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Digital.creative.curious. - Work. Life+Times Video Premiere: J. Cole "Sideline Story" Cindy Sherman. Sherman’s history portraits (1988–90) investigate modes of representation in art history and the relationship between painter and model.

Cindy Sherman

These classically composed portraits borrow from a number of art-historical periods—Renaissance, baroque, rococo, Neoclassical—and make allusions to paintings by Raphael, Caravaggio, Fragonard, and Ingres (who, like all the Old Masters, were men). This free-association sampling creates a sense of familiarity, but not of any one specific era or style.

The subjects (for the first time for Sherman, many are men) include aristocrats, Madonnas with child, clergymen, women of leisure, and milkmaids, who pose with props, costumes, and obvious prostheses. Organic Grid - Visual Exploration by Michael McDonald. Web Design, Development, Copy & SEO. Yast. Talisman Interactive. D gravicadesign™