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XingKM Newsletter:2013-02/(xArtikel) Welche Kompetenzen Wissensmanager brauchen – xingKM wiki. Von Klaus North, Silvia Guresz, Manuela Gutmann, Stefanie Merzenich, Isabelle Walinski.

xingKM Newsletter:2013-02/(xArtikel) Welche Kompetenzen Wissensmanager brauchen – xingKM wiki

Mobile Recruiting Apps. Your complete personal website in seconds. Your personal homepage. » 5 Tools für einen optimalen Online-Lebenslauf - eck marketing. Soziale Netzwerke wie Google+, Facebook, XING und LinkedIn bieten Usern diverse Möglichkeiten ihren Lebenslauf direkt im Profil anzulegen.

» 5 Tools für einen optimalen Online-Lebenslauf - eck marketing

Beispielsweise lassen sich auf Google+ im “Über Mich“-Bereich Informationen zur “Ausbildung” und “Arbeit” anlegen und auf Facebook können über “Lebensereignisse” Highlights aufgezeigt werden. Mit der Einführung des “Portfolios” auf XING können u.a. The top 10 skills that'll get you a job when you graduate. With so many graduates now on the market, employers will look for evidence of skills and work experience, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

The top 10 skills that'll get you a job when you graduate

Start gathering them now or work on what you've got so you are ready to impress recruiters. Graduate employers place a lot of emphasis on finding candidates with the right skills and competencies for their organisations. Depending on the career sector and profession you choose to work in, there could be very specific skills, abilities and knowledge needed to do the job. However, complementing these are general competences and behaviours that are essential for successful working. These are often overlooked by candidates, but they are the things recruitment professionals want to see evidence of. The top ten skills graduate recruiters want. Yorkshire jobless tally falls as more over-65s find work - General news.

UNEMPLOYMENT in Yorkshire decreased by 2,000 in the three months to April, official figures have revealed.

Yorkshire jobless tally falls as more over-65s find work - General news

The Office for National Statistics showed that a total of 244,000 people were unemployed in the region between February and April. Nationally, the number of over-65s in a job has reached a record one million. The region’s unemployment rate was 8.9% and saw a fall of 0.8% during the period. The worst area in the UK was the West Midlands which recorded a 19,000 increase in the number of people without a job. 14 Tips for Jobseekers to use Linkedin Effectively for Job Search.  Großbritannien. Reiseführer: Auf der Wiki-Seite Wikitravel findet ihr online und kostenfrei sämtliche Informationen zum Reisen in der Großbritannien:


Der Reiseführer ist eine Internet-Informationsquelle für Reisen durch die ganze Welt. Unter findet ihr ein großes Angebot an Online-Reiseführern zu Großbritannien. Der wohl klassischste Reiseführer für junge Reisende ist der Lonely Planet (, den es selbstverständlich auch für das Vereinigte Königreich gibt: Du kannst auswählen zwischen Reiseführern zu Cornwall-Devon& Südwestengland (17,99€), Schottland (22,99€), Wales (19,95€) oder London (19,99€). Sie sind in Buchhandlungen oder auf der Website von Lonely Planet zu bestellen.

Long-term jobless hits 17-year high - General news. Asking questions in job interviews: dialling up the conversation. A job interview can be a useful forum to ask about targets and how they are measured.

Asking questions in job interviews: dialling up the conversation

Photograph: David Levene Asking the right questions at your interview can help to improve your chances of success and evaluate if the job is right for you. Get a good understanding of the role Not all job descriptions give you a precise idea of what the job entails, so dig deeper at the interview. For example, if the person specification says "proactive self-starter", ask how much support you can expect. Use the opportunity to get a good idea of the basics, such as the demands of the job – hours of work, expected travel, whether it gets busy at certain times of the year, and the salary or benefits, if not already stated.

Think about whether the job is one you want. Ask about other team members and colleagues. Directgov jobs and skills search - Search results for 'project' 253,000 now out of work in Yorkshire - Business News. UNEMPLOYMENT has increased by 70,000 to 2.56 million, with rises among young people and those out of work for more than a year.

253,000 now out of work in Yorkshire - Business News

The total is the worst since last summer, giving the UK a jobless rate of 7.9%. Yorkshire’s total stands at 253,000 or 9.2 per cent, 11,000 up on the previous quarter. The rate is the UK’s second highest, behind only the north east. Nationally. the number of people in work fell by 2,000 in the latest quarter to February, to just under 30 million - the first time the figure has dipped since autumn 2011. Jobstoday Search Results. Skills: e\-learning Locations: within Yorkshire HR Manager Salary:

jobstoday Search Results

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Databases. DaF. Großbritannien und Nord-Irland - Arbeiten. Labour Market Analysis. Women in German Studies (WIGS) Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland. Where the Jobs Are for Older Workers. Job Seekers: Employers Are Watching You on Social Media. Application.