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Weiterbildung für Bildungspersonal - NA-BIBB.übergreifend/2013_Nationaler_Aufruf_revidiert_120917_u_130307u18.pdf. Socrates Comenius. Monday Welcome and introductions Outline of course - objectives and content for each day Exploring own beliefs and practices in supporting adult learners Introduction to coaching Understanding the role, responsibilities and characteristics of the effective coach eg four pillars of trust Tuesday Building the coach and coachee relationship Analysing the coachee’s learning preferences Understanding different coaching styles and when to use Exploring barriers to coaching and how to overcome Practical Sessions – one to one coaching: •Agreeing learning outcomes •Effective questioning and listening techniques •Embedding the Coach’s Toolkit using Heron’s catalytic toolkit Reflection on how coach and coachee roles change during coaching Best practice Adult Education Centre visit – meet manager, tutors and learners.

Socrates Comenius

Durchführung - NA-BIBB. Socrates Comenius. Socrates Comenius. Socrates Comenius. Day 1- Dyslexia: awareness raising and awareness deepening Welcome and ice-breaker Group work: Examining attitudes to dyslexia Group work: signs and symptoms of dyslexia Video session – listening to interviews with dyslexic people (their experience) Input: deepening our understanding of dyslexia – three approaches: - a cognitive understanding (how dyslexics see the world) - a scientific understanding (how science understands dyslexia) - a pragmatic understanding (how to identify behaviour patterns) Group work: “Famous dyslexics” – identifying dyslexics Day 2 - Responsibilities – legal and ethical perspectives Legal aspects of dyslexia in the UK and abroad (legislation) Group work: navigating the legal minefield (case studies) Input: ethical dilemmas with dyslexia How dyslexic people see themselves / their struggles with others’ attitudes Group discussion - what is discrimination?

Socrates Comenius

- ethical issues involved with dyslexia - how should these ethical issues be resolved? Socrates Comenius. Mobile eLearning and Outdoor Education Sharing Landscapes is…….

Socrates Comenius

Sharing Landscapes is a course which aims to bring learning to the outdoors. Projects Around the UK - Grundtvig. Project Directories - Grundtvig. Study Visits - Study Visits - Erasmus for All - Grundtvig. At the end of 2013 some significant changes will take place to current European funding programmes, including Grundtvig.

Erasmus for All - Grundtvig

The current set of programmes under the Lifelong Learning Programme banner will come to a close, and will be replaced by the next generation of programmes. The European Commission has published its proposals for the next generation of Lifelong Learning programmes entitled ‘Erasmus for All’. The new programme will have an integrated structure and focus on three key actions; Learning Mobility, Co-Operation and Policy Reform. Ec-European Commission - Lifelong Learning Programme - National Agencies. Country participating under the preparatory measures phase Austria Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen OeAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst)-GmbH Ebendorferstraße 7 1010 Wien Tel: (43) 1 534 08 - 0 Fax: (43) 1 534 08 - 699 E-mail: Website: Belgium/ Flemish Community.

ec-European Commission - Lifelong Learning Programme - National Agencies

Europäische Agenda für Erwachsenenbildung - NA-BIBB.

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