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CocoPerez CocoPerez Filed Under: Awardz Twilight Kristen Stewart Christian Louboutin Whether she's glamming up and looking completely put together or showing up looking like she just rolled out of bed, 's fashion choices are ALWAYS unpredictable! Just ask her long-suffering stylist, who has to BEG her to keep her heels on for more than five minutes after walking the red carpet!
Guess You Can’t Stay Topless Forever! Heidi Klum & Vito Schnabel Make A Fully Clothed Return To NY! Hasta la vista for now, topless days at the beach! Following an extremely romantic trip to Mexico, Heidi Klum and her latest lover Vito Schnabel finally headed back to the states to play out their relationship in New York. Man, all that fabric Heidi is wearing must feel like such a burden after being mostly nekkid during her vacation!! A shirt, a jacket, pants, AND shoes?? Problem loading page

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