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Update Your Professional Headshot. When it comes to making first impressions in our professional lives, there are many benefits to presenting yourself in a polished, positive way.

Update Your Professional Headshot

Whether it is for LinkedIn or your company’s “About Us” page online, professional headshots are not just reserved for the entertainment industry. With many years of experience in professional headshot photography, Anne Lord, knows how to pose subjects to get the best angles that communicate the character and individual personality of each person involved, thus creating a great headshot for first impressions. As a long-time corporate photographer in and around the Washington D.C. area, Anne knows the best techniques to create lasting images that leave her clients satisfied and gives 6 reasons why you need a professional headshot. 1) Demonstrates Professionalism A quality headshot demonstrates your professionalism. 2) Gives Insight A quality headshot gives people an idea of who you are before they meet you. 3) Keep It Current 4) Helps Networking.

5 Reasons for Autumn Family Portraits. The crisp air, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, and of course the pumpkin spice latte!

5 Reasons for Autumn Family Portraits

It’s fall! The wonderful time of year for bonfires, wearing your favorite sweaters, and getting your family together for a family portrait. Here are a five great reasons from your Northern Virginia photographer, Anne Lord, on why fall is the perfect time for a family portrait session. 1) Cooler weather and autumn color Goodbye summer heat and humidity! With the cooler weather comes the changing of the leaves. 2) Colder weather clothing options can make your portrait pop You may have heard the line “eyes go where the skin shows.” Professional Headshot Photography & The Remote Worker. In April 2021, it was reported that 7 in 10 U.S. workers were still working remotely.

Professional Headshot Photography & The Remote Worker

Due to the recent pandemic and lockdowns, millions of workers moved from busy offices to working remotely from home. Just because you work at home now does not mean that you are no longer seen or involved in meetings with your team, partners, or prospective clients. Whether a company looking to update corporate headshots, or a single professional looking for new opportunities, remote work means that a greater web presence is needed more than ever in this changing work environment.

The importance of professional headshots for a company These images display that the employees which make up your company–even though they may be miles apart physically–are still a cohesive unit, fully engaged with one other,and committed to company goals. An experienced corporate photographer in and around the Washington, D.C. area, Anne Lord brings 21 years of experience to every photo session. Include Your Pet in Family Photo Sessions. With any photography session, there are simple preparations you can follow to ensure a fun time and successful results.

Include Your Pet in Family Photo Sessions

The same holds true when you want to include your pet(s) in your family portraits. Family and pet photographer, Anne Lord, is an avid pet lover and enjoys including furry 4-legged family members well! With over 21 years of experience in photography, Anne has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve to help you prepare your pet for your next family photo session.

Practice commands and tricks. Corporate Headshots - The Face of Your Business. In today’s competitive world, you want your business to have a visual edge that is sharp and well executed.

Corporate Headshots - The Face of Your Business

It can be essential to have professional corporate headshots that have the power to capture the essence of you and your organization; to speak volumes about your unwavering professionalism, your solid trustworthiness, and invaluable expertise. With over 19 years of experience as a professional corporate photographer in the Washington DC area, Anne Lord can provide dynamic portraits and corporate headshot photography that will present the best impression possible to those who are looking to work with you. Use corporate headshots to empower your business Stand out above the rest! Fun Props for Your Engagement Photography Session. If you are having your engagement photos taken, having a prop or two handy can add to the creativity and personality of your images.

Fun Props for Your Engagement Photography Session

It can also be a tool to help get you comfortable in front of the camera. Your engagement shoot can be much like a practice run for the big day, but it is also about capturing part of your love story. The Differences Between A Non-Professional Photographer and A Professional Wedding Photographer Are Important When Planning Your Wedding. It sometimes seems like there is at least one family member in every family that owns a digital single-lens reflex camera.

The Differences Between A Non-Professional Photographer and A Professional Wedding Photographer Are Important When Planning Your Wedding.

This camera separates the user from the point and shoot digital camera you can buy at any shopping center. Thus, the term “photographer” gets thrown around rather loosely. This by no means is meant to discredit anyone who does photography as a hobby – and does it well– or is pursuing dreams of having their own photography business one day. Rather, it ultimately boils down to who you are going to trust to capture the best images on your big day.

Five timely tips and trends for your wedding engagement. Getting married in 2020 proved challenging, but what will 2021 look like?

Five timely tips and trends for your wedding engagement

Clients and wedding vendors alike are hopeful now that the Covid-19 vaccine rollout is going well. However, how does that affect you and your future wedding planning? Here are 5 timely tips and trends for your engagement from Northern Virginia wedding photographer Anne Lord. Remember, no matter what that your engagement and pending wedding are a time to celebrate! 1. Time To Celebrate! 7 Tips For One-Of-A-Kind Summer Wedding Photos. It is a new season in your life, you are engaged, and planning your big day with your best friend.

Time To Celebrate! 7 Tips For One-Of-A-Kind Summer Wedding Photos

As the bride all eyes are on your on your wedding day. After the celebration of love amidst your closest friends and family, all that remains are the special memories, emotions, and moments captured in photos and videos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Choosing the right Northern Virginia wedding photographer to help you capture these memories is of the utmost importance. Northern VA Wedding Photographer. Engagement photos can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you are not fond of being in front of the camera.

