannot afford to have any of their important documents translated incorrectly. The consequences of an inaccurate translation can be significant. Australian Legal System & Types of Laws in the Australian legal system. Every legal system is unique and Australia’s legal system is no exception. It is a combination of English common law and a U.S. style constitutional framework developed due to the federal nature of Australia.

Like most countries, new laws are debated and enacted by the legislature, which in Australia are the state, territory and federal parliaments. The executive, i.e. the public service, ensures that new laws are carried out. The judiciary is the arm of the executive that interprets the laws and establishes whether someone has broken a law and what penalties should be meted out. NAATI Certified Legal Document Translation Online Australia. How to become Certified Interpreters in Australia? How COVID-19 Has Pushed Businesses Past Technology Tipping Points, Transforming Businesses Forever. Communication solutions under COVID-19 A recent survey revealed that the responses to COVID-19 have accelerated the use of digital technology by many years and many of these are here to stay.

Much of this was due to how customers changed their behavior, choosing more online channels for communication purposes and in particular for buying and products using contactless methods. There is little doubt that online shopping was becoming very popular before COVID-19 but the virus has just encouraged more and more people to take on this way of satisfying their needs and wants. Legal Language Translation Services in Australia - Legal Translators. In a world where legal affairs frequently cross geographical borders and populations are becoming increasingly diverse, it is vital to be able to communicate quickly, accurately and effectively.

From law enforcement to litigation, there are many scenarios where you may not share a common language with your audience. We’re here to bridge that gap. There are no limits to the languages like Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese and vice versa we can translate. Our panel of certified legal translators spans the globe, with native-speaking translators in numerous time zones speaking a total of over 150 languages. When you work with Barnes, Thompson & Brown, you can rest assured that whichever language, whatever time of day, we will find the right legal translator for your project. We translate between all major world language pairs, from English to Spanish, French, German Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and back again. The Differences Between Translation Errors and Preferential Changes. A handwritten translated text with translation errors that have been marked is not quite the same as maths or chemistry because translation is not a precise science.

When the quality of a translation is assessed a lot of subjectivity is involved that can cause a certain amount of frustration for clients and their chosen translation company. The clients might feel that the translation is sub-par while the translation companies may not agree. There is this confusion due to the lack of understanding of the differences between translation errors and a preferential change. A “translation error” refers typically to objectively quantifying issues like spelling mistakes, wrong choice of words, inaccurate grammar, poor word choice, a term that has been mistranslated and absent or added content.

For instance, translating “car” to mean camión (truck) in Spanish is obviously incorrect and there isn’t much room for interpretation. NAATI Translator - Legal Translations. Some Ideas for Proofreading a Translation. Proofreading is an integral part of any freshly written text including translations. What is Simultaneous Interpretation All About? - Legal Translations. Simultaneous interpretation is most common at large conference venues and important ceremonies where the members of the audience typically wear specially designed listening devices so that they can hear the interpretation in their own language. Simultaneous interpretation assists conference delegates so that they can communicate in their own language and follow easily what each speaker is in real-time.

Professional Legal Translation is Needed for Many Legal Documents - Legal Translations. It’s hard to understand why organisations, commercial and non-commercial, still choose the cheapest option when it comes to translating some of the most technical of all documents that must be converted into another language. When the need for the translation of legal documents arises, such as evidentiary and financial documents, the lack of a professional legal translator becomes most obvious, sometimes with disastrous consequences. What is the Difference Between a Copyright, a Patent & a Trademark? - Legal Translations.

There are some differences between a patent, a copyright, and a trademark, but they are all about individual and business rights to exclusively own and market an idea or product they have created. Patents are used for inventions, while copyright is more to do with protecting someone’s literary and artistic skills. A trademark is used for symbols or slogans a business might use to set its product or service apart from competitors. How Medical Interpreters Save Lives - Legal Translations. Not everyone requiring medical care can necessarily speak the language of the doctor or hospital they need to visit. Even a family member trying to explain the person’s medical condition and symptoms may not be able to put across the information correctly. Additionally, when a doctor is describing the diagnosis and treatment, the patient and his/her family may not understand everything that is said, which could lead to serious consequences for the patient which could be life-changing.

In the United States, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has stated that about 9% of the U.S. population could experience a serious adverse medical episode including death because of the language barriers that are created due to limited ability to speak English. A professional medical interpreter is trained to understand medical terms and treatments and understand the different types of healthcare environments. The Different Types of Certified Translations - Legal Translations. Because the business world has become so globalized and travel has generally increased to many world destinations the translating of professional documents has become far more commonplace. However, with the arrival of Covid-19, the world has been brought to a grinding halt.

The translation of key personal documents like birth certificates, diplomas,s and degree certificates is virtually non-existent. Interpreting Legal Terminology is Key for an Accurate Legal Translation - Legal Translations. Legal documents vary because the legal systems in different countries are rarely identical. How Data Analysis Can Help Make Localisation Choices More Effective - Legal Translations. It has dawned on even the most conservative of companies, small and large, that they can grow their business if they target their products beyond their national borders. The means to do that, the internet and a well designed website, is what has made the difference.

One of the first hurdles is to work out what languages all that marketing material needs to be translated into. What is a Legal Interpreter in the United States Courts System? - Legal Translations. Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act states that U.S. state courts will be provided with federal funding in order to provide a legal interpreter at no cost to individuals in both criminal and civil cases whose English is limited. This doesn’t mean anyone off the street who has some sort of bilingualism can step in to do the job.

Why Plain Language Is Important In Legal Writing - Legal Translations. Legal Translators for the Maritime Industry - Legal Translations. What Has the Past Decade Taught Us About Localization? - Legal Translations. Why Localisation Matters in Translation - Legal Translations. Who are Legal Over-the-Phone Interpreters? - Legal Translations. Top Things to Remember When Accessing a Legal Translation - Legal Translations. Who Should I Ask For An Accurate And Reliable Legal Translation? - Legal Translations. 5 Vital Facts about Legal Translations - Legal Translations. The History of Translation: Past, Present and Future Impacts - Legal Translations. How Brochure Translation Could be Beneficial to Your Business - Legal Translations. Translations for International Adoptions - Legal Translations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Legal Practice in the Covid-19 Era in Australia - Legal Translations. Australian Legal System & Types of Laws in the Australian legal system - Legal Translations. Challenges for Translators and Interpreters During the Pandemic - Legal Translations. 12 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Proofreading - Legal Translations. The Importance of Terminology in Legal Translations - Legal Translations. Affidavit Translations - Legal Translations. Force Majeure, Contracts and COVID-19 - Legal Translations. Why the Legal System is Failing - Legal Translations. Legal Transcription Services at Legal Translator.

Professional Typesetting and Design Services - Legal Translators

Professional Contract and Agreement Translation Services. Immigration Document Translation Services. Marriage Certificate Translation Services. Certified Language Translation Services. Certified Affidavit Translation Services. Legal Proofreading Services - Legal Translation. Divorce Certificate Translation - Legal Translation. Law Firm Website Translations Services.

What is a virtual law firm? Patent Translations are Important for Businesses.

Translators Play a Role in Cyber-Security Today

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Translation Can Help You Increase Web Presence on Google - Home. Translation Can Help You Increase Web Presence on Google - Home.

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Law firm website translation. IMMIGRATION DOCUMENT TRANSLATION.

White Papers are Not Always That Easy to Translate

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