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Behance. Fazeley Social (@FazeleySocial) Photo by Jakob Owens. Free stock photo of accessory, clothes, clothing. Blog Milk: Shaina Mote Studio. AW16 High Street Hits From The SheerLuxe Fashion Panel. Steve Madden Silky Slide Sandal (Women) Classic-short-suede-boots-260343. Spiral cotton-poplin shirt. Bloomingdales. AllSaints Sweatshirt - House of Fraser. AllSaints Arrin Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper. £188.00now £112.00 Product Code 5393348 Overview A super-cosy casual style crafted from pure cashmere, the Arrin jumper from AllSaints is ideal for off-duty days.

AllSaints Arrin Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper

AllSaints Aleida Trousers. £98.00 Product Code 5400646 Overview Cut with a tapered silhouette, AllSaints’ Aleida trousers come in a soft woven fabric with a fluid finish and are accented with four pockets and front pleats.

AllSaints Aleida Trousers

Partner with sleek tailoring to channel a touch of contemporary chic this season. Allsaints. How to Create Your Fashion Brand Style Guide. If you stuck to our suggested 2017 business goal, you should have created or at least started your Fashion Brand Playbook by now.

How to Create Your Fashion Brand Style Guide

If you did, you’re ready to move on to an additional resource – the Fashion Brand Style Guide. A style guide establishes and enforces style to improve communication. The 2017 Guide to E-commerce Fashion Email Marketing. In today's digital world, every customer is only a few clicks away from their next fashion purchase.

The 2017 Guide to E-commerce Fashion Email Marketing

Email marketing enables fashion brands to get their latest styles into the minds, inboxes, and ultimately the closets of their customers. With every $1 spent on email marketing generating a $38 return – it's no surprise that the top ecommerce fashion stores are focusing their efforts on email marketing. But fashion email marketing is no longer "This Month's Top Picks" sent to your entire subscriber list. A successful fashion email marketing strategy includes campaigns that are personalized, triggered, and automated. We've put together 12 different emails that every ecommerce fashion store needs to be sending. 1. How to set up an online fashion business. How to Identify a Target Market and Prepare a Customer Profile - Edward Lowe Foundation. Don't Market To Your Customers; Educate Them Instead. As Secondhand Clothing Market Heats Up Online, Startups Shift Their Focus to Men.

Over the past seven years, venture capitalists have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into websites and apps designed to get women to buy and sell their secondhand clothing and accessories online.

As Secondhand Clothing Market Heats Up Online, Startups Shift Their Focus to Men

Now, they are turning their attention to men. On Thursday, Poshmark is adding men's and children's to its offerings in what will mark, in the words of co-founder Tracy Sun, Poshmark's "first big category expansion. " The mobile-first startup got its start in 2011 encouraging women to part ways with their unwanted handbags and dresses, and has since evolved into a "social commerce platform" that also sells new wares from about two dozen brands via a wholesale model. Men's items have been popping up on Poshmark for years, says Sun, but the company removed the listings. "Men shop differently from women, they require different things. In the world of apparel, men get far less attention, and in the secondhand market, even less: Secondhand shops dealing exclusively in men's are extremely rare. Best Resale Value Brands - Uggs Nike Michael Kors. E-commerce statistics for individuals - Statistics Explained.

About two thirds of internet users in the EU shopped online in 2016 Data extracted in December 2016.

E-commerce statistics for individuals - Statistics Explained

Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database. Planned update of the article: December 2017. eBay Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results. "Q4 was a record quarter highlighted by solid performance in our eBay business.

eBay Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results

During the holiday season, eBay was one of the top consumer shopping destinations in the world and the second most visited eCommerce site in the U.S. ," said Devin Wenig, President and CEO of eBay Inc. "In 2017, we intend to accelerate the progress that we made last year as we continue to execute our business strategy. " In the fourth quarter, eBay added two million active buyers across its platforms, for a total of 167 million global active buyers. Underlying total eBay Inc. performance, the Marketplace platforms delivered $21.1 billion of GMV and $1.9 billion of revenue.

International - Log in. Subscribe to read. Designer discount fashion site Hewi London opens up A-list luxury to all shoppers. Sharon Wolter-Ferguson (centre) and her daughters Tatiana (l) and Natalya (r) Swish touches like a dainty Chanel bag or natty Hermes tie can transform an outfit and kindle consuming desires.

Designer discount fashion site Hewi London opens up A-list luxury to all shoppers

But it’s their prices that promise the most welcome surprise for shoppers popping into virtual marketplace Hardly Ever Worn Inkling Marketing for the Jilted Generation. Retail 2020: Retail Will Change more in the Next 5 Years than the Las… Ebay logo. Clothing photography - how to take pictures of clothing. Taking good quality pictures of clothing can be tricky.

