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Bouquet of Barbed Wire- Episode 1- Daddy's Little Girl. What's on TV in autumn 2014: from Downton Abbey to Black Mirror. September Bad Bridesmaid Eventually, there will surely be a reality TV show in which commissioning executives have to guess which of the reality TV shows being pitched to them is actually a satirical send-up of the genre.

What's on TV in autumn 2014: from Downton Abbey to Black Mirror

Meanwhile, we have this second-tier ITV offering in which a hen weekend or wedding party has been infiltrated by an actor playing an “over the top” character who the bride insists is a long lost-friend or family member. Only the bride and the imposter know what is going on until the end, when the mayhem is explained, although, writing this, it seems increasingly probable that ITV has slipped in a fake press release to test us. Mark Lawson ITV2, 11 September Boardwalk Empire A series that never quite gained the foothold that many expected it to, Boardwalk Empire is about to come to an end. The Suspicions of Mr Whicher. ‘Lost’ episodes of At Last the 1948 Show rediscovered. In its opening scene the programme promises “seat-gripping action”, “knee-gritting suspense”, “spine-raising horror” and “gallstone-jangling drama” and later there are sketches with a silly walking doctor, a patient with too thin legs and a wrestler who throws himself around the ring.

‘Lost’ episodes of At Last the 1948 Show rediscovered

There is also a man walking into a shop looking to buy some chartered accountants and another episode that spoofs TV news broadcasts including a vox pop on the increasing problem of publicity-seeking vicars. If it all sounds a bit Monty Python or The Goodies, there’s a good reason. The show is At Last the 1948 Show, which starred John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke-Taylor and the BFI will on Thursday announce it has rediscovered two “lost” episodes. TV guide UK - full TV listings - Telegraph. BBC Resurrects Early Sound-Effects Machines On The Web. We take our ability to create sounds for granted.

BBC Resurrects Early Sound-Effects Machines On The Web

Today's software and synthesizers allow any teenager to take a sample of any sound, manipulate it any fashion imaginable, forming entirely new sounds. If they so desire, they can create their own album of electronic soundscapes. Today, anybody with even minimal training can be a sound producer, DJ or radio host. We've come a long way. Back in 1958, though, sound was not so easy to create and play with. Interactive, Web-based simulations of those early machines are now available, thanks to the BBC's Research & Development Department, which recently launched a fascinating prototype showcasing four digital noisemakers. BBC Religion & Ethics - Did the Romans invent Christmas?

17 December 2012Last updated at 09:31 The ruins of the Temple of Saturn still dominate the west end of the Forum in Rome "Io Saturnalia!

BBC Religion & Ethics - Did the Romans invent Christmas?

" Two thousand years ago this was the seasonal greeting which would have chimed out across most of Europe, not "Merry Christmas". The Roman mid-winter festival of misrule has heavily influenced many Christmas traditions - including the time of year we celebrate. At no point is a date for Jesus's birth given in the Bible, but references to the lambing season have led some theologians to conclude that he was born in spring. "Christmas in December is a Western, Roman idea whereas in the Eastern Church it falls later, around the feast of the Epiphany in early January," explains Dr Matthew Nicholls, senior lecturer in Classics at the University of Reading. For seven days from the 17 December it was party season in Roman times.

British Pathé. Wire In The Blood S1E1. Review: Gently Between The Lines. Screenplay (TV series) A Kick Up the Eighties. The real Jane Austen 1-8. Rosemary & Thyme. Plot[edit] A cozy mystery series set in beautiful English and European gardens, Rosemary & Thyme features two women brought together by a sudden death who discover their shared love of the soil and natural inquisitiveness.

Rosemary & Thyme

Forced to reassess their lives, they hope their new-found friendship will lead to gardening commissions (not more detective work). Being gardeners means that they overhear secrets and dig up clues which lead them to handle floral problems, solve crimes and capture criminals. Main characters[edit] Laura Thyme (Pam Ferris): The daughter of a farmer and a home gardener; she was a Woman Police Constable (WPC) in North Kensington and a member of "The CADS" (The Coppers' Amateur Dramatic Society) until she had children (Matthew, a policeman and Helena, a sculptor). While many guests starred, only two people (other than Kendal and Ferris) have appeared in more than one episode, Ryan Philpott and Daisy Dunlop, who appeared as Ferris's children Matthew and Helena. Episodes[edit] Wire In The Blood S1E1. Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Happy Valley make TV Choice Awards shortlist.

Sherlock and Downton Abbey have been nominated for this year's TV Choice Awards.

Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Happy Valley make TV Choice Awards shortlist

The shows both made the shortlist for Best Drama Series alongside Call the Midwife and Waterloo Road. Downton Abbey picked up two acting nods, with Allen Leech nominated for Best Actor and Joanne Froggatt for Best Actress. Leech will be competing with Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as David Tennant (The Escape Artist) and Bradley Walsh (Law & Order: UK).