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Joy's Hope: A carnival of tiered trays. Rosalie 71 - Alles andere - von HABENHABEN. De Etageren Wohnaccessoires Geschenkideen Birga Nielandt Hamburg Altona HH. DIY Tiered Cupcake Stand Tutorial. If you’re new here, welcome!

DIY Tiered Cupcake Stand Tutorial

I’m AmberLee, and Giverslog is my place to share recipes, gift ideas, pretty wrapping ideas, and whatever else is on my mind. And if you have a moment, stop by my chocolate shop, The Ticket Kitchen. In the meantime, happy thrifting! UPDATE: Find a simple trick I discovered to make a single-layer cake stand out of any candlestick right here. Knoop Button Bowl. Pumpkin Slipon Coasters Set of 8 by DimmalimmHome. Crafts to make / River Stone Trivets - VivaTerra. 10 Chalkboard Paint Ideas and Recipe. Posted by: Cathy on Jun 18, 2011 Tagged in: Untagged I've been seeing some gorgeous ideas with chalkboard paint so I decided to go out and buy some.

10 Chalkboard Paint Ideas and Recipe

I was quite surprised at the cost of it so perhaps you would like to make your own. There's a simple recipe here. So now we have our paint, what shall we do with it? Painting plant pots to easily label them would be a great idea, especially when I'm bringing on my seedlings. Labeling all the jars and pots in the pantry would sure help me to find things quickly. Having a chalkboard on the pantry door is a great place to write your shopping list. TableTalk: The Best Idea I’ve Had This Year. Do it Yourself Drawer Organizers {DIY Kitchen Organization} I have two drawers in my kitchen that drive me crazy; the two that hold all the larger utensils and cooking gadgets.

Do it Yourself Drawer Organizers {DIY Kitchen Organization}

I have yet to find an organizer large enough to keep spatulas, spoons, and can openers in line. A trip to the hardware store, a couple pieces of wood and some amazing glue… and you can say hello to organized bliss. Each divider was made with 1/4 inch {thick} Poplar Boards. Poplar is a versatile wood that is easy to work with and glue plus its ideal for cabinetry and furniture. I used 3 inch {width} boards as they were the perfect size when turned vertical to fit inside the drawers. Measure the width of the inside of the drawer and cut your board accordingly. Sand the cut edges for a smooth finish. Insert the board into the drawer and align so that it is straight.

Carol Endler Sterbenz’s decoupage plates + winners. Last week, I blogged about Carol Endler Sterbenz’s new book Homemade: The Heart and Science of Handcrafts . This week, I’m honored to welcome Carol as a guest nester! This decoupage plate tutorial is just one of the many fabulous projects in her book. Carol writes, “Of all the DIY techniques I have learned or been inspired to try, few have equaled the beauty and ease of potichemanie , a form of decoupage where prints are glued behind glass so that they gleam like fine porcelain.

“This straightforward technique can be used to decorate plain glass plates in any style or size you want. Tutorial and photos after the jump! X-Acto contest winners. Domestic for Dummies: Fall Pinterest Project: DIY Coasters. Is everyone ready for today's Pinterest challenge?

Domestic for Dummies: Fall Pinterest Project: DIY Coasters

24. Flickr - Fotosharing! Repurposed Organizers: Jars. How To Make Interchangeable Cupcake Stands. Here’s a quick project that will let you transform a set of thrifted candlesticks into bright, happy treat stands for your next shindig.

How To Make Interchangeable Cupcake Stands

You can use any candlestick you fall in love with at the thrift store, and then, because the plates are fastened by screwing in a drawer pull, you can use interchangeable plates. And my favorite part, once you unscrew the plates, an entire set stores away easily in your cupboard. The shopping is really the best part. Here’s the list of what you’re looking for. Supplies & equipment: 1. Green...Easy Knit Produce Bag. Pixel Trash Can. Inspired Entertaining: DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses. Last month I got an email from one of those "deal of the day" websites featuring a very cute set of wine glasses with chalkboard stems from a company called Chalkboard China.

Inspired Entertaining: DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I've seen chalkboard glasses before, and always thought them to be a fun and chic way for guests to keep track of their glass throughout the night so you don't end up with mixed-up glasses or dozens of half-full glasses left around the house. But all the ones I've seen in stores feature a strip of chalkboard paint across the bowl of the glass, which I've always felt looks awkward and takes away from the beauty of the wine or beverage in the glass. What I like about this version is that the writing part is at the bottom on the stem and foot of the glass, so it doesn't compete with the beverage.

Glass Etching. Have you ever done any glass etching?

Glass Etching

Well, neither had I before today. But wow. Such an easy, yet sweet little touch that you can add to any glass. Check out my new and improved etched Trifle Bowl. The perfect bowl for desserts of all kinds…..and even a great place for fresh fruit on the counter.