Northern VA Wedding Photographer

As a Northern Virginia wedding photographer with over 19 years of experience, Anne Lord has a few tips to help you feel more comfortable taking your engagement photos. 1) Feeling comfortable with your photographer Your engagement should be about being in love, soaking up the excitement, and getting ready to start a brand-new journey together. How Early To Schedule Wedding Photographer. The holidays have come and gone, and with them, a host of new engagements, family members, pets, and special memories.

We are now looking ahead in 2021. With a new year comes new hope and new celebrations. Have you recently become engaged? If so, congratulations! Professional Photographer Northern VA. We all like to get professional photos taken with loved ones – spouses or families. So why not also capture your beloved pet with a quality shoot as well! Our pets enrich our lives with their wagging tails and fun personalities. Professional Pet Photography Northern VA. If you are a pet owner, then you most likely are an animal lover. Our pets enrich our lives with their wagging tails and fun personalities.

Just like we want to have professional pictures of the loved ones in our lives, whether a family portrait or a wedding, having professional portraits done of your beloved pets will be a memory you can keep forever. Experienced Northern Virginia wedding photographer, Anne Lord, loves to capture images of pets and their special personalities. A professional touch Most people take photos, but don’t think or have the skills to print images from phones, or even digital cameras. Family Portraits - More Than Just Pictures. Pictures share our stories and as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

At the end of it all, what we have created and leave behind matters. Family photos are one of the most cherished treasures we can possess. They can stand in as reminders of good times and bad when our memory fades. They can connect us to those who came before us and help connect us to those who will come after. With a focus on relationships and connections, Anne Lord, an experienced family and wedding photographer in Northern Virginia, creates images that remind you of how sweet each season of life is; as well as a few reasons why to invest in family portraits. Time passes whether you document it or not Families grow and change for reasons such as marriage, birth, loved ones passing, and others moving far away. 3 Reasons To Schedule Your Pet For A Portrait Session.

We all love to take pictures of our family pets when a cute or playful moment presents itself. However, high end photography is hard to achieve when taken with your personal camera or smartphone. Plan Your 2021 Wedding – Northern Virginia Photographer For Your Engagement And Wedding Photos. Times may be a little crazy right now, but for next year, a lot of couples have their weddings to look forward to! Anne Lord, The Northern Virginia Photographer You have been looking for! Having a passion for photography for many years, Anne Lord knew that is what she wanted to do with her life. Her passion for her art, her love of meeting people (and pets), and her 19+ years of experience in the field of photography—whether weddings, engagements, family, or corporate—are what make her a great photographer in the Northern Virginia area.

With COVID Restrictions Lifting, It is Time to Celebrate Your Engagement! With restrictions lifting in and around the Washington, D.C. area, parks, scenic overlooks, and other outdoor options are now accessible for taking environmental engagement photos that were put on hold due to the Coronavirus. Corporate Photography Can Help Stimulate Your Business During Corona Virus. With the rise of COVID-19, it may not seem the highest priority to have corporate headshots or corporate environmental portraits taken. Pose with Confidence for Your Headshot with a Corporate Photographer in Washington, DC. Do I need to smile? Where do I put my hands? 4 Historic Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia Beloved by Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers. The term “Virginia is for Lovers” has been a part of American jargon since 1969. Leesburg VA Wedding Photographers Discuss Environmental Portraits. Recently, an increasing number of clients have asked me to take environmental portraits for their company’s websites.

Tips for Detail Photography from Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers. Preparation is key to gorgeous wedding detail shots. To guarantee excellent photos, some elements require extra setup before shoots, while others are good to go with a few minor adjustments. What to Expect from Your Corporate Photographer in Washington, DC. Corporate events require significant investments of resources and time.

Corporate Photographer in DC Shares Lighting Hacks for Weddings. Lighting is key to successful shots. Corporate Photographer in DC Identifies the Benefits of In-Studio Shoots. Wedding Photo Advice from Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers. Corporate Shoot Location Ideas from Your Northern Virginia Photographer. Wedding Photography Location Tips from Your Northern Virginia Photographer. Professional Headshot Prep Tips from Your Corporate Photographer in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

Creative Wedding Photography Hacks: 3 Tips for Outstanding Family Photos. Your Local Corporate Photographer in DC Shares Business Portrait Advice. Last-Minute Preparation Tips for Creative Wedding Photography: What Your Photographer Should Know. Feel Like a Pro in Front of the Camera: Tips from Your Corporate Photographer. Tips for the Big Day from Your Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer. 3 Tips on Working with a Professional Corporate Photographer.

Bridal Tips from Your Top Local Wedding Photographers. Why Investing in a Corporate Photographer is a Wise Business Move. Local Wedding Photography Trends: Ideas for Your Special Day. Local Wedding Photography Trends: Ideas for Your Special Day. High-Quality Corporate Photography Needs An Experienced and Passionate Photographer. Why Hire Local Wedding Photographers. Creative Wedding Photography: More than Just Capturing the Moment.