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How-To. Artist creates stunning 3D paintings of fish using layers of paint and resin. Keng Lye creates depth by layering up the acrylic and clear resin Fills everything from buckets to drawers in series, Alive Without Breath By Becky Evans Published: 05:22 GMT, 10 July 2013 | Updated: 08:21 GMT, 10 July 2013 With their gleaming scales and beautiful movement, these fish look like they could be plucked straight out of the water.

Artist creates stunning 3D paintings of fish using layers of paint and resin

A bucket seems to be filled with fast-moving goldfish, two turtles compete for space in a small white bowl and an octopus rests in shallow water. However, it is only on closure inspection that it becomes clear that these are a clever optical illusions. It appears that the box is full of real goldfish competing for space but is actually layers of paint and resin Artist Keng Lye began experimenting this year with having the animals protrude from the resin and the octopus was the first to be completed this year.

Tricks of the shade: Vertigo-inducing street art created by French artist makes you feel as if you can step into another world. Stunning images offer a 3D glimpse into surreal worlds, giving the impression viewer is thousands of feet above sceneWorks created by French artist Francois Abelanet for an event showcasing the latest range of Renault trucksThe work was also an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the largest street art work By James Rush Published: 18:45 GMT, 6 July 2013 | Updated: 20:56 GMT, 6 July 2013 Suspended thousands of feet above the city below, this bridge would probably not be the most popular of places for those with a fear of heights.

Tricks of the shade: Vertigo-inducing street art created by French artist makes you feel as if you can step into another world

Yet something is not quite right about the city which lies underneath the feet of those walking across the structure - as none of the boats in the harbour move and the skyscrapers show no activity of life, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a picture. But that's because this vertigo-inducing scene was in fact created by French artist Francois Abelanet. Visitors were also able to get on board some of the new trucks. It's wild in London! Street artists brighten up capital with huge works of art featuring pigeons, foxes and squirrels.

Duo known as Boe and Irony take to streets at night armed with spray paintTheir colourful works include a giant pigeon, squirrel, and snarling fox By Amanda Williams Published: 08:47 GMT, 3 July 2013 | Updated: 11:13 GMT, 3 July 2013 An anonymous pair of artists have been working under the cover of darkness to brighten up the streets of London with gigantic works of street art.

It's wild in London! Street artists brighten up capital with huge works of art featuring pigeons, foxes and squirrels

The duo - who like street artist Banksy shun the limelight - create their huge murals on the walls of buildings around London for the public to enjoy, using only a ladder, spray paint and the light of the moon. Artist Alessandro Diddi makes his drawings leap off the page. Alessandro Diddi's life-like 3-D drawings are achieved by trick of the mindHe uses shading and angles to give them a life of their own By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 12:06 GMT, 9 July 2013 | Updated: 18:59 GMT, 11 July 2013 When artist Alessandro Diddi puts pencil to paper, his works really come to life.

Artist Alessandro Diddi makes his drawings leap off the page

His clever 3-D drawings are achieved by a trick of the mind, using shading and angles to give them a life of their own and make them 'leap off the page'. 'I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there,' said Mr Diddi. PROKO: The Human Head - Drawing & Shading Fundamentals. 50 Clever Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing. Advertisement Traditional drawing is certainly way harder than digital and it is true that people are able to progress much faster digitally, but one should learn the traditional type of drawing and painting before starting digital drawing, since it often lays out the foundation for screen design.

50 Clever Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing

This article contains a mixture of traditional drawing tutorials, drawing techniques and some methods for transforming and preparing your creations for screen design. Some are intermediate level and some are advanced tutorials that include general theory, useful tips, comic inspired art, sketch a pencil drawing, coloring processing, character sketching, shapes, proportional, perspective and much more.

We hope that drawing tutorials and techniques in this post will be a great help to you. Traditional Drawing Tutorials Marilyn Portrait TutorialA truly fantastic drawing tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait of Marilyn Monroe with pencil. Traditional Drawing Tips & Techniques It's done. Susan Hefuna and Luca Veggetti. Premiere on September 16 at 7pm (doors open at 6pm)Additional performances on September 17, 18 at 7pm (Duration approximately one hour) The world premiere of NOTATIONOTATIONS marks a first-time collaboration between renowned, multimedia artist Susan Hefuna (b.

Susan Hefuna and Luca Veggetti

Germany, 1962) and contemporary choreographer Luca Veggetti (b. Italy, 1963). NOTATIONOTATIONS posits the idea that if a line is the trace of a point in motion, then the human body moving through the space of the observed world is also a drawing. Early years and the Republic. Michelangelo was the second of five sons, born in March 1475 near Arezzo in Italy.

Early years and the Republic

His family was middle-class - his father was a minor Florentine civil servant - but the family had fallen on hard times. Michelangelo's artistic career began at the age of twelve, despite his family's disapproval because of the low status of artists at the time. He was apprenticed to the successful Florentine artist Domenico Ghirlandaio. Although later in life he claimed to be entirely self-taught, Ghirlandaio's influence can be seen in his work. Drawings Collection. On Line. Drawing conventionally has been associated with pen, pencil, and paper, but artists have drawn lines on walls, earth, ceramics, fabric, film, and computer screens, with tools ranging from sticks to scrapers to pixels.

On Line

Looking beyond institutional definitions of the medium, On Line (on view from November 21, 2010 to February 7, 2011) argues for an expanded history of drawing that moves off the page into space and time. Comprising the work of more than one hundred artists, the exhibition charts the radical transformation of the medium between 1910 and 2010, as artists broke down drawing to its core elements, making line the subject of intense exploration: as the path of a moving point or a human body in motion (the dancer tracing dynamic lines across the stage, the wandering artist tracing lines across the land), as an element in a network, and as a boundary—political, cultural, or social.

On Line: Drawing and Film Exhibition Credits Website Credits. Rachel Whiteread Drawings. Prints and Drawings Rooms. MD&SW2013. Drawing Room. Drawing. 18 Drawings You'll Swear Are Actual Photographs. Take a look at the image above.

18 Drawings You'll Swear Are Actual Photographs

Pretty surreal. At first glance (or second, or third), it looks like a photograph — maybe a little faded, compared to most high-definition shots we're now used to, but a photograph nonetheless. Right? It's actually a ball point pen drawing by Portuguese artist Samuel Silva, based on Kristina Taraina's photograph "Redhead Girl. " Silva used seven different colored pens and spent nearly 30 hours to recreate the photo.

Take a look at a few of Silva's other illustrations, as well as works from Miguel Endara, Paul Cadden and Dirk Dzimirsky. Have any other illustrations made you do a double take recently? Ballpoint Pen Image courtesy of Samuel Silva. Good Reference Gallery. Figure Drawing Reference (Scroll down for Head Drawing Reference Gallery) Photography credits below Do you want more images?

Good Reference Gallery

Subscribers get exclusive access to my personal library of reference images, including scans of Pose File 7 and premium images from Enter your email below and click the blue button to join. Head Drawing ReferencePhotography Credits I’d like to thank the following photographers named below. There is no malice, ill-intent or for-profit commercial use here. Here’s the partial list. Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice.