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Online Library of Resources & Books on Theosophy: : The Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram - SueBZimmerman. Instagram and Pinterest are actually very different, contrary to popular social media assumptions.

The Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram - SueBZimmerman

Let’s start with the big similarity… visual social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram both are on fire with brands and consumers. Why? Well the human brain likes visuals. People process images 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visually based. But in order to make this work for you personally and professionally, you need to understand how to use the visual tools available, including their differences, to your advantage. You already know that Instagram is my favorite sandbox by far. Pinterest and Instagram are two photo-sharing social networking sites where you can upload photos for other people to see.

In order to maximize your chances of user engagement, brand awareness and market feedback, it’s also important to understand what messages and images resonate with users on each of these social platforms. So, what are the differences? Sparrow Salvage: The huge Etsy ‘change’ you probably don’t know about - and how to beat it. It's New Year's Day for me here today so this is the perfect post to bring in the new and mega-awesome amazeballs that is 2016.

Sparrow Salvage: The huge Etsy ‘change’ you probably don’t know about - and how to beat it

Everyone I talk to is pumped for the new year, but if selling handmade is part of that pumped up-ness (as it is for me) you need to have a plan so it's more than just inner fizz. I'm making my new year's resolutions and 'personal 2016 battle plan' tonight. In the meantime... read this. It is a hard road and you might get overwhelmed, so I have presented with LOLs as sugar for the medicine. Recently there’s been a bit of a furore in the Etsy forums - in case you’re unaware, many sellers are of the opinion Etsy ‘changed something’ in the last few months that’s put in place a death knell on their shops views (and consequently sales). There are a lot of theories - SEO! Etsy grows enormously every year, but those sellers aren't just home-makers looking to earn a few dollars, they are people who have spent months honing their business to present it professionally.

Tyler moore. Website Setup - Danielle FordDanielle Ford. ResourcesDanielle Ford. Start Here - Melissa Cassera. For most business owners, getting publicity + sales can feel like Mission Impossible — but trust me, it’s not as tricky as you think.

Start Here - Melissa Cassera

I LOVE showing business owners how to create totally obsessed audiences, and the best way to do that is to work with me. ;) But if you’re just starting your business — or want to read + roll around for a bit — here are some of the best free tools + resources I’ve ever released. Your bio should make you look + feel totally amazing, show off your very best assets, and get people clamoring for your attention. It should be tasteful, but playful. Impressive, but not too buttoned-up. How to Write your Cocktail Mini (25-word intro)How to Write Your 75-word BylineHow to Write Your 150-word Story The secret to being memorable?

I’m obsessed with edu-tainment — blending customer education with pure entertainment. Read these articles, and see how it’s done: Got a “problem child” client who just … won’t … behave? Because … why not? Don’t worry. Please complete the CAPTCHA. 3 emails that will change your business & your life. - Melissa Cassera. Browse Free Online Courses. Plain Language Marketing - small tips and tutorial blog posts for small businesses to improve their seo and website results.