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WhatTheFont! Soyouneedatypeface.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 1983x1402 Pixel) - Skaliert (56%) Typographie, Layout & Schrift Online (Startseite Typograph) Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites. This roundup was gathered through a combination of top notch Google-ing and What the Font?

Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites

-ing. Midway through my travels across the internet, I stumbled upon a Web 2.0 logo font roundup, which is worth a look as well. You’ve seen these fonts, now you get to learn their names: Twitter – Pico Alphabet (Modified) Digg – FFF Forward (Modified) Cork’d – Triplex Vimeo – Black Rose Grooveshark – FF Nuvo Envato – Agenda Italic Tuts+ Network – Lubalin Graph – National (Modified) Technorati – Neo Sans Medium Flickr – Frutiger Black Purevolume – Avenir Book Youtube – Alternate Gothic No. 2 Basecamp – Whitney Facebook – Klavika (Modified) Engadget – Engadget Font (Close Match) Google – Catull BQ Yahoo – Yahoo Font Hulu – Futura MDd BT (Modified) Bebo – Neuropol (Modified) TMZ – Amelia The ONION – Eagle Bold Mapquest – Cheap Motel Linkedin – Myriad Pro Bold Skype – Helvetica Rounded Bold Revision 3 – VAG Rounded Black Hunted, Tagged and Released Back Into the Wild Want more famous fonts? Google+ WhatTheFont!

**** Ampersand. Famous Fonts - Fonts you recognize, FREE for download! - famousf. Type Folly—Google Font API web fonts preview. What Font is. Fuentes Gratis TrueType TTF. 25 Free Brilliant Fonts For Logo Design. Free Online Font Converter. FontEditor BitfontMaker. Fonts by Appearance.

Font Directory. 09. Type and colour. AUTHOR’S NOTE – You’re reading the HTML version of a chapter from the book Building Accessible Websites (ISBN 0-7357-1150-X).

09. Type and colour

Copyright © Joe Clark, 2002 (about the author). All rights reserved. ¶ Back to Contents Reading is the primary activity of the Web. For people with impaired vision who do not use screen readers, colour choices and, to a far lesser extent, type size become the accessibility issues. The big surprise is how little work you must do to provide for big type on your Websites (in fact, no work at all for the group that truly is visually-impaired).

In this chapter: We’ll learn about the anatomy of colourblindness. As we are all too aware, a perennial objection to making Websites accessible comes in the form of a reflexive bleating from Web designers per se: “What, I can’t use graphics? Um, no. However, colours used elsewhere on your site must be selected with modest care. The central problem I will not pass judgement on these æsthetic lapses. What is colourblindness? Anatomy. Typedia una enciclopedia tipográfica online. Las mejores 32 herramientas tipográficas de la web - elWebmaster. En este útil artículo les brindaremos todo tipo de información acerca de útiles herramientas que los pueden ayudar a trabajar con las tipografías de sus sitios web.

Las mejores 32 herramientas tipográficas de la web - elWebmaster

Hay herramientas para que creen sus propias fuentes, para que encuentren fuentes que necesitan o desean, herramientas siFR y recursos, algunos plugins Firefox y varios relacionados con CSS. ¿Qué esperas para conocerlos? 1.TypeTester Typetester es una aplicación online para comparar las fuentes en la pantalla. Su rol principal es facilitar la vida del diseñador web. 2.IdentiFont Identifont es el mayor directorio de typefaces de Internet. Encontrar fuentes por aparienciaEncontrar fuentes por nombreEncontrar fuentes por similitudEncontrar fuentes de símbolos e imágenesEncontrar diseñadores y publicadores 3.WhatTheFont (MyFonts) Podrás subir una imagen de una fuente que viste y no sabes cuál es para encontrar la que más se parece dentro de la base de datos del sitio. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.