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Civil Rights

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Selma The%20Bridge%20to%20the%20Ballot%20Viewers%20guide%5B1%5D. Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route. The Syrian conflict has torn the country apart, leaving thousands dead and driving millions to flee their homes. Many seek refuge in neighbouring countries but others pay traffickers to take them to Europe - risking death, capture and deportation. If you were fleeing Syria for Europe, what choices would you make for you and your family? Take our journey to understand the real dilemmas the refugees face. Game - UNHCR. How it works: After selecting a character, players face a series of tough decisions and chance events in a quest to reach safety, reunite with loved ones and rebuild their lives.

Game - UNHCR

The role play revolves around three main characters who have been displaced and separated from their families. Months or years of narrative are compressed into each of the stories. Players have to make decisions along the way in order to reach safety. "Som Berlin på DDR-tiden" - but I have a dream... - Sara Bruun. Standing with Malala: Meet the teenagers who survived the Taliban and kept going to school. On a Tuesday in October 2012, a bus carrying the students of Khushal Girls High School and College in Pakistan’s Swat Valley came to a stop.

Standing with Malala: Meet the teenagers who survived the Taliban and kept going to school

The girls inside were on their way home from a day of exams. “I was looking outside daydreaming,” recalls Shazia Ramzan, who was 14 years old at the time. “I was talking with my best friend, Sana,” says Ramzan's friend, Kainat Riaz, who was 16. “I was so happy that I finished my paper.” Moments later, Taliban gunmen boarded the bus looking for the girls’ classmate, Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old advocate for girls’ education who wrote about the Taliban and education on her blog. In 2007, the Taliban arrived in the Swat Valley — known by locals as the “Switzerland of Pakistan” for its natural beauty — and began ordering the closure of schools, particularly for girls.

Martin_Luther_King. Om cookies på våra tjänster SVT sparar viss data för att ge dig en bättre upplevelse.


Genom att använda SVT:s tjänster godkänner du detta. Om cookies och personuppgifter Martin Luther King gav 2 träffar Martin Luther King får Nobels fredspris 1964. Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes. The Jim Crow Laws. Slavery in America - Black History. The South would reach the breaking point the following year, when Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln was elected as president.

Slavery in America - Black History

Within three months, seven southern states had seceded to form the Confederate States of America; four more would follow after the Civil War (1861-65) began. Though Lincoln’s antislavery views were well established, the central Union war aim at first was not to abolish slavery, but to preserve the United States as a nation. Abolition became a war aim only later, due to military necessity, growing anti-slavery sentiment in the North and the self-emancipation of many African Americans who fled enslavement as Union troops swept through the South.

Five days after the bloody Union victory at Antietam in September 1862, Lincoln issued a preliminary emancipation proclamation, and on January 1, 1863, he made it official that “slaves within any State, or designated part of a State…in rebellion,…shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” Civil War to Civil Rights - Time Line. Online English - Martin Luther King Jnr. Video Listening Quiz. CIN%2F1222%20Martin%20Luther%20King.pdf. The Story of Rosa Parks. King - Brief Biography. I am a Champion Motivational Lyrics. Civil Rights. The story of Malala Yousafzai. What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti. Strangers – film about racism.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video. In September 2015, the body of a three-year-old Syrian boy was found floating on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Explained Perfectly With a Simple Animation & Video

Photographs of the boy were quick to get circulated world over, and the world responded with a massive outcry over the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. This was the first time the Syrian crisis was globally recognised as a burning issue, and one that needs to be addressed with utmost urgency. This video, by In a Nutshell , speaks about how the Syrian crisis is an international issue, and how it all started with countrywide unrest and the civil war in Syria. European Migration: 08/09/2015, Behind the News. We're taking you to Europe where right now more than a hundred thousand asylum seekers are arriving each month.

European Migration: 08/09/2015, Behind the News

Here's Emma to take a closer look at this issue and some of the kids that are caught up in it. EMMA DAVIS, REPORTER: This sight is becoming very common in a lot of European countries. Tens of thousands of asylum seekers, travelling across borders, desperate for a new home. 15-year old Jehad is one of them. He used to live in Syria before he left his home behind. JEHAD: I remember my cousin, my grandmother, grandfather and all my people from my family. Since January, more than 300 thousand people have risked their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe.