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PAINTING: POWERS OF OBSERVATION: Chuck Close: Note To Younger Self. I was in the eighth grade and was told not to even think about going to college.

PAINTING: POWERS OF OBSERVATION: Chuck Close: Note To Younger Self

I couldn’t add or subtract, never could memorize multiplication tables, was advised against taking algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry. Since I was good with my hands I was advised to aim for trade school, perhaps body and fender work. Never let anyone define what you are capable of by using parameters that don’t apply to you. I applied to a junior college in my hometown with open enrollment, got in and embarked on a career in the visual arts.

Virtually everything I’ve done is influenced by my learning disabilities. Inspiration is for amateurs. My father died when I was eleven and that was the tragedy of my life, a horrible thing to happen when you’re so young. If you’re overwhelmed by the size of a problem, break it down into many bite-size pieces. Discussing How To Cite Smarthistory. We recommend that you cite content like other online sources.

discussing How To Cite Smarthistory

In the discipline of art history, we generally use Chicago or Turabian as style guidelines.If you are citing text from, include the following in your foot or endnote:1) The author’s name, for example: Dr. Joseph Dauben Please note: In many cases, no author is listed and you only need to include 2-5 below. Lead the Field. Tonight I want to tell a personal story and give a recommendation for Earl Nightingales "Lead the Field".

Lead the Field

Above is an old clip from when Earl had a television program. I never saw that, and had no idea who he was until........... I had a gallery in Rockport, a shoestring undercapitalized operation, and I wasn't making enough money to pay my bills., I was making some money, but not enough. I decided I would visit an older and very successful artist who I knew. This fellow had a reputation for advising younger artists and I sought out his help. His enormous studio was filled with the paintings he was working on for a major gallery in New York . I said no, I did not, and he wrote out for me an address, for the Nightingale-Conant company where I could order a set of inexpensive tapes of Earl Nightingale. My father was a doctor and so were all his friends, no one taught me how the world in general, and the business world in particular, worked. Adamo Macri.

Symbolism and Allegory

Procrastination Buster Mind Map. Time management for artists. I think a lot of us, especially if we are doing this full time, have difficulties in managing our time properly.

Time management for artists

Its difficult to organize a day when there are 20 things you'd like to paint, emails to respond too, late night deadlines that screw up the next days plans, people knocking on your door thinking that because you are a self employed artist and don;t punch a "normal" clock, you don't have any proper responsibilities and can drop anything you are doing because someone needs a favour.

We have commissions to handle, money to manage, shows to submit to. Some of us (me ) actually live in the studio so the line between what is work and rest gets blurred easily resulting in nothing really getting done. Some have rolodexes, some have schedules, "to do" lists that they make before they go to bed, big charts, or keep everything in their head. What are some of your tips, and what have you learned to avoid throughout your career?

I am probably the last person to speak on time management.

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