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Bennyslegs rec lists. Mind Palace of Fanfic. The Centrifuge and the Press Pairings: John/Harry (sort of, this is a rather complicated fic) Genre: Angst/Creepery/Incest (sort of romance?)

Mind Palace of Fanfic

Rated: M (It doesn’t really have sex but based on the content I will rate it as such) Word Count: 15,020. BBC Sherlock: Mycroft Holmes and John Watson. Fuck Yeah SPN AUs. YES HIGHFIVE :DOperation: Woo Sam Winchester - “It began with a laugh.”

Fuck Yeah SPN AUs

Gabriel wants to woo bookish Sam. He enlists the help of Castiel and Dean to do this. It wasn’t everyday that the loudest kid in the school wooed the quietest nerd in the corner. Adorable and funny in equal amounts :) Sabriel with a wee bit of Destiel on the side, just how I like it. PORN. Just The Fics And Nothing But The Fics. Welcome to ‘Unconventional Courtship 2014’!

Just The Fics And Nothing But The Fics

'Unconventional Courtship' is a panfandom fic fest where you write and post a 1000w+ fic based on a M&B/Harlequin plot. Fics will be posted to this community, staggered through May 2014 (from the 1st to the 31st). How to play: It’s as simple as: 1. 2. 3. You can also replace place names and jobs as long as you keep to the spirit of the prompt. 4. 4.5. 5.

You can also post to our AO3 collection, but please post to the com whatever you do, and please post to the com first. We ran this fest last year, so you can see some examples of Unconventional Courtship fic by looking through the collection, or earlier in the com. 6. (Any questions? Sherlock Odd Fic. Title: Cormorbidity Summary: One night in the shower, after John found out about Sherlock’s… kink, he impulsively wrenched the handle around to cold.

Sherlock Odd Fic

It was worse, when it was John. It was better, when it was John. Rating: NC-17 Warnings: necrophilia (not acted on), disturbing themes Length: 7.5k This fic is a beautifully written exploration of a rather disturbing kink, that doesn’t just explore the kink but also the emotional impact it has on both participants. Consulting Hufflepuff Fanfic Covers. BLNKT - Fake Book Covers. Homestuck fic recs. ALL ABOARD THE HOMESTUCK FANFIC-REC EXPRESS. Hso_r3 - Community-Profil. Homestuck Ladyfest Exchange 2011. Blanketforyourshock fic rec tag. Blanketforyourshock author recs. Captclockwork's fic recs. Sherlock BBC Fanfic. High Functioning Fangirls.

Anonymous asked: hello, I am looking for a fic. don't remember much and coulnd't locate it in ao3. someone asked Sherlock to offend John so they could get to him but John was Johnand was amased. then, Johnlock. any idea which ff that was?

High Functioning Fangirls

I read it last week and now can't find it. I know it's not Barmen and Banter, already look at it, although it's similar story. ithinkthereforeisherlock: Never read anything else like Barmen and Banter, I’m afraid! 12:40 pm • 16 April 2014 • 1 note sykesyandyouknowit asked: do you guys know of any fics where harry watson is bi not gay and meet sherlock and sherlocks like oh shes so like john and seems interested and they consider having a relationship but johns really hurt n he doesn't know why but ends in eventual johnlock? Ithinkthereforeisherlock: Haha, that is quite specific! 5:33 am • 15 April 2014 • 7 notes Algebra for Detectives by guachadeutsche Submitted by sassynicaraguanandcute. Anarmydoctor's recs. I'll get a candle for the table. Fuckyeahsherlockfics: Attention Followers: We’re Still Alive, and We Need Your HelpIf there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time on tumblr, it’s that fandom gets stuff done.

I'll get a candle for the table

The Supernatural fandom is heavily involved in charities, The Avengers fandom practically dragged a character back from the dead, and the Teen Wolf fandom is responsible for one of the most efficient and systematic takeovers tumblr has ever seen. Once again, tumblr, we’re calling upon fandom to make a difference in the world, and here’s how you can do it. The mother of a good friend of ours (Pachi) was diagnosed with colon cancer in April. Following extended hospital stays, chemotherapy, and several surgeries, Pachi and her mother are facing financial ruin.By January 31, they have to come up with $10,000 to pay their insurance deductible, but with all their other expenses there’s absolutely no money to spare. Hey guys! We were serious when we said any fandom/pairing/specifications.

Sherlock (BBC) Recs. Funkyinfishnet: Fic Recs - Sherlock (BBC 2010) Slash and gen / friendship. Top!Sherlock/Bottom!John.