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Crafts to make / » Papierplezier! » Veetje Veetje. Needle Exchange » Recycling. Christmas Garland with Paper Stars Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 Tags: Ideas & Inspiration, On The Cheap, Other Crafts, Recycling Remember all those stars I was talking about before?

Needle Exchange » Recycling

Well, here’s how to turn them into a Christmas Garland. I made mine out of dot matrix paper, but shredded junk mail could also work. So here’s an idea: take all your junk mail this Christmas and pick out the ones that have a similar colour overall for the bottom or top half of the page. Jane’s Doily Bowl Monday, December 15th, 2008 Tags: Ideas & Inspiration, On The Cheap, Other Crafts, Recycling I’m going to make my mom one of these Doily Bowls for our Christmas table, to hold flowers. Cute Padded Envelopes Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 Tags: Ideas & Inspiration, On The Cheap, Other Crafts, Recycling I like this Padded Envelope via Creativadoration.

I won’t, though, because I’m still not much of a mailer. Something to do with all those Maclean’s back issues A Recycled Mobile made from Old Magazines. Crafty / NIB - Norske interiørblogger. Norske Interiørbl... Recycle This - Creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff. Always Chrysti - Always Chrysti - 100+ Ways to Creatively Reuse Old Magazines.

Eco-spark: Re-using and Recycling Paper. Bob the Paper Bird | $65 | PolkaDotSunday As any mother will tell you, you can make just about anything with a bunch of old newspapers and tape.

Eco-spark: Re-using and Recycling Paper

And paper is the theme of today’s article, another in my eco-spark series on recycling and reusing. Papier mâché is the first thing that springs to my mind when I think of a crafty way to recycle old newspapers. Papier-mâché is the French for ‘chewed-up paper’ (due to its appearance). It’s a construction material that consists of pieces of newspaper stuck together using a wet paste. First, the obvious – you can make new paper from old: Set of 40 Papers | $33 | White DragonPaper Less obvious is to roll up the paper and seal it with glue.

Tortoiseshell Hand Rolled Paper Beads | $5 | LandL. DIY Project: Roll with Me, TP. You use toilet paper.

DIY Project: Roll with Me, TP

We all do. There's no getting around it. Unless you kick it old school and use a corn cob or leaves or even your hand to wipe. I just threw up in my mouth. That's going a little too green. Youtubethis song & sing along as you go through the steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Reyne Haines: Don't Throw out Your Holiday Cards! Every year we send holiday cards to friends, family, and clients.

Reyne Haines: Don't Throw out Your Holiday Cards!

Some of us wait until the day after Christmas to hit the stores for their after Christmas sales to stock up on Thank You and more Holiday cards for next year. After the tree has been taken down and the final lights put away, you notice the array of cards that line the fireplace mantle, or are taped to the entry way door. Seems a shame to throw them away! So you scrapbook a few special ones and then what to do with the rest? Over the years I've found several options on how to "recycle" the cards and turn them into great one of a kind things that are often more talked about than the gift that comes with it! 1) NAME TAGS Cut the front of the card into an interesting shape (ornament, Christmas Tree, etc), punch a hole at the top, and pull ribbon thru the hole. 2) GREETING CARDS Make greeting cards out of greeting cards wha???

3) YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS WREATH What about making a paper wreath? I always encourage reader feedback. DIY Cardboard Craft Idea: Cheap Modular Building Blocks. Recycling cardboard is great but upcycling it is even better.

DIY Cardboard Craft Idea: Cheap Modular Building Blocks

It is amazing what these small once-flat cardboard cutouts can become with a little craftiness and a creative idea or two. While they start small, each module can be interlocked with others to form ever-larger structures including entire walls that are self-supporting, rigid and act as singular units once constructed. More than merely display objects for those fascinated with strange decor, these cardboard crafted structures are stable, durable and versatile. And of course, these so-called Bloxes are inexpensive and come flat-packed for easy shipping. How To Make TP Roll Seed Pots. Guys!

How To Make TP Roll Seed Pots

Spring is almost here! In Portland I dare say it’s even come early, bringing the daffodils springing from every sidewalk crack and kissing the tree tops in blush pink buds. It’s intoxicating! And it also means we’re coming up quick on planting season. Even if you’re not seeing it out your own front window, I assure you it’s coming . . . and soon! Last year I offered a green alternative to plastic seed pots, with a recycled newspaper version.

And once again, it’s just so easy. Begin with your TP roll.