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Sustainability examples

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Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Secondhand Exchange Marketplaces : yerdle. Beauty Bartering Platforms : edivv. Garment Repurposing Programs : Wearable Collections. Wearable Collections is an eco-friendly NYC clothing recycling company that aims to make the recycling of clothing as convenient as recycling a newspaper.

Garment Repurposing Programs : Wearable Collections

Clothing donated to Wearable Collections is sorted at its facility into several different grades: re-usable as secondhand clothing, wiping rags, and scrap to be shredded for low grade fiber products. The secondhand clothing is shipping to emerging markets globally, which they say gets to the final customer "cost effectively. " In 2012 alone, Wearable Collections collected and recycled over 2 million pounds of textiles. Wearable Collections is currently running 18 weekly pickup programs in NYC, and you can request a bin in your building on their website. Style-Conscious Smart Closets : smart closet. It's disheartening to realize how many hours get wasted agonizing over the right outfit in the morning, which is why 'Tailor,' a "smart closet" app, is taking the agony out of getting dressed.

Style-Conscious Smart Closets : smart closet

Using tiny sensors on each piece of clothing, Tailor's AI can learn a user's fashion sense and make weather-appropriate recommendations for each day's garb. Essentially, this smart closet is the result of applying the Internet of Things ethos to clothes. Rewarding Recycled Clothing Projects : donated clothes. High-End Thrift Shops : Second-hand Retailer. Second-Hand Clothing Cafes : pass the baton in kyoto. Stuffed Clothing Sculptures : "upcycled clothing. Second Choice. Second Choice is a luxury, pre-owned fashion shop located in the heart of Warsaw.

Second Choice

We worked closely with Secound Choice to design visual identity and responsive website that introduces the brand, showcases its beautiful and unique products, and helps communicate the story behind the brand. SC offers free fashion advice thanks to the personal shopper and style consultant. Designer / Agency : Noeeko Studio Project Type: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design Client: Second Choice Location: Warsaw, Poland. Upscale Thrift Store Branding : second-hand fashion. Ethically Attuned Shopping Extensions : donegood. Longevity-Focused Men's Fashion : oscar millennium.

Recipe-Regulated Living - Consumers plan meals using systems that avoid food waste. Reduced Impact Ownership - Pet parents seek out products that minimize the eco impact of ownership. Elle – E-waste Jewelry by Marcele Godoy. Pirate Manu | On November 27, 2013 “Inspired by everyday electronic devices and the speed with which they are discarded nowadays, this collection rescues electronic waste, transforming it into an ornament that can be used with a new meaning.

Elle – E-waste Jewelry by Marcele Godoy

Every necklace has been handcrafted reusing wires, plugs and electric nuts, pursuing to contribute a little bit taking care for the environment.” Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Germany welcomes world's first zero-emissions hydrogen trains. A fleet of the world's first zero-emissions passenger trains are set to go into service in Germany.

Germany welcomes world's first zero-emissions hydrogen trains

The Coradia iLint, developed by French rail company Alstom, only emits excess steam and condensed water into the atmosphere – something the company claims to be a world first. The train is powered by a hydrogen fuel tank on its roof. The fuel cell is supplied with hydrogen and oxygen from the air, which it converts into electric power. The system is also backed up by lithium batteries, which store the excess power in order to later supply the train when needed. This means that the train is totally carbon-free, making it a much more sustainable alternative to the 4,000 diesel trains currently in circulation in the country. "Alstom is proud to launch a breakthrough innovation in the field of clean transportation," said CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge. According to German news site Die Welt, testing will be carried out by the end of the year. Sustainable see-through speaker alerts user when parts need replacing. This transparent speaker has built-in sensors that detect when parts need to be replaced, repaired or updated, and notifies users via their smartphones.

Sustainable see-through speaker alerts user when parts need replacing

The Small Transparent Speaker was designed and launched on Kickstarter by Stockholm studio People People. It is intended as a reaction against excessive consumer waste, particularly electronic waste. "Consumer products are too quickly becoming waste and mostly dumped in landfills," the studio said. "There is a full football field of electronic waste generated every minute. This linear system has to stop. " According to the designers, every speaker purchased is "helping to promote a closed-loop industry where products and their materials have the potential to last forever. "