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Bases de données en architecture

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Accueil - WikiArquitectura. #SOSBRUTALISM. With a database of this size, there are various intricacies in categorization and classification. The glossary gives a brief overview of the fundamental considerations and helps provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Annual figures We try to provide start and end dates for each project.

Where start dates are concerned, we differentiate between design and the start of construction. The chronological list is based on the start year (where known). The reason behind this is that in chronology, our prime consideration is establishing where and when ideas surfaced. Here we believe that the start date is more significant than the completion date. Heritage listings Laws on protection of monuments differ from country to country. Hashtags In order to make the database easier to search through and to highlight interesting correlations, each entry also includes key words labelled with hashtags. Other keywords require a little explanation: #Stepped Buildings with terraced storeys. Archiwebture — Accueil. V&A · Architecture.

Discover the extensive collections of the V&A and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Together they form the world's most comprehensive architectural resource. Read more See less Explore over 1 million drawings by major British architects from the 15th century to the present including those by Sir Christopher Wren, Inigo Jones, J.B. Papworth, Pugin, Voysey and Lord Norman Foster plus important foreign groups including the majority of the surviving Palladio drawings and drawings by Royal Gold Medallists that include Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe.

There are also designs for interior decoration, textiles, furniture and other objects relating to interiors. The Manuscript and Archive collection contains papers by British architects from the 17th century and includes letters, diaries, project correspondence and building accounts. Architecture. Base de données d'architecture internationale. Base ArchiXXe : Présentation. Immeuble 7, rue Méchain, Paris XIVe cage d'escalier, par Rob Mallet-Stevens Phot.

Inv. D. Lebée © Inventaire général, ADAGP, 1998 Ce corpus constitue un recueil d'actes administratifs (décrets et arrêtés), signés en conformité de la législation sur les Monuments historiques, telle qu'elle a été appliquée et interprétée depuis le 31 décembre 1913. Il recense 1009 monuments construits et protégés au XXe siècle - stations de métro, aqueducs, boutiques, halles, synagogues, jardins, cinémas, piscines, villas, cités ouvrières, ateliers d'artistes, usines hydrauliques, oeuvres d'architectes ou d'ingénieurs célèbres ou moins connus - c'est un premier bilan de l'état de connaissance et de la sensibilité à l'égard du patrimoine architectural le plus récent. Il reste à préciser ce qu'il faut entendre par « XXe siècle ». Le corpus ne comprend que les monuments protégés avant la fin de l'année 1995. Visitez aussi l'exposition : Mille monuments du XXème siècle en France. Art & Architecture. Archnet. : La base de données communautaire de l'architecture contemporaine.

Architecture du Monde - WikiArquitectura. Architecture & Patrimoine. Accueil - Médiathèque de l'architecture et du patrimoine.