Clothing photography - how to take pictures of clothing

The battle to eliminate or control harsh shadows can seem endless, and soft, even lighting can be a real problem. Figuring out how best to display the clothing so it appears appealing to shoppers is also a challenge. Here are a variety of tips to display your clothing for great results ranging from the most basic folded display to the most professional fashion model. There are some simple techniques which even amateur photographers can use to obtain excellent results with minimal effort.

The following examples show several basic setups as well as a more elaborate fashion model set-up that should allow photographers at all levels to achieve results they can be proud of. The easiest technique to learn and have success with, is shooting clothing flat. The folded technique has some basic limitations worth considering. Full body shots of live models or mannequins requires large lights. Can the Resale Economy Make Fashion More Sustainable? If the success of Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo is anything to go by, overstuffed wardrobes are the new gauche.

Can the Resale Economy Make Fashion More Sustainable?

But where are those items that no longer “spark joy” going? If you’re virtuous about selling your castoffs on consignment, eBay, or another of the myriad online marketplaces that have emerged of late, there’s a high chance they’re inducing joy somewhere else. In fact, the resale market is among the fastest-growing segments in retail, according to the re-commerce experts at ThredUp, which released its latest Resale Report last week. The secondhand e-tailer credits the rise of online and mobile marketplaces for resale’s thriving trade. With a projected market share of $25 billion by 2025, it’s even expected to surpass all e-commerce and retail sectors. In a survey it conducted this past year, ThredUp discovered that 87 percent of shoppers shifted their dollars from off-price retailers like T.J.

“The resale generation is the mobile generation,” ThredUp said. The Best Vintage Clothing Stores Are Booming , Just Ask Rihanna - Bloomberg. Veteran retailer Seth Weisser is in the middle of construction for his largest, most ambitious store to date: a 3,800 square-foot flagship just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif. It will sell designer clothes, accessories, and jewelry; he plans special stores-within-a-store for Chanel and Hermès. “It will be extremely elegant, with high-end marble, brass fittings, and turn of the century Cartier showcases,” Weisser explains by phone from his office in New York, “This is going to be the ultimate luxury shopping experience.” There’s one crucial difference between Weisser’s newest boutique and those nearby, such as Louis Vuitton or Valentino: It will sell used clothing.

This will be the fifth outpost of his chain, What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA), where absolutely everything for sale is second-hand or rather, “luxury vintage.” Vintage Is Booming Online Competition Is Growing New Stuff Is More Expensive Now, Too The Threat of Fraud. Reselling Women' Clothing for Profit - Brands, Market Insights, Fragrance-ology.

Online clothing resale no longer just the privilege of luxury goods owners - Behind the Storefront. By Andria Cheng ThredUp order comes wrapped in tissue paper in a brown box with polka dot prints Tired of the old Gap and Old Navy you have in your closet but don’t want to just throw or give them away? Consider this: you can get paid up to $7.60 for your Old Navy /quotes/zigman/227242/delayed /quotes/nls/gps GPS jacket; up to $6.80 for your H&M top; and up to $11 for your Alexander McQueen for Target /quotes/zigman/253872/delayed /quotes/nls/tgt TGT dress. Top Sites for Selling Your Clothes and Goods That Can Beat eBay - TheStreet. Are you dreading the annual struggle to slim down stuffed closets or attics overflowing with the relics of redecorating projects?

The ever-growing "too-nice-to-toss, too-much-to-store" pile of sartorial refuse sags in censure, and countless other miscellaneous items seem to clutter not just your house, but your mind. How could you--the careful investor, the religious financial planner--condone such waste? Online Consignment Platforms Bring New Ideas To Old Clothing. Online Clothing Rental Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size and Forecast, 2016 to 2026. 1. Executive Summary 2. Assumptions & Acronyms Used 3. Better the Second Time Around? Online Resale Market Surges. Appealing to increasingly popular concerns about the financial and environmental cost of fashion, online second-hand clothing stores are booming in popularity as consumers seek out affordable fashion that reduces their carbon footprint.

Over the last three years, the online resale market has grown 82% and is expected to grow 6% each year through 2025, resulting in an estimated $25 billion in sales. While perhaps a generation ago there was a stigma attached to such savings, these numbers suggest this is no longer the case. “I think luxury retailers are going to run a little scared,” said one market research analyst. Sustainability for Planet and Wallet. What Does the $17 Billion Resale Industry Look Like? - Business Franchising. NTY Featured in Huffington Post About Booming Resale Industry. The rise and rise of resale. Will Social Selling Work in Fashion?