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Making A Summer Bucket List - The Fresh Exchange. The key to a great summer season is based on a few things.

Making A Summer Bucket List - The Fresh Exchange

These things usually consist of sunshine, bathing suits, good friends, some family time, a barbecue, and long days ending in bonfires. The one thing about these magical days is they quickly pass with all their fun, events, plans, and sleepy days in the sun. Last year we had a summer spent up north where more of it was spent working than it was spent accomplishing the things we had hoped. It was a fun summer, but by fall I felt a little sad that a few of the things weren’t accomplished that I had set my sights because of a busy schedule. Blog Design : Anatomy of a Blog Layout -DESIGN IS YAY! So you’ve decided to start a blog.

Blog Design : Anatomy of a Blog Layout -DESIGN IS YAY!

Congratulations! You are in for an exciting journey. As a design blogger, the topic that I’m most passionate about is the design aspect of a blog. Putting all the branding and visual graphics aside, your blog layout could be the deciding moment whether readers would stay and return, or leave for good. First of all, your blog layout has to be suitable for your demographic. However, you can’t go wrong with the classic scroll-down blog layout. 1. If there is one thing you should invest for your blog when you’re only starting out, it is the header. 2. I personally won’t put things like About me, Contact Us, FAQ or Advertise With Us below the header, because they are not telling readers anything about the blog. 3. At the end of every posts, links for comments and social media sharing should be easily found by readers.

The 3 Types of Burnout - The Build Network. Why You Should Make Time to Wonder - The Build Network. 5 Burnout Signs for Leaders. Exhaustion isn’t just easy to identify, it’s actually pretty impossible to ignore.

5 Burnout Signs for Leaders

Fuzzy thinking, a short temper, drooping eyelids, and the need to practically hook yourself up to the coffee pot with an IV drip are all tried and tested signs that you’re physically spent. But burnout is a more complex beast. Sure, you can get physically burnt out and feel any of the above symptoms, but sometimes burnout is more about monotony, lack of motivation, empty creative reserves or the slow but steady accumulation of little stressors and slightly too long workdays. This sort of burnout can creep up on you, slowly changing the way you function at work and at home and go unrecognized until it reaches a final, critical stage.

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Use the Ladder Method to Make Investing Simpler. Trending on Related Blogs Why Your Team Sucks 2014: New York Jets 3.5k people reading on Deadspin Toddler Surprised By Ice Bucket Challenge Swears Harder Than a Sailor 3k people reading on Jezebel Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Minnesota Vikings 2.5k people reading on Deadspin Recommended by Kristin Wong Consider the “À La Carte” Method to Save Money on Expenses Avoid the “Pay, Spend, Pay” Pattern to Beat the Debt Cycle Use the Ladder Method to Make Investing Simpler Trulia’s Seasonal Housing Tool Helps You Decide When to Sell Your Home How a Bit of Gratitude Helped Improve My Spending Habits What’s Your Favorite Personal Finance Book?

Use the Ladder Method to Make Investing Simpler

Create a Budget for “Stupid Mistakes” to Stop Making Them Ask Yourself These Questions to Decide if You’re Ready to Invest How Investing Affects Your Taxes Money Advice the Experts Don't Agree On: Going to College The Best and Worst Cars for Fuel Economy How Do You Stay Motivated With Your Financial Goals? Make More Money at Garage Sales by Not Pricing Items. The 3 Decisions That Will Change Your Financial Life. There’s nothing worse than a rich person who’s chronically angry or unhappy.

The 3 Decisions That Will Change Your Financial Life

There’s really no excuse for it, yet I see this phenomenon every day. It results from an extremely unbalanced life, one with too much expectation and not enough appreciation for what’s there. Without gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you’ll never know true fulfillment. But how do you cultivate balance in life? What’s the point of achievement if your life has no balance? For nearly four decades, I’ve had the privilege of coaching people from every walk of life, including some of the most powerful men and women on the planet. Across the board, I’ve found that virtually every moment people make three key decisions that dictate the quality of their lives. Happiness & health. [ Winter 2011] Could a sunny outlook mean fewer colds and less heart disease?

Happiness & health

Do hope and curiosity somehow protect against hypertension, diabetes, and respiratory tract infections? Do happier people live longer—and, if so, why? These are the kinds of questions that researchers are asking as they explore a new—and sometimes controversial—avenue of public health: documenting and understanding the link between positive emotions and good health.

A vast scientific literature has detailed how negative emotions harm the body. Jack P. Focusing on the positive “But negative emotions are only one-half of the equation,” says Laura Kubzansky, HSPH associate professor of society, human development, and health. Våga knacka hål på det invanda.