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Leaf rubbings activity + free printable book. I had tried to interest my kids in a leaf rubbing activity for a while to no avail.

Leaf rubbings activity + free printable book

Then I put together a cute little booklet and paired it with some special, triangle-shaped crayons, and suddenly they were hooked. Who knew?!? A leaf rubbing activity is a great way to combine science and fine motor skills into one fun little project. I set up this invitation to do leaf rubbings with the following materials: Basket with cover pages and blank pages to make their own leaf rubbings books (see link at end of post to get your free copy of the Leaf Rubbings Book)Triangle-shaped crayons (we purchased these ones from P’Kolino, but I these triangular crayons from Crayola also look good)Basket of leaves (I used leaves we had preserved in glycerin, but you can use fresh leaves as well) I showed my kids how to place a leaf under the paper and use the crayon to create a rubbing of it.

18 Awesome Autumn Scavenger Hunts. Enjoy Autumn with this awesome collection of Fall Scavenger Hunts for kids that will inspire you to get out & explore this season!

18 Awesome Autumn Scavenger Hunts

Do you know what I love most about Fall? I mean aside from the beautiful foliage, super easy leaf activities that kids love to do and the fact that I can pull out a few of my favorite sweaters :) I love that Fall has four mini-seasons -- it's the one time of year where I feel like there's a new start to the world every few weeks. Think about it, many of us consider the back-to-school time as early fall -- warmer days followed by cooler evenings.

Outdoor play sessions begin to shift to the late afternoon and nighttime walks reward us with a peek into nocturnal life. Then the weather shifts and Part 2 of Fall begins -- cooler days and nights, plus the gorgeous leaves that begin to change. Autumn Leaves Coloring Page. Fall Learning Pack for Toddlers & Preschoolers. Celebrate the Fall season with this FREE printable learning pack featuring all the fun things that Fall brings, such as pumpkins, apples, leaves and scarecrows.

Fall Learning Pack for Toddlers & Preschoolers

This pack is designed for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners to practice early math & literacy skills such as alphabet and number recognition, counting, letter sounds, letter cases, size, shapes, colors, patterns, visual discrimination, prewriting, scissor skills, puzzles and more! This FREE Fall Learning Pack features 40 hands-on activities, and it is available for Free to all email subscribers. Here is what's included: Literacy Activities: -Alphabet sequencing (both upper & lower case) -Letter Sound Matching -Sight Word Matching.

Room to Grow: Making Early Childhood Count!: Book of the Day Activities: Autumn Trails. Last Tuesday as I was taking my dog for a walk and stopped dead in my tracks.

Room to Grow: Making Early Childhood Count!: Book of the Day Activities: Autumn Trails

Wait a minute! Something looked different! Hmmm.....although the lawn was still summer green, it was speckled with yellow leaves (*gasp*)! Could fall be here already? But wait! Red Leaf Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert Leaf Journals: Choose a tree near the school's playground. Why Do Leaves Change Colors? Leaf Hunt: Go outside and collect leaves that have already fallen. Leaf Identification: Find out what trees are native to the area around your school and neighborhoods. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert Leaf Rubbing: After collecting a few leaves, show children how to find the side with the vein. When Autumn Comes by Robert Maass Autumn Leaves Song (to the tune of London Bridges): Here is an oldie and I am unsure of it's original source Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down, Autumn leaves are falling down, to the earth below.

Watch them as they dance and whirl, dance and whirl, dance and whirl. Fall Science Activities for Preschool. Season Tree Project. Cahier d'activités sur l'automne : 30 pages de jeux et de découvertes à imprimer ! Imprimer ce cahier d'activités sur l'automne, PDF (format A4) Nous avons le plaisir de mettre à votre disposition ce cahier de jeux sur l'automne contenant plus de 30 pages à imprimer gratuitement : une création de pour les petits éveillés !

Cahier d'activités sur l'automne : 30 pages de jeux et de découvertes à imprimer !

Il est dédié aux enfants de 5 à 13 ans environ, ainsi qu'à leurs accompagnants : parents, enseignants, formateurs... La difficulté y est variable d'une page à l'autre, la variété des activités permettant de choisir celles qui conviennent le plus à l'âge des enfants.Il constitue un support d'apprentissage et de jeux pour se familiariser avec les principaux phénomènes et figures de l'automne : chute des feuilles, équinoxe, fruits et légumes de saison, champignons... Il n'est d'ailleurs pas exclu que les adultes sèchent sur certains sujets, mais bien sûr les solutions figurent en fin de document ! © Lapbook d'automne - For French Immersion. Celebrate the season by trying something new: a “lapbook d’automne”!

Lapbook d'automne - For French Immersion

There’s a reason why teachers are adopting interactive activities more and more often: they’re engaging, fun, and effective teaching tools. But you might think that introducing them in your classroom is a bit too complex, or you don’t know where to begin. One of the best ways is to start by using interactive lapbooks, such as this “lapbook d’automne”, because they have a limited number of activities and the end result gives kids a great sense of achievement. Autumn Leaf Art Project for Kids: STEAM Project!PragmaticMom. The gorgeous New England leaves inspired this easy and colorful art project for kids.

Autumn Leaf Art Project for Kids: STEAM Project!PragmaticMom

Because the actual leaves I found don’t have the same range of colors on the trees, I thought it would be fun to just outline a leaf. I provide several shapes as suggestions but the actual leaf can be a simple oval. Once the leaf is outlined in pencil, use any kind of paint you want but for we’re going to use watercolor because I like how the colors run together just like the colors in the fall trees! Using a wet brush, paint directly onto the paper, mixing and moving around the color. You can try to copy the colors in one of the trees below, or just do your own thing. Paint fast or slow — you’re the artist! If you want, try different leaf shapes.