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Córdova Canillas. FUCKING – EDITORIAL. Ideasondesign. One of the UK’s most respected design consultancies, MadeThought is acclaimed for its work in brand identity and development, art direction, packaging, print and interactive design for an impressive list of clients, ranging from esoteric luxury and lifestyle brands to art institutions.


Established in London in 2000 by Paul Austin and Ben Parker, MadeThought is known for a deliberate and crafted aesthetic and a firm belief in the strength and purity of rigorous graphic application. The duo met while studying at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and worked together at a top branding agency before setting up MadeThought. Now increasingly dealing with long-term brand strategies, their approach is to become immersed in the client’s organisation and provide solutions to the way they work, think and present themselves. Designculture.

Graphic Journey Blog: A letter from Michael Wolff No.9. Here is another in the occasional series of letters from my wise friend Michael Wolff.

Graphic Journey Blog: A letter from Michael Wolff No.9

It's a good one. When I hear the sound of the cash register at the beginning of The Pink Floyd’s The Dark side of the Moon album, it encourages me never to take money too seriously but, at the same time, to be absolutely clear how to deal with it. Especially when I’m explaining to my clients what they’ll need and want to pay me, and why I feel we’ll be successful working together.

It’s an amazing track The Dark Side of The Moon album cover, designed by Hipgnosis and George Hardie 1973. The Day You Became A Better Designer – Desk of van Schneider – Medium. I received a lot of feedback on my articles recently.

The Day You Became A Better Designer – Desk of van Schneider – Medium

(big thank you for that!) While some appreciate the wide & weird range of topics, some ask me why I don’t write about real design topics. Plastique Magazine, Issue 4 - - Personal network. Principles of Graphic Design. Logo design: 60 pro tips. Bodoni through the ages – Creative Review.

From a New Order album cover to cigar packaging by Paul Rand, a new exhibition from paper company Fedrigoni showcases some outstanding uses of Italian typeface Bodoni.

Bodoni through the ages – Creative Review

Designs are also featured in an accompanying catalogue by SEA… Made in Italy – Bodoni in Print opens at Protein Gallery in Shoreditch on June 10. Layout and composition tutorial: Using scale to create drama. The Book. One + One = Three I spend my working life helping other people work smarter.Every day my team and I enter organisations, identify problems and find solutions.

The Book

We redesign not just how an organisation looks but how it articulates, how it flows.For the past 25 years, I have always been designing. I’ve built a thriving practice, amassed an enviable number of accolades and earned the respect of my peers not to mention numerous repeat clients.