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Project 1: Rock + Bowl + Flame ( 31 DIY Projects for Busy Gals) 31 minute project You'll need: Sakrete Quickset Concrete a bunch of rocks (perhaps dug up from your yard) a plastic bowl a large canned good chafing dish gel fuel pack PAM cooking spray newspaper plastic tub for mixing concrete stick to stir concrete You are going to create one of these (which, FYI, Restoration Hardware doesn't sale anymore, hence why we are making our own) In pictures: For the readers: 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. and 7.

Project 1: Rock + Bowl + Flame ( 31 DIY Projects for Busy Gals)

Fun ambiance for the whole family. Check out what's to come with 31 DIY projects for Busy Gals by clicking the log above. Linking up here:DIY Under $15 @ A Little TipsyTutorial Tuesday @ Hope Studios. Bird feeder, esprit cabane, alternative garden ideas. City and country sparrows alike can have their own simply and sleekly designed "open bar".

Bird feeder, esprit cabane, alternative garden ideas

DIY Garden Markers. April 19th, 2011. My Tuesday {Ten} - Building a Succulent Dish Garden. It’s Tuesday and time for the Tuesday {Ten}.

My Tuesday {Ten} - Building a Succulent Dish Garden

The Tuesday {Ten} is all about sharing what’s going on, things you love, recent purchases, cute photos…pretty much all the sweet tidbits that make up daily life that you’d like to share, bundled in to one post. It can be short and sweet or filled with pictures and details…anything goes – just casual and fun! My Tuesday {Ten} Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy. While I’m really trying hard to accomplish some of my indoor projects, it is just way too hard as my attention is drawn outdoors to the warm summertime weather that greets me each morning.

Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy

I hope you’ll stick with me through a few more garden projects before I’m forced to tackle my indoor to-do. I was thrilled to find out this weeks CSI Project was a Martha Stewart Inspired Challenge. {not to mention the guest judge this week is the Martha Stewart Craft Department – how exciting!} Photo Credit {}I choose to make a flower caddy inspired by this Tin-Can Caddy posted on Martha Stewart’s website {here}.

While the concept is basically the same, I altered the steps and materials since I plan on using my caddy outdoors. The materials needed for the flower caddy are;6 Lg 4 inch Diameter Tin Cans {emptied and cleaned}A Scrap Piece of 1X6 Pressure Treated Deck Floor Board {cut to 9 inches long} To make the handle I used a 2 1/2 inch Hole Saw Drill Bit. I choose white vinca. Buckets, boxes, bowls, oh my! Create a Magical Miniature Garden. Pick a container Be creative, but allow proper drainage to prevent soggy roots.

Create a Magical Miniature Garden

Terra-cotta pots with saucers work great, and you can hide them inside a larger container, like a fun picnic basket. Add soil Use quality potting soil that provides nutrients plants need. Select plants Herbs are a smart choice because they stay small with just a little trimming, grow easily and offer wonderful fragrance. Thyme (Thymus praecox 'Minor') is a convincing groundcover, ornamental onion ( Allium senescens 'Glaucum') makes a perfect little hedge, creeping savory (Satureja spicigera) can be shaped into a small bush and lemon-scented geraniums (Pelargonium crispum) serve as sweet little trees. Other top picks: firecracker plant, lavender, dwarf licorice, marjoram, dwarf myrtle, oregano, rosemary and sage. Night Light - Real Wedding: Melody and Adam, Port Gamble, Washington - Real Weddings: You'll find charming, inventive, even silly ideas in these inspiring wedding photos. - Nice Home Garden Patio & Wood Path Design Idea.

Landscaping sounds complex to those of us not gifted with green thumbs – but making paths, patios or decks to define space in a garden or yard can be as simple as slicing sections of wood and infilling the gaps with sand.

Nice Home Garden Patio & Wood Path Design Idea

Sure, you have to cut or buy the log slices but at least you do not need to grow anything in the process. Birdhouses made from VHS and cassette tapes. DIY Succulent Pallet Table. Max with the new Succulent Table.

DIY Succulent Pallet Table

Can you believe that our latest DIY project was once just a couple of junky pallets and some scrappy table legs? Crazy…if I didn’t have photos, I wouldn’t believe it myself. Not too long ago, we whipped out a coffee table sized succulent table out of an old shipping crate. Now we scaled it up. The pallets. First bit of advice, deconstructing pallets are a big pain unless you have the right tools…and our hammer and wall scrapper wasn’t quite doing the trick. Couple good planks. Love the scares of time left on these chunks of pallet wood. Attaching the legs. After pulling apart two pallets, we used the 2 x 4 sized boards to make a rectangular frame to attached the appropriated table legs. Dry run for fittings. Like TV magic (and 2 days later), the table was more or less put together. Megan with some semps. After a weekend of slivers and sweat, we finally got to plant this baby. Getting messy.